Sep 19, 2021

NEW Dior Limited Edition Millefiori (361), Nude Dress (573), Icône (720)

Dior limited edition makeup review swatches

I have to say Dior has been working hard lately. The Birds of a Feather Collection is a standout among all these fall makeup releases and they just introduced these 3 repromoted makeup items with absolutely stunning embossing. They are a few bucks more each which is typical for limited editions with some extra touch and in this case, it's quite worthwhile because the details are incredible. It pained me a bit to swatch these beauties (the sacrilege!) but I am a makeup lover, not a collector so I went for them right away. If you're interested in seeing these swatched, please keep reading. I have also made a video review.

Rouge Dior Blush 361 Millefiori ($46, Dior)

Dior LE Millefiori (361) blush swatch

Dior LE Millefiori (361) blush swatch

Dior just launched a new Miss Dior EDP with this floral theme and had a popup garden event in NYC last week. Millefiori means "thousands of flowers" and these particular patterns are used in Dior's D-Millefiori scarves and dresses. This blush is surely created around the same theme. The color itself is an existing shade, however. It is not available in the U.S. market but can be found in the U.K., only the name is Rose Baiser (361)

Dior LE Millefiori (361) blush swatch
It is a gorgeous cool rose with a very subtle silvery satin sheen. The base is a bit hard in texture compared to other LE Rouge Dior blushes that I own. This color is buildable and easy to control.

Mono Couleur Couture 573 Nude Dress ($32, Dior)

Dior LE Mono Couleur Couture 573 Nude Dress swatch

Dior LE Mono Couleur Couture 573 Nude Dress swatch

Isn't this just beautiful! This one was the hardest to swatch. Nude Dress is an amazing shade as well. It is a neutral beige with a satiny golden shift but depending on the light, a slightly peachy pink tone shows up. The texture is dense but not hard. It is very easy to control the color payoff depending on the tools you use.

Dior LE Mono Couleur Couture 573 Nude Dress swatch

Rouge Dior Velvet 720 Icône ($40, Dior)

Dior LE Rouge Dior Velvet 720 Icone swatch

Dior LE Rouge Dior Velvet 720 Icone swatch

This one has the same motif as the mono eyeshadow. Again, the details are incredible! I am pleasantly surprised by how velvety yet creamy it feels on my lips. I can't say I am a big fan of matte lipsticks generally speaking, but this is one of the best that I have tried.

Dior LE Rouge Dior Velvet 720 Icone swatch
I actually bought this lipstick more for the design but the color isn't terrible on me, either. According to the description on the Dior website, Icône is an intense rosewood (which isn't normally the color family that looks nice on me) but it does have some clarity to the color and brightens my complexion. The color reminds me of Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet RougeVie (reviewed) but the Dior has more of a true velvet finish.

Now, I have put together a very simple autumnal look mainly using these three items:

Dior Limited Edition makeup look

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend these Limited Editions. The colors are so gorgeous and easy to wear. The amazing embossing is just the cherry on top.

Thanks for being here. What do you think of these LE makeups? Anything that pulls at your heartstrings?

*These makeup items were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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    1. Thank you! The blush is sure gorgeous and very easy to use. :D


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