Dec 6, 2020

Cell Forté Skincare Review

Cell Forte skincare reviews

This year, I continue to discover innovative skincare products from Korea, and Cell Forté probably is the most effective one that I have tried so far. 

I did not know about the brand to be honest with you, but I was intrigued by the story of how the brand was founded (the founder was in search of natural yet effective skincare for her own mother's severely damaged skin after chemotherapy). I also liked the idea of utilizing high-performance ingredients such as medical grade EGF, 9 different Peptides, and brightening botanicals. I mean, I do trust the old-school anti-aging properties like AHA and Retinols but it has been such a relief taking a break from them. 

I have been using Cell Forté skincare in the evening for about a month now and the results have been phenomenal!

Cell Forte skincare reviews

First of all, I LOVE how simple it is - you just need to use the serum first and seal the moisture with the cream. That's it! I am all about the efficacy of my skincare but do not have time or patience for a 10-step routine. I don't even need moisturizing toner or eye cream with this regimen yet I have been seeing fast and visible results.

The Forté Serum

Cell Forte skincare Serum review

The Forté Serum is designed to hydrate, lift, and brighten. Medical-grade EGF works on fine lines and wrinkles as well as on age spots. It also has 9 different peptides that boost collagen growth for firmness and elasticity of the skin. The serum is clear and quite runny with a little bit of viscosity. I take 2 pumps and smooth it all over my face and neck. After waiting for about 30 seconds, I add another 2 pumps as recommended for an optimal result. No rubbing or patting is necessary as this serum absorbs so quickly. My skin drinks it up, would be a more accurate description. Leaving no stickiness behind, my skin glows subtly at this point.

The Forté Cream

Cell Forte skincare Cream review

The Forté Cream is serum infused gel-cream with such a lovely consistency. Without being oily, this cream soothes and moisturizes like a champ. The effect is long-lasting that my skin still feels hydrated and pampered in the morning. I find this quite impressive especially because my place can be pretty dry in winter even with a humidifier.

Both the serum and the cream are very elegantly formulated. They are scented with a slightly powdery floral which feels quite boujee actually, but once it dissipates, all I smell is a light aroma of ginseng (it is one of the many botanical ingredients used in the Cell Forté skincare). 

Not only have I been enjoying this simple yet super effective skincare routine, but I also feel excited about the further improvements on my skin! Soon I will be using the Cell Forté both in the morning and the evening. I expect to see even more positive changes since it has done so much already. With one month with them, my skin is brighter and firmer. I am thrilled to see some of the dark spots are faded.

I am beginning to believe their brand philosophy, "Good ingredients do not lie" not to mention these good ingredients are formulated based on science and researches. I would highly recommend Cell Forté products to those who are looking for high-performance skincare without harsh actives!

*The Cell Forté products were kindly provided by the brand for review consideration. All words and opinions are my own.

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