Apr 26, 2022

Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Velvet (Blue Velvet, Nude Dentelle)

Dior Velvet Quints review swatches

Dior has brought out a new collection yet again and this time we have 5 limited edition eyeshadow quints with a velvet formula. I picked up two - Blue Velvet and Nude Dentelle. They are currently available on the Dior website and Nordstrom. They are priced at $62 USD each.

I have recently reviewed them in my video and here you can see a makeup look created using Blue Velvet:

For swatches and my thoughts, please keep reading.

Dior Velvet Quints review swatches

I appreciate that Dio did not raise the price on this one. The quints come in the same packaging but with a matte finish and they don't have any special embossment. Maybe those extra dollars are purely for the embossing work.

Blue Velvet ($62, Dior)

Dior 5 Couleurs Velvet 189 Blue Velvet review swatches

Many of you seem to be most interested in Blue Velvet and it is indeed unique and beautiful. Considering that it is not easy to find good quality blue eyeshadows not to mention in a matte finish, it is a standout. Also, the tone and the finish are what makes Blue Velvet unique as blue-themed eyeshadow palettes often lean teal or have shimmery finishes.

Dior Blue Velvet Quint swatches

This palette has enough grey and mauve undertones but the finished look is undoubted blue and it stays blue, which is impressive to me. Color integrity is very much there with this beautiful quint.

Dior 5 Couleurs Blue Velvet review swatches

I initially didn't think the formula was new because there are matte and satin shades from the main collection quints as well and honestly, it didn't feel all that different when I swatched them. However, once I applied the colors, I could tell the difference. They do feel and look velvety in practice!

Nude Dentelle ($62, Dior)

Dior Nude Dentelle review swatches

Warm orangey neutral palettes like Nude Dentelle are not exactly my cup of tea, but I still find myself enjoying this one quite a bit. The color story is just very well thought out and the quality is awesome. Nude Dentelle is even more pigmented and feels more buttery compared to Blue Velvet which is already of great quality.

If you love warm neutrals and are a fan of Dior makeup, the chance is that you probably have a few quints with a similar feel. I don't own any of the three compared here (not a warm neutral lover) so I am not complaining. I guess it all comes down to the subtle difference in finish.

Dior Velvet Quint Nude Dentelle swatches

The quality is excellent and all colors swatch and wear beautifully!

Dior Nude Dentelle review swatches

Overall, great quality and color stories. Blue Velvet is truly unique and worthy of my collection. If you don't like visible shimmers in your eyeshadows, I think you will love the new Velvet Eyeshadows from Dior.

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*I have purchased these eyeshadow palettes with my own money. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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