Apr 15, 2022

DIOR Summer 2022 Makeup Collection DIORIVIERA

DIOR Summer 2022 Makeup Collection DIORIVIERA review swatches

DIOR SUMMER 2022 MAKEUP COLLECTION is now available at Dior.com and Selfridges! I got very lucky and was able to order mine when Dior initially made a mistake and dropped the collection too early (they pulled the collection the next day I purchased mine). Generally speaking, I am less excited about summer makeup collections, and I even thought this particular one from Dior looked a bit boring when I first saw the promo images. In person though, I must say this is rather an unusual and beautiful collection. 

5 Couleurs Couture Dioriviera 779 Riviera ($62, Dior)

DIOR Summer 2022 Makeup Collection DIORIVIERA review swatches

There are 2 quints available in this collection and 779 Riviera is the cooler one although it is a neutral palette at best. The color story is really well thought out and the quality is just wonderful. I see this quint will suit many different people.

DIOR Summer 2022 Makeup Collection DIORIVIERA review swatches

Dior says these eyeshadow palettes are for "smoldering eyes" and I agree. Unlike the quints in the recent collections (they are rather sheer but still great quality), these colors are richly pigmented. They blend like a dream and stay true all day long. They don't look particularly summery or bronzy to my eyes and I certainly don't look that way wearing them. I think this collection can easily pass as a fall or winter collection as well and I am not complaining about that!

Dior 5 Couleurs 779 Riviera swatches

There is no glittery shade in this quint. Except for the darkest matte burgundy shade, everything else has a beautifully sophisticated satin finish. The ivory gold shade is a bit metallic but very tastefully done.

Dior 779 Riviera Swatches

Surprisingly, I couldn't find anything too similar from my Dior eyeshadow collection. Some comparison swatches for your reference:

Dior 779 Riviera swatches

Dior 779 Rivierra swatches

Couture Luminizer - Dioriviera Edition 002 Pink Riviera ($52, Dior)

Dior Luminizer 002 Pink Riviera swatches

The Bayadere patterns in this collection really shine in this beautiful highlighter. It is much prettier in person and the formula is as great as my other Dior Luminizers.

Dior Luminizer 002 Pink Riviera swatches

Dior describes Pink Riviera as "a solar pink". It is a beautiful neutral pink with a hint of warmth. The shade itself is slightly dark for me to use as a highlighter but it works wonderfully as a very light blush color, which I was hoping for anyway!

Dior Luminizer 002 Pink Riviera swatches

This color reminds me of Dior Luminizer in Rosewood Glow which is one of my favorite blush colors. Pink Riviera is lighter and pinkier. Both are so gorgeous.

Dior Luminizer 002 Pink Riviera swatches

Dior Addict Lip Tint ($35, Dior)

Dior Addict Lip Tint swatches

I picked up 2 shades of Dior Addict Lip Tint from this collection. I believe the new Lip Tint is the reformulated version of the Dior Lip Tattoo. I have not tried the previous one so don't have any comparison but the new Lip Stain is a nice formulation that is perfect for summer.

Dior Lip Stain swatches review

It is scented with a vanilla mint fragrance and has a cool refreshing feel that lasts for a bit (not a tingly kind, though). It feels very hydrating and sets down to a soft matte finish that is long-lasting and transfer-proof. The shades deepen quite a bit as many lip stains do. It is a very nice formulation but I must say that I have experienced better lip stains at a more affordable price point. (It's just that I have tried many different Korean lip stains and they happen to be that good.)

Diorlisse Abricot ($28, Dior)

There are 3 different nail polish colors available in this collection but I decided to skip those as none of them spoke to me. Instead, I got Diorlisse Abricot in both shades. It is highly recommended by a good friend of mine and I usually prefer light sheer colors on my nails during the warmer months. They give me enough coverage and perfect the nails in the most natural way. I love them!

I have also reviewed this collection in video format. Please check out my channel!

Thanks for being here! I hope you find these swatches and comparisons helpful. What do you think about the Dioriviera Makeup Collection?

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