Feb 8, 2023

MZ Skincare Review

MZ Skincare Reviews

MZ Skincare kindly gifted these two skincare items right around the beginning of this year, with no request nor any specifics other than saying "We hope you enjoy them". I admit that a part of me was ready to dismiss this newish brand because the price range is quite up there with other luxury brands such as La Mer, La Prairie, or Sisley, which are the brands I've tried myself but never really appreciated. I guess when it comes to skincare, I am not as open-minded as I am about makeup. 

Long story short, these are frankly the best skincare that I've experienced in a long while. I have been using this duo for more than a full month both in my AM and PM routines and I am still enjoying every bit of it. Please read on for my experience.

Rest & Revive Night Serum 30 ml (MZ Skin, $315)

MZ Skin Rest & Revove Night Serum review

This serum did wonders for my skin from the first night. I completely went off my trustee actives like Retinols and Vitamin C from January, so these immediate and continuous results are just impressive. The serum has a light lotion-like consistency and is very moisturizing by itself. I can use one pump on my face and another on my neck and honestly I can go without adding any other moisturizer on top of it. Rest & Revive Night Serum is scented with a powdery floral that has a clear presence and at first, I wondered about that because the moisturizer sent together had a very light scent. Soon I remembered any skincare products with placenta have a distinct odor to them (if they contain a sufficient amount anyway), so I believe this fragrance is to mask the odor. It dissipates quickly but I wanted to point out it is there. Since it is a sort of indication of efficacy, I am fine with it. This serum makes my skin amazingly supple and radiant. My skin feels more resilient and the overall tone is much brighter after one month of nightly use. 

The Rich Moisturizer 50ml (MZ Skin, $225)

MZ Skincare The Rich Moisturizer Review

The Rich Moisturizer is new to the lineup and boasts Hyaluronic Acid, Bio-identical Human Collagen, Cottom Stem Cells, and Peptides. All of which I could easily dismiss had I not seen such tangible results. I guess the quality of ingredients and how it is formulated really matter. All I can say is that with this moisturizer, I wake up with "mochi skin". But it also makes a wonderful day cream. It provides lasting comfort throughout the day and my makeup looks and lasts better with this cream. The texture is thick and rich and you only need a little bit of it. Considering how moisturizing and hydrating, it is remarkable that this cream does not feel greasy and absorbs perfectly. As I mentioned, there is a very faint citrusy scent to it but no heavy fragrance.

MZ Skincare Reviews

Because of the hefty price tags, I still hesitate to fully admit that maybe I need to make some investment in my skincare for that mochi skin. It is also refreshing to me personally because I have been disregarding some of the active ingredients used in these products. I mainly rely on old-school ingredients like AHA, Retinols, and Vitamin C. I still believe they work very well for me (and MZ Skin offers those as well) but it has been such a nice experience going off them. It is as if my skin has been on a long luxurious getaway having a great "skin-break" that is much needed apparently.

At the end of the day, everyone has a different budget and areas on which they spend money. I have been spending as much on luxury makeup in recent years and now I might want to restructure my spending a bit after this experience. If luxury skincare is within your budget, I can wholeheartedly recommend trying MZ Skincare. 

*The serum and the moisturizer were provided by MZ Skincare. All opinions are mine. This post includes affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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