Jan 27, 2012

Swatch, Review - mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain

mark Gloss Gorgeous is actually my favorite lip product of the year 2011.
I have been wanting to do a swatch post on this for a long time and I actually tried a couple of times, but the swatch pictures always came out too similar to give proper comparisons.
I tried it again today with the help of my artificial lighting set but alas, they still look so similar. ; /

mark gloss gorgeous stay on lip stain

This is a hybrid of lip gloss and lip stain and it performs very well without diluting each other's merits.

The applicator is very neat and easy to use.
It comes with brush tip and you can dispense the product by clicking the button on the end.
For the first time use, you have to click like hundred times and even start to think you got a lemon, but a couple of clicks would do the trick after that. :p

Thanks to the brush tip, application is virtually fool-proof.

I am not into gloppy sticky glosses anymore but I still don't feel comfortable wearing full-coverage lipsticks.
So there enters "lip stain (tint)". 
I have tried traditional lip tints like Benetint and Vincent Longo lip tint before (Years years ago, it was pretty big in Korea that girls wear only lip tints and clear gloss to create "non-makeup" look. Pair this with long straight hair. yup.), but I was never happy since I found them very drying and kinda high-maintenance. (Hello, blotchy half-tinted lips)
To resolve this issue, I know many companies brought out dual products like lip tint on one end + lip balm(gloss) on the other.
However, I personally think this is all gimmicky and it doesn't last as half long once you put gloss or balm over it. (and it is still drying!)

To me, mark Gloss Gorgeous is a perfect solution for the problems.
First it goes on like lipgloss with nice shine, then it leaves pretty stain behind and stays for hours without the horrid drying feeling.
All the colors are very wearable and they smell minty, which i like. :)

Swatches on arms
from the top
Bare - "Your Lips but Better" nude
Pop - pretty peachy pink
Bella - subtle plum
Loli - cherry red

I am mortified to see all my lip swatches are like "the same" even after multiple tries, but I hope you can at least catch subtle differences in tones.
For what it's worth, they look significantly different in real life.
(I like my pigmented rosy lips but they are not always best for lip swatches...)





Now you must be thinking "she is crazy for having four of the SAME color". ;p
Guess what, mark recently added 4 more new colors and I am even plotting to get them in my hands and complete the collection (*evil laughter*) although it is a shame that mark recently raised the price to $11 and these rarely go on sale. 

For me, this is worth it since they never peel my lips and feel very light & comfortable on plus the subtle color definition with pretty shine is just what I am looking for. :)

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  1. These look nice! I also don't feel comfortable wearing a full coverage lipstick, and I hate thick, sticky lip glosses. I'll definitely have to try these. :)

  2. Thanks for the swatches Lena! I have pigmented lips too, so I think these will probably all look the same on me! I like the fact that my lips are pigmented, but it's a little frustrating to see a juicy red on someone else turn into something with a slight red tint on me lol

  3. wow they look so natural
    great review
    well i never heard of that brand
    and im sure its not available here:(

    ow they look great on you

  4. Oh don't worry I saw the differences in the swatches! but I have never heard of these before! Informative post for me

  5. It's not super obvious but I do see the difference in the swatches. Very natural indeed! I've never tried these, but I do have issues with lip tints that make my lips dry - I'll have to look into these!

  6. ShoppingObsessionJanuary 28, 2012

    Love how natural they look on lips! I am using the Benetint(from Benefit) for years and this may tempt me to try these out.

  7. the colours look awesome!!!i can tell the difference..

  8. i've always like the classic plummy red tint colors on others but i never could make it work for me.
    i haven't tried the new colors from benetint, though.
    do you used it as cheek tint as well?

  9. thank God! :)
    actually first two colors are very natural and the other two are quite obvious. i was so surprised to see all the colors came out the same.
    these are very work, kiss, eat-friendly. good stuff. ;)

  10. thanks! aren't you sweet. ;D
    mark is sub-brand of avon targeting younger crowd. they have simpler range compared to the countless avon, but it is easier to shop because of that.
    i like their blush, lippies and body products!

  11. thanks Camila :)
    this brand still preserves the "rep" system, so i just joined to get rep discounts. there are some staples i always order from them and they give gifts initially, so it is worth it.

  12. i am not complaining here but i think it is hard for me to wear full coverage lipstick for the same reason. ; /
    the new colors are more bright and purple-y, so i am hoping they show up better on my lips. lol

  13. this doesn't form that yucky white lines (if you know what i mean;;;) like some lip glosses, it is totally worth trying if you are looking for something with shine. :)

  14. ShoppingObsessionJanuary 28, 2012

    Yes, I use Benetint both on my cheeks and lips. If I just want minimal makeup but still need to go out and run errands, just put a few drops and there is some color on me. Not so pale.

  15. thanks for sharing!
    actually my own sister is a die-hard tint lover.
    i also heard natural beet juice works, too. maybe i will try that. :)

  16. Mie NielsenJanuary 28, 2012

    I never heard of that brand but it looks really good.. I would so buy the last colors as well too if I were you haha :D


  17. I always find swatching hard too, haha. But I can tell the difference between them - they're very pretty :)

    xo, alison*elle

  18. thanks, Alison :)
    i am actually very new at swatching. hoping to improve soon! :)

  19. lol thanks. i think i will get at least a couple more. they are deeper purple shades. how can i resist? ;p

  20. CassandrapamelaJanuary 28, 2012

    I've never heard of the brand before. and i'm not a fan of gloss. :/ But your bare lips look like you're wearing pretty nude lipstick. really nice!

  21. oh wow very light! Loli is my favorite! and NO I do not think you are crazy x)

  22. thanks! :)

    bella & loli is not that light actually. loli is probably the purist and brightest color from the line.

  23. thank you, Pam :)
    i guess i am too lazy to deal with lip glosses. you have to constantly reapply them. ;x

  24. I never heard of these ! I like 'Pop' and 'Loli' so pretty!

  25. mark is a part of avon.
    i think you can order it online or buy from reps. :)

  26. I'm going to take your word for it and buy some of these to try! I like the concept of stains because they are so low maintenance and so far have been dependent on the covergirl outlast ones, which aren't very good lol

  27. the swatches show up nicely on your arms but on the lips they all look the same! :( i still like that it lightly tints your lips anyways :D

  28. i know, right??!
    it is so weired because in real life they are all different.
    loli and bella are quite bright, actually. T,.T

  29. i hope you like them, too! :)

  30. oh WOW! they did show up the same. NICE though! I really like them. I need to start trying Mark products. Thanks Lena! :)

  31. i almost wanna try swatching again now! lol lolz
    nah, you just gotta believe me. they show up different in real life!

    mark is pretty good but it could be hit or miss, too.
    maybe i should share my rep discount with my readers. don't buy anything, yet! :)

  32. I think I like Bella the best. I think. haha It was really hard to tell the difference but you can definitely see some difference from the first and last two!

  33. i am glad you see at least a bit of difference..T.T
    bella is quite pretty and it is more of a classic tint color. it'd look beautiful on you. ;)


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