Feb 18, 2022

Chanel Spring 2022 La Comète Collection

Chanel Spring 2022 La Comete Collection review swatches

Chanel La Comète Collection is a smaller part of this year's spring launch from the brand. It is a straightforward collection with some beautiful pieces. 

Rouge Allure Velvet La Comète became available first so I purchased 2 shades in early January. It is refreshing to see these colors are all new, not just some existing shades repackaged. What is interesting is that the 8 colors in this range all have subtle shimmers. Rouge Allure Velvet range has been around for a while (in fact, this is one of the few matte formulations that I actually enjoy) but I had not seen anything with shimmer until this collection.

For Blush Comète, I had to wait for quite a bit after I pre-ordered it. There are 2 shades available and I chose the brighter one, Corail Étoilé. This one is more of a traditional pressed powder formulation and Chanel describes it as a "Soft Glow Blush". There is this really cool dual embossment with both CC and a star, which is honestly the selling point for me. The color turned out to be very gorgeous, though.

Rouge Allure Velvet La Comète ($42, Chanel)

Chanel Spring 2022 La Comete Collection review swatches

I purchased 2 shades - Rouge Vie Radiant & Rose Éclatant.

Chanel Spring 2022 La Comete Collection review swatches

Rose Éclatant is a brightening coral rose with silver shimmer. It is very unique and beautiful. A perfect complement to the blush color that I chose as well. Rouge Vie Radiant is almost identical to the iconic Rouge Vie shade with very subtle shimmers.

Chanel Spring 2022 La Comete Collection review swatches

I am a bit disappointed to see that Rouge Vie and Rouge Vie Radiant are not that different. Once applied, they are not distinguishable. Rouge Vie Radiant is slightly cooler and lighter in the base. I wish the shimmer was more visible. Still, both are beautiful sophisticated reds with some muted undertones.

Blush Comète Soft Glow Blush ($70, Chanel)

Chanel Spring 2022 La Comete Collection review swatches

I was going to pass on this blush initially but quickly changed my mind as soon as I saw this unique embossment. I am not really into warm blush colors but Corail Étoilé has a nice clarity to it that it looks quite flattering on me. The formula is softer and more pigmented compared to the Blush Lumière Brun Roussi color from the La Pausa collection. This one has a gorgeous satin finish and lasts on very well.

Chanel La Comete Collection review swatches

This particular coral shade leans slightly towards the cooler side of the spectrum and appears a beautiful strawberry pink on my complexion. Love it.

I have made a short video reviewing these items where you can also see the makeup look with them:

Thank you for being here. What do you think of the new Chanel La Comète collection?

*The collection was purchased with my own money. This post includes some affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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