Aug 25, 2023

Current Skincare Routines

CurrentBody LED Mask Review

Here on the blog, I mostly talk about makeup and not enough about skincare. It is just that skincare is a long-term commitment and not always easy to "show" like makeup. However, I have been quite diligent with my skincare routines and have seen some positive results lately. I still believe less is more when it comes to skincare but if you know what works and choose the right stuff for you, more can be more, it seems. This post is more of a documenting the current skincare routine of mine and I hope to follow up with more posts like this one.

Morning Routine

Ziip skincare review

1. Verso Facial Cleanser ($40, Nordstrom)

I have used this mild enzyme-based cleanser for a long time and probably have gone through about 3 tubes. This cleanser is low-lathering and very hydrating. It both works as a light morning cleanser and as a follow-up cleanser after makeup remover. I massage my face carefully since this cleanser has a mild exfoliating effect as well.

2. ZIIP (Updated version, Halo $349, CurrentBody)

After washing my face, I apply a generous amount of ZIIP Silver Gel (I stock up on Gold and Silver Gel whenever I spot them on sale since they are really excellent conductive gel with some skincare benefits) to my face and neck. I do a free-form ZIIP session for 7-10 minutes a day mainly concentrating on the lifting motions. I will be honest that for the 1st year that I owned my ZIIP device, I was very skeptical. But at that time, I would only use it once a week and I was not consistent with it at all. Now, I use it about 5 times a week consistently, I really do feel this is helping with toning the face lines. Sometimes I get these minor "sensations" when my skin is more sensitive, but no headache or other side effects. I will continue to use this device.

LaNeige Cream Skin review

3. Laneige Cream Skin ($36, Sephora)

After removing the ZIIP conductive gel with water, I apply this toner/lotion hybrid on my face and neck. I usually workout in the morning and I was looking for something light yet hydrating enough that I could use during workouts. This is perfect and actually exceeded my expectations. My skin feels so comfortable and pampered without feeling greasy or heavy. It is virtually scentless and refillable. One of the best skincare finds this year and I would highly recommend it.

4. Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant ($65, Sephora)

This is another form of enzyme-based exfoliator that I use in the shower. It lathers lightly and doubles as a mild cleanser for me. I have used Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant for as long as I remember and Superfoliant works just as well. It is supposedly more potent but I think they are about the same. Since it contains charcoal for detoxifying, I sometimes use it on my armpits as well. Maybe too much information but my armpits are worth it, too.

Vitbrid Vitamin C Powder review

5. Vitabrid C12 Face Brightening Powder ($68, Nordstrom) + Facial Boosting Water ($28, Vitabrid)

This combo is also a long-time staple for me. On and off, I've used them for more than 3 years. Before discovering this, I avoided Vitamin C products in general because I found them very irritating to my skin despite all the benefits. This powder does NOT irritate my skin at all and really brightens my complexion over time. You can mix the powder with any non-acidic toner but Vitabrid Facial Boosting Water is my fave to use as it contains Hyaluronic acid for additional benefits.

6. Sisley Ecological Compound ($180, Nordstrom)

The first time I tried this lotion was probably in the early 2000s and back then, Sisley still used mineral oil to formulate it. I've tried quite a few Sisley skincare products but Ecological Compound is the one I repurchased. I have gone through a couple of large-size bottles as well and that is a lot for me. This is probably the best lotion type of moisturizer out there. It is light but extremely hydrating and preps my skin perfectly while protecting it. It smells like ginseng. I personally enjoy it but be aware if you're sensitive to scents.

7. SkinAqua Tone Up UV Essence & Milk ($16, Amazon)

I love these inexpensive sunscreens and repurchased them multiple times. The milk version has been discontinued but I still have a few backups. I wear the milk on my face and the essence on my neck. The subtle brightening effect from the lavender tint is really lovely and it doubles as a makeup base. I have a different tone-up sunscreen from D'Alba to try next but I will probably repurchase the Essence for my neck cause it neutralizes the yellow and matches my neck better to my complexion.

Evening Routine

Florasis Cleansing Oil review

1. Florasis Cleansing Oil ($48, Florasis) + Verso Facial Cleanser

Florasis recently sent their cleansing products for me to try and I was pleasantly surprised to see how good they are. This cleansing oil in particular is very aesthetically pleasing but also performs amazingly. The oil emulsifiers instantaneously and rinses off so clean leaving my skin hydrated. There are mini ones for travel as well. After removing my makeup with Florasis Cleansing Oil, I follow up with Verso Facial Cleanser. Not pictured here, but I also use Bioderma Sensibio micellar water to cleanse my neck.

2. PIXI Glow Tonic ($18, Ulta) + CurrentBody Green Tea Serum ($60, CurrentBody)

After cleansing, I tone my skin using PIXI Glow Tonic. Some of you might know this is also my long-time favorite. This glycolic toner is great for mild exfoliation without irritation. To prep my LED mask session, I apply CurrentBody Green Tea Serum. This was sent by the brand with the LED mask for me to try. There are some studies suggesting green tea serum can advocate the efficacy of LED masks although it is also recommended to use LED masks on the clean skin with nothing on. This serum is very lightweight with a slight viscosity but absorbs into the skin instantly leaving no residue so I don't suppose it interferes with LED mask sessions. It is fragrance-free.

CurrentBody LED Mask Review

3. CurrentBody LED Mask ($380, CurrentBody)

I have used this LED Mask about 4 times a week for over 2 months now. In short, I think it works. I would use the same nighttime skincare products but my skin feels always smoother and more plump in the morning if I add an LED mask session the night before. I don't suffer acne so I don't know how effective this mask is in treating that although it is known as the main benefit of using an LED mask. Another positive thing I've noticed is that this LED mask works very well to calm down redness which can lead to hyper pigmentations. I have used a different LED mask in the past and compared to that, CurrentBody LED Mask is so much stronger in terms of brightness. 
However, I don't think this mask is perfect. I've seen some ad videos where people are casually wearing this mask and relaxing while they watch TV or even read. Let me tell you, it is not a relaxing experience that you can do that, at least not me. The light is super bright and strong so you better close your eyes. I don't love the silicon-y feeling to my skin and this mask does not conform to my face shape perfectly although it is much lighter than the one with a hard shell. 
I will continue to use this mask because I am swayed by the positive results I have seen so far. Also, 10 minutes a day is a very doable routine that I can stick with in the long term. LED masks are naturally dehydrating to skin so drink water and use hydrating skincare products after. Also, make sure to do a patch test (wear the mask on your arm for 10 minutes to see if the redness appears and persists) because some people are sensitive to lights and should avoid using an LED mask.

CurrentBody LED Mask Review

4. Verso Super Facial Serum, Super Eye Serum, Nourishing Cream

After my LED mask session, I tone my skin with the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Toner (not available in the US) and apply my Verso products. Verso's Retinol 8 is another anti-aging ingredient that I adore and I have been using Verso skincare for over 2 years now. The ones I am using right now work great but I still think the Night Cream is the best and I will return to it once I use up the ones I am using right now. Verso products are overall very moisturizing and effective with minimal irritations. It is true that my skin is very used to retinol but I find Verso especially mild yet very effective.

CurrentBody LED Mask review

On weekends, instead of ZIIP and CurrentBody LED Mask, I use Vitabrid Dual Mask and Origins Retexturizing Mask for reset and rest. Some of you might know that I dislike sheet masks in general, but I find the Vitabrid Dual Mask worth wearing. Origins mask is my favorite detoxifying mask and I cannot be without it. 

Thanks for reading! I admit that this is quite a bit of routine to follow through every day but seeing visible results makes it all enjoyable and worthwhile. I will post updates as I change and add anything new. 

*Florasis Cleansing oil and CurrentBody LED Mask/Green Tea Serum were sent by the brands for review considerations. I did my best to share my honest opinions and experiences with them. All other skincare products were purchased by me. This post contains some affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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