Apr 17, 2019

Armani | Rouge d'Armani Matte Lipstick 400

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 review swatch

Last fall, I bought three red lipsticks with full coverage. They all come in gorgeous colors with nice quality (you can read my thoughts on the other two, here & here), but Armani Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 is my favorite by far. This is such a beauty with a formidable presence.  I can't say this particular shade exudes spring per se, but I am still loving it. 

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 review swatch
The red and black case with a matte finish is uber chic and very "Armani", I have to say. It is magnetic just like other Armani lipstick cases and gives that satisfying click every time. 

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 review swatch
The lipstick bullet is also embossed with the Armani logo.

The color, 400 (Four Hundred) is an iconic shade and offered in various Armani lip formulations such as Lip Magnet and Rouge Ecstasy, but I am almost sure this amazing color looks its best in the Rouge Matte formula.

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 swatch

400 is a deeper red with a tinge of brown but surprisingly maintains its clarity without leaning warm. Most red lip colors with brown undertones look alien and aging on me, but 400 does not. I suspect 400 is one of those rare reds that look great on all skin tones.

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 vs MAC Ruby Woo swatch
A quick comparison with MAC Ruby Woo

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 review swatch
A full-color lip swatch (but made with single swipes)

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 review swatch
When blotted, the cool tone is more pronounced and it becomes real-life friendly.

I would have bought it just for the color even if the formulation was terrible, BUT this is probably the best matte lipstick that I own (I hear Pat McGrath MatteTrance is pretty awesome but I wouldn't know - it's just that her lipstick case is not my thing no matter how great the bullet inside is. Has anyone tried both?). It feels velvety and practically glides on without being slippery. Comfortable and long-lasting, too. 

Here are a few overall looks with Rouge d'Armani Matte 400.

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 review swatch

Rouge d'Armani Matte 400 review swatch

I would highly recommend Rouge d'Armani Matte in 400 ($38) if you're looking for a chic power red lipstick with excellent quality. I myself want to try a different shade from the Rouge Matte range or the same color in a different formula (you know, for research purposes). 

Thanks for reading. Wish you a nice rest of the week!

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