Jan 25, 2012

NOTD - Essie Chinchilly

One of my readers recently asked me in email if I could recommend  "a good grey" color.
Here is a "very" good grey color from Essie.
Chinchilly is a part of Fall 2009 collection and it has been one of my staples ever since.

Essie Chinchilly

It is described as "a sleek granite gray" on the essie site, but that kind of simple description wouldn't be fair for this complex & incredibly chic color.
You can see taupe and even some green undertone in this grey color, which makes the color very wearable for almost any skin tone.

True, Chinchilly doesn't top my all time favorite Merino Cool, which is the best looking greyple shade against my skin, but I wouldn't be without Chinchilly since it is such a classic.
It is very office-appropriate but not boring at all.
To be honest, it is even a bit bad-ass looking due to the slightly dirty quality. lol
It looks better if you wear it during the colder months, in my opinion. 

If you are looking for a medium toned (not too dark) grey shade that doesn't look harsh on your skin, this is it. :)

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  1. MyrtedCaldonaJanuary 25, 2012

    Love the color. It has a tinge of blue on it. :) The color is superb.

  2. hehe greyple, i like that term! this is a gorgeous & unique color. and your np application is awesome!!!

  3. This looks SO classy on you! I don't know how it will look against my warm-tone skin though. The only similar color I have ever tried is OPI Parlez-Vous OPI, and that was about the biggest flop in my nail polish history lol

  4. CassandrapamelaJanuary 25, 2012

    oh this is the famous chinchilly! really pretty gryple! ( lol, I love this new vocab ; greyple )

  5. ShoppingObsessionJanuary 25, 2012

    Such a pretty color! Does it have some purple tone in it? So cute, I may have to make a trip to my drug store today!

  6. wow thats such a beautiful color, one of my favourite OPI colors are you don't know jacques.

    p.s. you have really nice nail beds ;)

    pps. I followed you, please follow me! xoxo champagne

  7. I love grey polishes and that looks like a great shade! Very sophisticated. Does it have a touch of purple or is that just the photos?

  8. thanks!
    i am amazed grey colors are staying strong for years in this fickle polish world.
    this color is one of my favorites. try it for yourself! :)

  9. thanks for dropping by!
    i had YDKJ but gave it to my friend since it looked way better on her. ;)
    i kept mink muffs from essie which is similar to YDKJ but tad pinkier.

  10. yes. i would say a bit of purple is definitely in it. but mostly this is prominently grey where merino cool leans towards purple. :)

  11. heh heh :)
    to be exact, this color falls into "Greige" catagory.
    there is a bit of purple in it, though and that's why i love this shade a lot! :p

  12. oh i think this will be beautiful on you.
    it is quite neutral thanks to the complexity of the color.
    the OPI polish you mentioned is tricky indeed. i heard it is love or hate polish. ;)

  13. thank you!
    this is actually a "greige" color which is my other favorite other than "greyple" lolz
    i guess i've gotten pretty good with application over the years. i was chaning colors daily at some point! now i just do it once or twice a week. ;)

  14. thank you, Myrted :)
    i think you're right! i see some blue, too. ^-^

  15. i love mink muffs too :)

    take care!

  16. That's a cool color Lena. I have some by Dior that I've never used. LOL


  17. thanks, Kim!
    ooh that's a shame. i can hear your Dior polishes are crying! lol

  18. never used grey polishes before, but this made me consider getting some :)


  19. you should! i know they'd look fab on you. ;)

  20. It's such a pretty colour on you! :)

  21. This shade actually reminds me of Etude House's grey polish. It's not as taupe (thus I like this one better) but similar none-the-less! I've never heard of this brand before, I'm assuming it's an American only thing. "/

  22. l'oreal recently bought essie so it would be global pretty soon, i guess?
    essie is a woman's name and she started this small salon polish brand. it got enormous thanks to all the korean-owned nail salons (i am not joking). it is one of the two major salon brand with opi. i usaully get them through my friends who works at salon and pay about $3 a bottle (that is the price nail salons get from suppliers). retail price usually is $8.50. :)


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