Aug 3, 2020

Zoya Gemma

Zoya Gemma swatch

A quick manicure post for you. Zoya Gemma is another unique beauty and currently the only green nail polish that I own. It was a part of an autumn collection if I remember it correctly, but the muted undertone and the jelly finish makes it so wearable for the summer as well. 

Zoya Gemma swatch NOTD

What makes Gemma truly a standout is the periwinkle micro-shimmer. It's so pretty. I can't even...

Zoya Gemma swatch Suqqu Shungasumi

Actually, I was trying on my newest Suqqu eyeshadow palette, Shugasumi (currently on sale for only $40) and I immediately thought of Zoya Gemma ($10 on Amazon). See the resemblance? It's as if they were created together. These will complement each other beautifully.  Gotta love a makeup moment like this. 

Thanks for being here. Have a great week!

*The nail polish & the eyeshadow palettes were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for choosing to use them.

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  1. This is a lovely colour Lena. Looks like it'd do well going into autumn as well :).

    1. Hi, Sarah!! How are you?? I missed you and your posts! Hope you're doing well!

      Yes, I think this was a part of an autumn collection and would look pretty in the coming months. :)


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