Dec 1, 2016

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Kari

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Kari

I bought a few from NARS Spring 2016 collection in the summer and started using them right away without photographing first. (I know. It sounds wrong on multiple levels.) 

Being a cool-toned pinkish mauve, Kari seemed an easy choice, and I expected it to fill the void where MAC Soba couldn't for me. Kari performs exactly how it is supposed to do and is reached for quite often. I just wish I like the formulation a bit better.

Maybe NARS Dual-Intensity formula shines more in those glorious duochrome colors. Kari is creamy to touch and it almost feels like touching a pressed soufflé if that makes any sense. There is virtually no powder kick-up. This creamy texture would have been favored more if I liked to wear Kari on its own and used my fingers to apply it. I, however, sport neutral colors like this to blend out and set a darker creme base. I almost always use brushes and I never wet eyeshadows. So you see why Kari is a little underappreciated by me.

Despite the shortcomings of the formula (for me, anyway), I must say the color is something special. I really like the dusty undertone which makes this pink mauve a very balanced shade. I mean, it doesn't look too cute, and I like that.

This is how I usually wear the color:
  • Base my lids with a dark brown pencil
  • Blend out using Kari all over the lids
  • Line the lower lash lines with a warm medium brown
  • Finish with mascara

An overall look

[Products used for this look]
Chacott Finishing Powder in 784
Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Powder in Goddess
Etude Pink Skull Cream Blusher in PK001
Bbia Auto Gel Eyeliner in Lady Brown
Holika Holika Enamel Volip Tint in Muse Pink

If you find MAC Soba is too warm and dry on you, you might like this. Although I can't say I feel enthusiastic about Kari, it is always out on my vanity for quicker access. It gives me an effortlessly polished look without fail, if not an excitement. 

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