Jan 25, 2012

Swatch, Comparison - Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Really Red & In The Red

Super Lustrous matte lipstick is another great lippie range from Revlon.
I don't particularly enjoy matte lip colors but I collected quite a few from this line.
Generally speaking, they all go on smoothly and feel light on lips. The best thing is that they are not drying like some matte lipsticks. (*cough* Mac Ruby Woo)

The matte formula especially shines through red colors, in my opinion.
They stay on for hours and fade away beautifully without the drying effect.
Thanks to the matte finish, they never look gaudy or over-the-top although the colors are quite intense.

In The Red (007)
Really Red (006)

swatches on arm

They are both blue-based red colors.
In The Red is darker with some brown undertone 
and Really Red is brighter and more of a true red.

on lips

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick In The Red (007)

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Really Red (006)

I heard these are good dupes for MAC red lipsticks like Ruby Woo and Russian Red.
I had Ruby Woo years ago (loved the color, btw), but I had to swap it away because of the incredibly drying formula.
I can't make exact comparisons but I think Ruby Woo is closer to Revlon In The Red.

It wouldn't hurt to try these two shades if you are looking for good wearable red lipsticks with staying power. Plus these are super affordable for such great quality lipsticks. :)

What do you think?
Have you tried Revlon matte lipstick range? ;)

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  1. Lena, that red looks awesome on. I'm a fan of some mattes. Particulary reds and berry colors. These two look fab!

  2. They both look gorgeous! Oddly, I can't pull off blue based reds but I can do deep pink/reds (MAC Rebel is my favourite) and eye-scorching orange reds (MAC Lady Danger!). Have you tried them?

    xoxo champagne

  3. Both look fantastic on you! I wish I could find these, but it's actually pretty difficult to find Revlon in Belgium, and the displays I've seen are really limited.

  4. CassandrapamelaJanuary 25, 2012

    I love red lipsticks! and once again, you made me really want to go to US and haul all the revlon products I could! lol

  5. They're both very pretty--- I like your swatch of in-the red. It looks more cool and dramatic :)

  6. wow at first i thought i really like really red, but as i scrolled down and saw the swatch on ur lips i cant tell which one i like better theyre both so pretty! i need to try them! thanks for the review lena!

  7. i LOOOOVE revlon lipsticks...especially their reds!


  8. They both look great on you! The red lip is so classic. Too bad I can't pull it off.

  9. I'm loving really red!

  10. I love Revlon lipsticks, but, oddly enough, I don't have these shades! I love them both I can't choose which one I like better!

  11. wow i love both on you!! u look great w red lips :D i think i'd give both of these a go since they don't cost as much as MAC ones. so if i look horrid i didn't shell out TOO much hahha

  12. I need to check out Revlon matte lipsticks soon. I'm still not used to having lipsticks on me T^T Thou I really like the colors on other people.

  13. Oh wow these colors look amazing!! Blue based reds are the best, aren't they :) xx

  14. Yes I love the revlon matte lipsticks! I have strawberry suede and pink about it which I both love - they straddle a fine coral/pink/red that is pretty unique. Though to be honest the closest wearable red I have is Mac Cyndi (which I love too!)

  15. i haven't tried them yet..but now i am tempted to..i agree that when it comes to red matte finish looks best..i love the really red shade.

  16. i am happy to enable ya! :)
    i was surprised myself about the matte finish. it is almost as wearable as sheer red gloss for me.

  17. i have pink about it! it is a shame the shade is now discontinued. such a pretty shade, right?
    i have yet to try mac cindy but i heard so many good things about it. :)

  18. i agree blue base reds look better on me, but i secretly wish warmer toned reds would work for me as well. lol

  19. i am the same way. i still have to think twice before putting full coverage lipsticks on. lol

  20. thanks!
    overall looks are not the best, though..lolz
    if you are not a regular red lippie wearer, these are great grest choices since they are so affordable. :)

  21. i think i prefer regular super lustrous or even colorburst lipsticks in lighter colors, but these reds are really something else. i highly recommend them. you look great with red lips! :)

  22. it'd look great on you! :)

  23. ooh you never know!
    i think it's still hard to pull reds myself. these are quite wearable. ;p

  24. heh heh thanks, Oreleona :)
    you should geth them both when they are on sale!

  25. thanks, Dovey
    i think i agree with you. in the red looks slightly better on me although really red is so beautiful. ;p

  26. some of the revlon products are very stupid sometimes and they are expensive for drugstore brand. i still love revlon for their polishes, lippies and foundation, though. :)

  27. that's too bad.
    i think if revlon does marketing a little bit smarter they would be global like l'oreal. they went to korea almost a decade ago and failed miserably. there is not legit revlon display in korea, either.

  28. then i envy you! i've always wanted to pull some orage red off myself.
    i'd love to see your looks with those lippies mentioned! :)

  29. thank you, Kim :)
    i have lighter shades in the same formula, but red shades are fantastic. ;)

  30. Question, how do you know when red has a blue undertone? I initially thought Really Red had warm undertones. Very curious.. Anyway, I like Really Red better but I think In The Red would suit me better. They both look good on you though!

  31. i think that is very subjective. generally speaking, blue-based reds look cooler.
    really red looks warmer when it is against in the red which is significantly cooler, but i'd say it is still blue-based compared to those orange-red. :)

  32. They both look really nice on you! I think I prefer Really Red more though, because it isn't as matte and doesn't look as dull on the lips. Red lipcolors really suit you Lena! :)

  33. it is really toss-up for me. ;)
    they look both matte but somehow really red came out a bit shiny in the picture.
    thanks for the encouragement, Rinny.
    i am feeling more comfortable wearing red lippies nowadays. ;D


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