Jun 12, 2020

Suqqu Frozen Summer 2020 | Shimmer Liquid Blush 104 Hoteaka, Vibrant Rich Lipstick 109 Shunuri

Suqqu Frozen Summer 2020 review swatches

Suqqu Summer 2020 collection "Frozen Summer" is finally available, well, at least a few of them. Now I am used to chasing Suqqu's LEs but it is frustrating that you can't even buy them with your own money and such willingness when big influencers get the whole set for free and they aren't even diligent with swatching (these makeups usually end up on eBay later on). 

My rant aside, Frozen Summer is undoubtedly a beautiful collection. If you are in North America like I am, Selfridges is your best bet to find any Suqqu makeup at a fair price. I managed to get these two items from the collection and they are pretty much the only ones available at this time. I saw a few more were added on the website but quickly got sold out over the past few days.

Suqqu Shimmer Liquid Blush 104 Hoteaka swatch
Shimmer Liquid Blush 104 Hoteaka is a cherry pink shade. Flushed pink like this one can also work very nicely during the winter months. It's very pigmented so I was a little worried but thanks to the superb formula, it is very easy to control the color intensity. I usually set my foundation with loose powder and I find Suqqu Shimmer Liquid Blush sits and blends flawlessly on the powder-set base. The color looks rather intense at first but it becomes more subtle as the pigment settles in. Both fingertip and stippling brush works well with this blush. The color is quite longlasting. 

Suqqu Vibrant Rich Lipstick 109 Shunuri
The vibrant Rich range is Suqqu's take on soft matte lipsticks. The packaging is exquisite. The outer case is matte to touch but softly gleaming with a pearly sheen. The inner part has a brushed silver finish. I am very fond of Suqqu's original glossy black and gold packagings but I certainly am happy to include these fresh-looking LEs in my collection.

Suqqu Vibrant Rich Lipstick 109 Shunuri
109 Shunuri is an LE and described as an "eye-catching vibrant red". 

Suqqu Vibrant Rich Lipstick 109 Shunuri Swatch
(This swatch is the sheered-out version as I would wear the color.)
I don't usually gush over warm red and coral lipsticks but Shunuri is something else. Honestly, I didn't expect to like it much but I surprisingly enjoy how it looks on me. When I first apply the color, it looks more of an opaque coral with a little bit of white base. It quickly melts into the lips and the white base is no longer there. The color deepens slightly and I see more red and even a tiny bit of pink. It feels very comfortable on the lips and doesn't accentuate the lip lines. 

This is the eyeshadow quad in the Frozen Summer collection (132 Touka) which I would have loved to buy, but since it's out of my reach, I decided to replicate the eye look suggested in the promo. After all, I have other Suqqu eyeshadows, you know.

Suqqu Frozen Summer 2020 collection swatch review looks
I used the blue and icy white shades in Aoruri trio (reviewed) on the lids and applied the shimmery peach from the Benimiyabi (to be reviewed) along the lower lash lines. I am wearing Hoteaka on the cheeks and Shunuri on the lips.

Suqqu Frozen Summer 2020 collection review swatches looks
The same eye makeup but I tried to replicate the light sheer lip color (116 Adesango) also offered in the collection. I applied a bit more of Hoteaka here for the healthy flushed look.

There are a few other items that I want from the collection but I will probably stop here. I love these two I bought and there will be always other collections, so there's that.

Thanks for being here! What do you think of Suqqus Frozen Summer collection?

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