Mar 16, 2020

NARS Duo Eyeshadow Hammamet

NARS Hammamet review

Ah, I almost forgot about this one. NARS pretty much lost me with Audacious and Double Intensity lines, but their original blushes and eyeshadow duos still have a special place in my heart. Personally, I think the sheer clarity of the colors is NARS' jam and they should never lose it! I have the old version but apparently, Hammamet has survived the recent reformulations and can be easily found if you want one for yourself.

NARS Hammamet review swatches

Nowadays I feel comfortable wearing warm muted eyeshadow colors and even reach for them more often than I do for cool-toned shades, but I wasn't quite smitten by Hammamet when I first bought it. I knew that there was something about this simple duo but at the same time, it looked kind of bland to my eyes. I didn't realize Hammamet was going to be the first warm eyeshadow that I can reach carefree.

NARS Hammamet swatches
Hammamet is a Matte Beige/Bronzed Rose duo, according to NARS.

In practice, this is a brilliant duo. The matte beige is silky and perfect for applying all over to even out the lids. You can use this on its own for an "I am not wearing any eyeshadow" effect (but you look polished and your mascara won't end up on your lids). The bronzed rose has such gorgeous sheen and it brings an understated glam to the eyes. The blendability is one of the best.

I still find the color scheme isn't the greatest for my natural colorings and I almost wish there was a bigger color contrast. But, we all know I have many other things for that and Hammamet is meant to do something else. I can imagine this would be an awesome daily choice if you have blue or green eyes. For me. it gives a good excuse to wear my blue/grey color contacts more often.

Here is an overall look.

NARS Hammamet review swatches

A few close-ups...

NARS Hammamet review swatches

NARS Hammamet review swatches

In short, I love NARS Hammamet. If you're in the market for warm eyeshadows for everyday use, I'd highly recommend it.

Thanks for looking. Have you tried Hammamet? What is your favorite NARS duo eyeshadow if any?

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