Feb 9, 2023

DIOR Spring 2023 Mitzah Collection

Dior Spring 2023 Mitzah Collection review swatches

This year's Dior spring makeup collection is a tribute to Dior's most iconic muse, Mitzah Bricard. She was known for extravagant styles and wearing leopard prints, so of course this collection had to come in this gorgeous leopard print packaging. Being a spring collection, the color story is mostly pink and red rather than brown and burgundy featured in the original Mitzah eyeshadow quint.

Because not all of the pieces in the collection made it to the US, I had to order a few from overseas. I think Dior could have orchestrated the whole thing a bit better. 

Minor rant aside, it is a well-curated collection with Dior quality that we all know very well. Keep reading for some swatches, thoughts, and a makeup look.

Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette 709 Iconic Muse ($89, BonBon Cosmetics)

Dior Iconic Muse Eyeshadow Palette review swatches

There is this large 10-eyeshadow palette which is the centerpiece of this collection, but I personally dislike physically large makeup palettes so I opted for this eyeshadow quint. This particular palette is featured on the collection landing page but nowhere to be found on the US website. It is available in the UK and some Asian countries so I had to order it from overseas. 

Dior Iconic Muse Eyeshadow Palette review swatches

Dior does not say this is in the "Velvet" formulation but it is definitely identical in terms of the texture and finish. The palette consists of matte and soft satin only and these eyeshadows are overall harder pressed. I find that this yields a bit sheerer and airy look, which is quite fitting for spring.

Dior Iconic Muse Eyeshadow Palette review swatches

Iconic Muse is a soft raspberry palette in essence and I think this is the concise version of the large palette. For that, I like having this palette although the color story itself isn't the easiest for me to pull off. The Dior quality is there with this palette. Clear color payoffs and great blendability.

Rouge Dior Mitzah Limited Edition 564 Pink Leopard ($47, Dior)

Rouge Dior Pink Leopard swatch

Pink Leopard was not my first choice of color. I wanted a deeper pinky-red shade called "Pink Paw" but guess what. Pink Paw is still marked unavailable on the Dior site (Edit: Pink Paw shade is available on the Harrods website!). The lipstick holder shown in the photo is complimentary and is sent out with any Mitzah makeup collection purchase. It is made of cardboard but feels sturdy and looks quite nice.

Rouge Dior Pink Leopard swatch

It is an interesting shade of pink with quite a bit of white base and a touch of coral. This color is unique in my collection but maybe there is a reason for that since it doesn't enhance my look as much.

Rouge Dior Pink Leopard swatch

It still works well as a part of the makeup look created using these items and I do really like the Rouge Dior Velvet formulation.

Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion Matte Foundation ($59, Harrods)

This is another item that is not available in the US. Since Dior's cushion foundations offer very limited color selections, they tend to not make it here but this gorgeous formulation is wildly popular in Asia and Europe. The coverage is sheer but how it wears and fades away is just phenomenal. The shade that I chose, 00 is just perfect. I could have purchased the loose powder in the same package but it is not refillable, unlike the cushion foundation. Plus it is just too little powder for the money. I hear the LE shade 820 Rose is very beautiful, though.

Dior Vernis 001 Pearl & 857 Leopardess ($30 each, Dior)

Dior Vernis 001 Pearl swatch

Dior says Pearl is a top coat but it still gives me decent coverage with 2 coats. The color and the finish does remind me of a beautiful pearl. Very feminine and easy to wear.

Dior Vernis Leopardess swatch

Leopardess is a bit of a disappointment because the pink shimmer is not as prominent as shown in the stock photo (Dior seriously needs to put up better-quality photos). The shimmer is only visible under certain lighting situations. It is a burgundy polish with a slightly milky base. 

Now here is an overall look created using the Mitzah Makeup Collection:

Dior spring 2023 Mitzah collection review makeup look

If you are interested in a makeup demo, please check out my recent video as well:

It is a beautiful collection but I just don't think these colors are the best for me. I think I would have liked this collection whole a lot more had I been able to easily acquire the things I most preferred. It is all very subjective and if you like soft and sophisticated pink and red, I would still recommend checking out this collection because the quality is certainly there.

Thanks for being here. What do you think Dior Mitzah Makeup Collection?

*I purchased this makeup collection with my own money. This post contains some affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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  1. Love the eyeshadow palette! I've never been brave enough to go for shades that are red/reddish but I can see it being a great pop or as a outer V shade paired with the lighter peach/champagne.

    1. Hi, Sharlynn! :D I was the same way and I still find reddish eyeshadows challenging to wear! Compared to some of the recently released pink/red ones, I find this quint more wearable, though. I like the idea of your eyeshadow placement a lot!


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