Apr 3, 2020

Foundation Misses

fair to light foundation comparition swatches Chanel YSL Tarte

I have been on a quest to find a perfect foundation lately and tried several from the mid-to-high end range. Unfortunately, a few came short mostly due to the shade mismatch. It is not very fun to talk about the stuff that didn't work out for me (especially when I paid quite a bit for them) but I hope these comparison swatches would be helpful for people who are trying to buy foundation online (I mean, ordering makeup online is hardly a priority these days but it is the only way if you must).

What pains me is that these foundation formulations are very good. I wish I could find a working shade for me!

Born This Way Swan swatch comparision

Actually, the shade Swan is a pretty good match for me but the formulation is a bit off. I know that many folks with oilier skin types swear by this one and I myself do enjoy it occasionally. I wear this foundation when I have to shoot a video or perform on stage because it gives flawless coverage and lasts for many hours without budging. Still, I find the finish a little too thick for me to love every day and I don't like that sometimes it clings to dry patches. 

I love the consistency which is not too thick nor too thin. It goes on effortlessly with fingertip application. It provides light-to-medium coverage and a slightly dewy finish that looks very healthy and youthful. In other words, it's perfect for daily use! BUT, the shade B10 is no good for me. B10 is pretty much the lightest neutral color from the range. I might have liked BD10 more because it is more yellow, but neither of them is light enough to match my skin tone. (BR05 is lighter but has pink undertones.)

This is a major bummer because I LOVE the formulation. This foundation has been around for a long time but the beautifully luminous finish is still one of the best that I have experienced. In the past, I have used up a few bottles in 10 Limpid shade which is not available in the US. I bought 07 Ivoire hoping that it would work for me if not perfectly match, but alas, it looks way off on me. Funny I bought this from a counter after testing it on both on my face and neck, so go figure. 

YSL Touche Eclat B10 swatch

It seems there are more options out there nowadays but most major brands still don't offer lightest shades with yellow undertones. I like base makeup with yellow undertones because it matches my neck better, but since my actual complexion is more neutral, I can get away wearing lightest shade with pink undertones as well. However, most foundation colors with pink undertones tend to oxidize badly on me after a few hours and end up looking ruddy.

Chanel Vitalumiere Fluid Makeup 07 Ivoire swatch

I am still keeping Too Faced Born This Way foundation but sent the YSL and the Chanel to my mom since she is a shade darker than me and actually likes foundations with pink undertones, so it's not a total loss. On the other hand, I did find some excellent foundations with both great formulations and color matches. I hope to talk about them soon.

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  1. I guess I don't have to try the too faced one any time soon...I don't have too much experience with foundation but I did like the itcosmetic CC cream (shade is just off though, light is too dark and fair light is too salmon)...Randomly the best foundation I have ever tried is Kanebo Media (super affordable too) this feels so "expensive" on...

    1. I know that you like natural airy finishes in base makeup so I don't think you'd love the Too Faced. I usually use a wet sponge for a lighter finish but it is still thicker than all my other foundations. I was never keen on alphabet creams or base makeup in general made in Korea. Like you, I like Japanese foundations. HABA actually makes an amazing one and I can find my best match from Paul & Joe and Shu Uemura. I recently bought the Nude Wear Liquid from Suqqu and love everything about it. :)

  2. It is a pity when you have an amazing foundation formula but the colour just doesn't work. I haven't worn foundation regularly for ages now (preferring just powder, bronzer and blush) and one of the reasons is the not quite right colour match. The other reason is laziness lol... Thanks for the description of the formulas. It does help for next time I want to buy. xx

    1. Givenchy seems to have a good color range for fair to light shades with clean yellow undertones and I have bought a few very good ones lately. I am still bummed about the Vitalumiere. If the shade numbers go up by the color intensity, I don't get how 07 Ivoire could be so much darker than 10 Limpide. More importantly, why don't they carry the Limpide shade in the U.S.? If I travel overseas in the future, that's one of the things I shall look for at a dutyfree shop for sure!

  3. I may have similar coloring to you. Thanks for the review on the different brands. i rarely use foundation but was looking into MUF or perhaps the YSL range. It's a shame they don't have a greater variety of shades!

    1. I did find other foundations that work for me real nicely, though! The shades are pretty good and all with different but excellent formulations. MUF sounds pretty good to me as the brand offers a large color range!


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