Mar 7, 2020

Romand Glasting Water Tint 02 Red Drop, 05 Rose Splash, 06 Purple Shower

Romand Glasting Water Tint swatches review

You know that I love good Kbeauty lip tints. I have recently found some new favorites from the brand called Romand. Romand has a strong lineup for lip makeup and offers many options in terms of the finishes and colors. I like that they offer a nice variety of cool-toned shades unlike many other KBeauty brands focusing on the other side of the spectrum. Glasting Water Tint is the newer addition to the lineup and seems as popular as their steady seller, Juicy Lasting Tint (oh, I got a few of these, too). Today, I want to show you some swatches and share my thoughts on them.

The word "Glasting" seems a combination of glass and lasting. As the name suggests, this lip tint gives glassy shine plus strong tint that stays on for a long time. I have been seeing similar types of lip tint lately (Millimage Water Rising Tint is my other fave). It seems that now the technology allows the oil-based gloss and water-based gel tint to be mixed without separation. The separation begins once you apply the color on the lips. I think I am geeking out here a bit so let's look at some swatches first.

Romand Glasting Water Tint swatches
Rose Splash(05) is a muted rose aka "dried rose/MLBB" color but meant for cool-toned people.
Red Drop(02) is a neutral red that supposedly looks great on regardless of the skin tones. I was skeptical because the swatch looked quite warm but it does appear neutral once applied. It's very pretty and easy to wear.
Purple Shower(06) is a clear plum with blue undertones. It's my favorite choice when I skip the foundation as it brightens my complexion and makes me look put together with little effort.

Romand Glasting Water Tint review swatches

As you can see from the swatch photo above, the gloss starts rising up soon after the application providing a high shine. Meanwhile, the water-based gel tint sets on the lips. Initially, it is ideal as the lips look plump and juicy but have enough color that lasts on for hours. It is not perfect, however, as the gloss part wears off fairly quickly and the lips start feeling a little dry after that. The solution would be occasionally topping with clear or very sheer lip gloss, not applying more of the tint (because it will deposit excessive colors and leave your lips drier and patchy in the end). This is probably why Romand recently launched Glasting Water Gloss.

I didn't get to take lip swatches but here is an overall look with Rose Splash.

Romand Glasting Water Tint 05 Rose Splash swatch

Although not perfect, I am quite pleased that now long-lasting color and high shine can be easily achieved with a single application. Also, I have noticed the different shades in these lip tints slightly deepen but tend to stay true, unlike the old ones that came out years ago (remember everything ended up looking the same hot pink?).

I am reaching for these frequently and planning to show the other two colors in my Look Book posts. 

Thanks for being here. Have you tried Romand lip tints for yourself? What do you think of them?

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