Apr 10, 2022

CHANEL Rêve de Chanel (Le Blanc 2022) Collection

CHANEL Reve de Chanel (Le Blanc 2022) Collection review swatches

Chanel traditionally does pink and purple for Le Blanc Collection but this year they went with the warm peachy colors instead. I almost always prefer cool-toned shaded but I am not complaining because this is a beautiful and wearable collection with so many beautiful pieces.

RÊVE DE CAMÉLIA Illuminating Powder ($80, Chanel)

Chanel Reve de Camelia Illuminating Powder swatch

This is the centerpiece of the collection and it is jaw-dropping gorgeous. It comes with a mini kabuki style brush and it surprisingly is a perfect match for the kind of texture of this highlighter.

Chanel Reve de Camelia Illuminating Powder swatch

This elegant highlighting powder is adorned with such detailed embossment that it pained me to even swatch it (but you know the rule, every makeup in my house shall be worn and loved).

Reve de Camelia Highlighter swatch

It is not just pretty to look at but it also looks and performs beautifully on the skin. The finish is quite subtle and it never accentuates the texture or pores. Just sophisticated glow. I love this.

LES 4 OMBRES 384 Imaginaire ($62, Chanel)

Les 4 Ombres 384 Imaginaire swatch

I find the peachy shades in this quad so much more wearable than other similar colors. It's probably due to the clarities that these colors possess. The ethereal shimmer shade and the deep brown with a touch of burgundy allow me to create some dimension in my eye look.

Les 4 Ombres 384 Imaginaire swatch

Les 4 Ombres 384 Imaginaire swatch
I made a comparison with last year's Le Blanc quad. They have a similar texture but Imaginaire has much better color payoffs (although I still can't say this is a uber pigmented kind by any means).

Les 4 Ombres 384 Imaginaire swatch
For some reason, Imaginaire reminded me of Warm Memories and indeed they have some resemblance to each other. 


Chanel Stylo Lumiere Regard Scintillement swatch

This is an interesting and unusual addition to the collection. I think many influencers have misunderstood it as a multi-purpose highlighter, but it seems to be a product meant for the eyes only. For one thing, there is an eye symbol imprinted on the pen (this is the same I find on my Chanel eyeliners and eyeshadow sticks) and it is categorized as an eyeshadow on the Chanel website. And considering that Le Blanc collections are targeted Asian market, this makes more sense. In Asian makeup styles, it is rather common to apply something light and shimmery under the lower lash lines.

Chanel Stylo Lumiere Regard Scintillement swatch

Scintillement is a sheer opalescent shade wish visible micro glitters. It looks very flattering when applied along the lower lash lines. It seems the general complaint about this one is that it doesn't "blend out" as much or it is "too glittery" on the face. But Chanel even suggests applying it on the eyelashes or brows for special effects, then it needs to set quickly and stay on, doesn't it? I mean, it's your makeup so you can apply it on your nails if that's what you want, but don't complain that it disappears after you wash your hands. I don't know, these reviews with no due diligence bother me a little.

ROUGE COCO FLASH 170 Romance ($42, Chanel) & ROUGE ALLURE INK 234 Évocation ($42, Chanel)

Chanel Reve de Chanel Collection review swatches

There are some interesting shades like lilac in this collection but I opted for these two warm red lippies in different formulations. They are close to each other in terms of color but in different textures and color intensity.

Chanel Stylo Lumiere Regard Scintillement swatch

There are other lip formulas from Chanel that I prefer over these two, but these shades make more sense to me to create a cohesive look from this collection as I need some brightness and contrast in my makeup colors. They layer beautifully together as well.

LE VERNIS 923 Onirique ($30, Chanel)

Chanel Le Vernis Onirique swatch

The last item I picked up from this collection is nail polish in Onirique. This is a beautiful peachy beige with a creme finish. I see it as a warmer sister to Chanel Organdi (another favorite of mine).

Chanel Le Vernis Onirique swatch

Application is a breeze and it covers seamlessly with one coat if you use a milky base coat.

A few overall looks with Rêve de Chanel Collection:

Reve de Chanel Collection review swatches makeup look

Chanel Le Blanc 2022 Collection review swatch look

I have also reviewed this collection in the video format:

Thanks for being here. What do you think of Chanel Le Blanc 2022 Collection?

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  1. Beautiful! Chanel always release elegant collections that suits you very well Lana. That liquid eyeshadow is really interesting but my favorite would have to be the illuminating powder which can be used in so many ways.


    1. Thank you, Steph! I am definitely enjoying this collection more than I expected. The highlighting powder is just gorgeous and like you said, very versatile! :D


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