Aug 4, 2020

Haul | Rouje Beauty

Rouje Gift Set review swatches

This is definitely a purchase based on a "want" basis not "need". I mean, God knows I don't need more saturated pink-red lippies or red nail polishes. It's just that lately I've been into this retro-inspired makeup such as the new Gucci beauty releases plus I worked a lot last week and needed some retail therapy.

Rouje is a relatively new brand created by a renowned blogger, Jeanne Damas. This Parisian brand offers ready-to-wear fashions, accessories, and makeup, and they ship worldwide. I ordered the Lip and Nail + Pouch set which is quite reasonably priced. I appreciate that I can pick the colors and the pouch design of my choice. The set price is much more affordable than buying piecemeal and since I got the 10% discount for my first purchase, it was more than enough to set off the DHL express shipping fee.

Rouje lip and nail + pouch set review swatches

I admit that I was drawn into the retro gold packagings and the cute makeup pouch, but I wasn't really concerned about the quality as I have already seen some positive feedback on the web. I like the look and feel of the pouch (I have a thing for clutch style pouches and animal prints) and all makeup included in the set are quite nice and priced right (maybe except for the nail polish). The makeups are made in Italy and the pouch is in China, just in case you're curious.

Rouge Lipstick Sophie, Isabelle swatches

Rouje Le Rouge à lèvres is a retro matte formula with full coverage. I chose Isabelle which is deep fuchsia pink. It's a lovely color that complements my complexion but I am more impressed with the lipstick formulation. I expected it to accentuate my lip lines at least some but the smoothing effect is pretty great and it feels comfortable for such a kind. The lipstick case is nice but not as luxurious as I thought it would be.

Rouje Le Rouge Velours is a creamy matte tint that feels incredibly light and long-lasting. It reminds me of Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro but I think Le Rouge Velours goes on even lighter on the lips with less transferring. Sophie is a beautiful and sophisticated raspberry red. The packaging is unusual and sturdy. I think the applicator could be better.

Rouje nail polish Effrontee swatch

It was a really hot day when the package was delivered and maybe for that reason, the nail polish kind of spilled over. I could clean up the mess but I ended up losing about 1/3 of the bottle. Effrontee is a beautiful classic red with a gel finish. It applies well and covers nicely with a single coat but I wouldn't pay $25 for it. Compared to the lip stuff which I think is more than reasonably priced, the nail polish seems overpriced.

Overall, this was a satisfying purchase. I really like the lip colors and the pouch and have used them a few times already. Ordering directly from the site would the best option if you want to try a variety of stuff, but the lipstick and the lip palette are available on Violet Grey for the same price.

Have you tried anything from Rouje?

*The makeup and the pouch were purchased by me. This post contains some affiliate links. Thanks for choosing to use them.

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  1. That nail polish is so cute, this is a very lovely Haul
    By the way I prefer the Isabelle shade
    Great post

    1. Thanks!! I like the Isabelle shade a bit more myself. It's supposedly an LE but I think they should make it permanant. :)

  2. I think the red will look really good on you!

    1. Thank you so much! This type of red is a my go-to shade for sure but I have so many like it. I wish the color was more unique but overall I am happy with it. :)

  3. That nail polish is pricey, but I do love the shade! A true red never gets old!

    1. True! There are only 4 shades available in the line but everything seems classic and well done. It's just that I have so many red nail polishes like this one. I guess I could use one more. ;p


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