Peripera Peri's Tint Water Pink Juice & Orange Juice

Aug 31, 2015

KLENSPOP has provided samples quite generously lately, but so hooked on those silicone hydrogel lenses I purchased two more pairs with my own money. These Peripera Peri's Tint Water came with my orders thanks to their current promotion (Buy one pair of silicone hydrogel lenses and receive one random color of Peripera Peri's Tint Water). 
I myself was never impressed with the original Benetint and these looked like Benetint, so I didn't have much expectation. 
But what do you know, these are better and cuter (obviously).

Narciso Rodriguez L'Eau for Her

Aug 28, 2015

L'Eau Narciso Rodriguez for Her

Not having a soft clean musk for summer wasn't an option for me, and I was almost set to buy a full bottle of Serge Lutens Clair de Musc after trying a few samples. The problem was that Clair de Musc suddenly changed her attitude and started talking dirty as soon as the summer arrived. It was a big surprise for me because before summer she would just innocently murmur all day in her quiet musky tone.
So the "easiest" Serge Lutens (At least that is the common reputation for Clair de Musc. Am I the only one who saw her animalic side? Just wondering) was out, and I remembered how I loved the small bottle of the original Narciso Rodriguez "for Her" I had a few years ago. I still remember it as  one of the most beautifully blooming musks, although its tenacity did annoy me on a few occasions. I wanted something carefree and lighter than the original but didn't find the recent release from the same house that way. 
Narciso Rodriguez L'Eau was considered next, naturally. It is a flowery and airy version of the original which was introduced as a seasonal flanker many years ago. I thought it was interesting that L'Eau stayed unlike the other NR flankers.

KLENSPOP | Sio 3 Color Lizzy Mocha

Aug 26, 2015

KLENSPOP Sio 3 Color Lizzy Mocha has the same composition as Lizzy Blue which I reviewed not too long ago. The effect is calmer on my eyes since the main color is a chocolaty brown. 
Lizzy Mocha isn't a typical pair of brown circle lenses, though. This is a pair that does both defining and brightening with an interesting color twist. The end result is subtly sexy, if you will.

Collective Sunscreen Reviews

Aug 20, 2015

Sunscreen would be the one thing I use up fairly quickly. I feel proud that I can finish a 1 oz bottle or tube in about a month, because it means at least I follow the cardinal rule - apply the recommended amount a lot
I have gone through more than a few sunscreens since March and meant to do individual reviews on them. Well, that's not exactly happening, but here you will have four mini reviews. While not feeling so dutiful, this does good for my soul.

Chanel Joues Contraste 79 Rouge

Aug 12, 2015

Chanel Joues Contraste 79 Rouge

I feel bad blogging about a long discontinued blush. Chanel Joues Contraste Rouge is an LE shade that came out many years ago and is obviously very hard to find.
For me, it was the one that got away. It came out when I had little interest in owning a super pigmented red blush, but it was kind of a thing that people still talked about years later that I became want one only to find out it wasn't available. 
I finally came across one from a generous friend's blogsale page, and my fingers never typed so fast although they were shaky from anxiety - what if someone else takes it?

Well, that didn't happen. Rouge came to me. Lucky me. ;)

KLENSPOP | Sio 3 Color Lizzy Blue

Aug 9, 2015

KLENSPOP kindly provided a couple more silicone hydrogel contacts for review. Now I am totally hooked on contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel (I find this article to be a good guide) and can't imagine wearing anything else. The difference in comfort level is so huge that I even switched to clear daily contacts made of the same material. They are not super thin but have this squishy feel to them, so they don't move around too much (read less halo effect). Your mileage would vary, but they definitely feel way more comfortable than non-silicone-hydrogel (or just hydrogel) lenses and stay moist all day from what I've experienced so far.

Sio 3 Color Lizzy Blue is an interesting pair. If you are looking to transform your dark eyes into bright blue, this may not be for you. If you prefer deeper blue colors and want to add a bit of a mystery, do check this out.

Berry Pink Lips | L'Oreal Glossy Balm Pink Me Up & LancĂ´me Lip Lover Framboise Etoile

Aug 4, 2015

Medium berry pink is an easy color for me to wear on lips and these two come in great formulas as well. Yet I have been feeling uninspired to do separate posts on them. I still reach for them quite often and I think they are nice every time. The mini Lip Lover has even found a place in my makeup bag. Both are brightening and flattering colors with shine (oh, I like shine) and feel moisturizing. I don't know why I don't love them. There is a less flattering shade in horrid formulation that has a more pull on me than them. Why is that?
Nevertheless, I thought the internet could use a few more swatches and overall looks (or does it?), so here you go.

CREMOLAB Mineral Treatment Essence | Peach and Lily

Aug 1, 2015

Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence Review

With a bit of exaggeration, Korean beauty consists of 10 steps of skincare routines. After cleansing your face as desired (another large subject), you use toner (possibly astringent), essence, serum, and a moisturizer or two. Many people even utilize ampoules in their regimens. 
I am a minimalist when it comes to my skincare and quite lazy at that as well. This concept of layering multiple products overwhelms me. On the other hand, I'm not entirely foreign to the notion because I grew up in Korea and started my "beauty life" there. This DOES help if you choose the right products and be consistent with your routine, which I am reminded more and more as I get older.
If you're lazy minimalistic like me and want to delve into the infamous Korean skincare routines but don't know where to start, I would suggest first employing an essence like T.E.N. Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence.

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