Apr 6, 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette of Pops Celestial Eyes

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette fo Pops Celestial Eyes swatches

Charlotte Tilbury is one of those brands that I weirdly feel resistance towards despite the obvious cult status (Pat McGrath, Huda Beauty, Fenty, and Natasha Denona would be in the same category). So many raves about her lipsticks and Pillow Talk everything but personally, they were alright and never made my heart race. When I saw Luxury Palette of Pops in Celestial Eyes though, I immediately wanted it. You know I like me some good shimmer. (I gotta admit the color composition is pretty interesting, too.)

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette fo Pops Celestial Eyes swatches

Charlotte Tilbury's eyeshadow quad usually comes with a fun glittery "pop" shade with a less pigmented base. People seem to think that this is something unique about her eyeshadow quads but Lunasol's been doing it for years (just saying). Anyway, the Luxury Palette of Pops consists of 4 of these pop shades but they are decently pigmented and creamy that it stands as a complete palette on its own. 

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette fo Pops Celestial Eyes review swatch

According to Ms. Tilbury, the lightest chiffon pink is a prime color, the reddish taupe is an enhancer, the gold is a "pop", and the deep eggplant to smoke. The shimmer in these colors is awesome - it's big enough to be noticed under any lighting but multi-faceted and sophisticated. You'd need a good eyeshadow base but the color payoffs are pretty good. I often use all 4 shades for a shimmery smokey look or use a couple shade on top after putting some dark cream base over the lids.

First overall look:

Charlotte Tilbury Celestial Eyes review swatche looks

I am over-glowing (and a bit clownish) here because I am wearing a light-diffusing makeup base, full coverage foundation, concealer, and a heck of highlighter for a video shoot. I layered Celestial Eyes on top of creamy black kohl and it served well for the effect I was going for. 

The second one is more subtle:

Charlotte Tilbury Celestial Eyes makeup look

I used the gold shade as the main so the overall tone looks warmer. In the same manner, I can opt for the taupe and achieve a different nuance.

I bought my Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette of Pops on Nordstrom ($53) and it's available at other major retailers as well.

Thanks for being here. What do you think of all shimmer eyeshadow palettes? Do you have any favorite from Charlotte Tilbury?

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