Jun 10, 2020

Collective | Canmake Makeup

Canmake makeup swatches

Today I have a lighthearted roundup post on my Canmake makeup collection. Canmake is a popular Japanese drugstore brand and well known for its cute aesthetics and affordability. Canmake makeups tend to be tiny and the packaging can be flimsy while being practical, but the quality is clearly there especially for the price. And, you can find many sophisticated and wearable shades! 

Color Mixing Concealer 01 Light Beige ($10.16, Amazon)
Canmake Color Mixing Concealer 01 Light Beige swatch
This is a cream concealer palette consisting of 3 different shades. You can mix these colors to create a perfect match for your skin tone and there is even a tiny empty pan where you can mix them. To me, all 3 shades are useful as they are. The first shade is the closest to my own skin tone and the yellow-toned middle shade works well on the ruddy spots. The salmon color is great for under eyes.

Canmake Color Mixing Concealer 01 Light Beige swatch
Comparison swatches with my other concealers, NARS Soft Matte Concealer (Chantilly) & Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Fair Neutral)

Melty Luminous Rouge 02 Pinky Red ($10.50, Amazon)
Canmake Melty Luminous Rouge 02 Pinky Red swatch
I have nicer lipsticks in my collection but for some reason, this is the one that I carry in my makeup pouch. Melty Luminous Rouge is an easy-to-wear sheer lipstick with decent color payoffs and moisturizing feel. The Pinky Red shade is exactly what the name says and works nicely for touch-ups on top of any red lippie. I like the small metal tube, too.

Cream Cheek 09 Raspberry Gelato ($9, Amazon)
Canmake Cream Cheek 09 Raspberry Gelato swatch
Isn't this so pretty? If you are to choose just one product from the brand, Cream Cheek it is.

Canmake Cream Cheek 09 Raspberry Gelato swatch
Raspberry Gelato is a gorgeous berry red with a clear undertone. It's so easy to control and performs as well as higher-end. 

Canmake Cream Cheek 09 Raspberry Gelato swatch
(Sheered out)

Silky Souffle Eyes 02 Rose Sepia ($14, Amazon)
Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes 02 Rose Sepia swatch
This is the latest addition to my Canmake collection and it is so good! Because I've had a mixed experience with Canmake eyeshadows, I was a bit skeptical, but I had to get this one because the color scheme reminded me of Suqqu Ayanadeshiko. I don't have the particular Suqqu quad but from the swatches that I've seen on the internet, Canmake Rose Sepia seems pretty close.

Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes 02 Rose Sepia swatch
The color story is soft and romantic. All colors are pigmented and go on silky smooth, indeed like soufflé. This is hands down the best quality eyeshadow that I've tried from Canmake.

Jewelry Shadow Veil 03 Baby Rose ($8.36, Amazon) & Royal Pearl Eyes 02 Wine Greige ($9.50, Amazon)

Canmake Jewelry Shadow Veil 03 Baby Rose swatch
This is a simple eyeshadow duo with the same base colors but with different sizes of shimmer. There are some fallouts but both colors adhere to the lids well over a good eyeshadow base. I like using the top color as an all-over wash and the bottom around the inner corners of the eyes as well as the lower eye lines.

Royal Pearl Eyes 02 Wine Greige swatch
I expected Wine Greige to be more wine but it leans brown when swatched (well, the name is a bit misleading). It is a universally flattering duo that anyone can appreciate, though. I would just need this and some mascara on a busy day. Both shades are pigmented and feel quite creamy with minimal fallouts.

The top shade reminded me of MAC Satin Taupe so I swatched them together. Different, eh? And, I have to say I still like Satin Taupe better.

Perfect Stylist Eyes 14 Antique Ruby ($9, Amazon)
Canmake Perfect Sytlist Eyes 14 Antique Ruby swatch
Last but not least, Perfect Stylist Eyes in Antique Ruby. I recently did a dedicated swatch post lamenting that I can't work the colors although I find them gorgeous and nice quality. I am still trying to work this one because the colors are insanely pretty. At the same time, I wonder why I am suffering like this because I have more than a few wearable pink eyeshadow palettes in my stash, like Dior Attract and Suqqu Hikaribore. I guess I feel challenged..?

It used to be a little tricky to buy Canmake makeup from where I live and often ordering from Japanese sellers on eBay made more sense. Recently though, I've found that there is an authorized dealer on Amazon and that's where I have been ordering mine. There are some markups but I find it quite reasonable and nowadays the price is actually better than buying on eBay. Plus the shipping is always fast.

Thanks for scrolling down on this picture-heavy post! Have you tried any from Canmake? What are your favorites?

*The Canmake makeups mentioned here were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for choosing to use them.

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  1. The Melty Luminous Rouge in Pinky Red really reminds me of Clinique Two Ton Tomato! I really like sheer pinky red shades, the sheer formula makes red so much easier to wear.

    1. I gotta see and swatch Two Ton Tomato! I know that Clinique is trying really hard to come up with color names with matching consonants but I keep thinking it would be somewhat "tomatoey" red because of the name. LOL.

  2. They also carry Canmake (almost the whole selection) at Teso, there was a newly opened location (right before lockdown oops) at Ktown and their price is same as Amazon..

    My personal favorite (other than cream cheek and balm rouge) from the brand is their eyeshadow base, the old version make shadow stick but retains its translucence!

    1. I would definitely pay a visit to Teso when it's safe to do so! I'd still order Canmake stuff from Amazon because I wanna fully take advantage of my Prime plus they are all returnable no questions asked. I am sure Teso carries other fun stuff, though. Canmake Amazon only make sense because now there is an authorized dealer (they even send a small paper with the district manager's signature. LOL)

  3. Love these swatches! So amazing! Nice Post! Have a great day!


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