Aug 1, 2015

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Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence Review

With a bit of exaggeration, Korean beauty consists of 10 steps of skincare routines. After cleansing your face as desired (another large subject), you use toner (possibly astringent), essence, serum, and a moisturizer or two. Many people even utilize ampoules in their regimens. 
I am a minimalist when it comes to my skincare and quite lazy at that as well. This concept of layering multiple products overwhelms me. On the other hand, I'm not entirely foreign to the notion because I grew up in Korea and started my "beauty life" there. This DOES help if you choose the right products and be consistent with your routine, which I am reminded more and more as I get older.
If you're lazy minimalistic like me and want to delve into the infamous Korean skincare routines but don't know where to start, I would suggest first employing an essence like T.E.N. Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence.

You see, a toner is generally considered as a last step of cleansing in Western beauty whereas it is perceived as a first step after cleansing in Asia. The term "essence" could be a little confusing to some, but it would be best to understand it as a "pre-treatment" containing active ingredients in a water-like consistency.

I knew that Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence would make a visible difference for me, because I knew what the main ingredient, Geumjin thermal water was. Geumjin is famous for its thermal water and many Korean people go there seeking treatment and benefits from this mineral-rich natural source.

Of course, thermal water isn't the only ingredient in Mineral Treatment Essence. It contains various floral water and active ingredients like Adenosine and Niacinamide
What's not included? Paraben, fragrance, alcohol or colorant.

Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence Review

I have been using the essence nonstop. I just couldn't stop - if you feel an immediate response from your skin like that, you wouldn't stop either. 
I still use a toner right after cleansing then follow with Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence. You can use cotton rounds for application but I just pour some in my palm and pat it on my face. My skin goes "Aahhhhhhh", every single time.
But seriously, I use it to mix it with a heavier moisturizer or even to tame flyaway hair. Sometimes I put this on twice because it feels that amazing. It soothes my skin and perfectly preps for the next step. Which allows me to live on serums and not on heavy moisturizer in this hot and humid weather. I can't believe that simply slipping this non-greasy hydrating (magic) water in my routine has made such a big difference. 

Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence Review

This essence is priced modestly at $42 especially when I think about all the positiveness it brings to my skin. Plus the bottle is huge (270ml, 9.12 Fl oz). 
I have a feeling that T.E.N. Cremolab Mineral Treatment Essence might be the entry way of the Korean skincare rabbit hole for me. 

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*The product was generously provided by Peach and Lily for the reviewing purposes.*

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