Aug 17, 2014

NARS Blush Unlawful (Fall 2014)

NARS has managed to bring out yet another unique blush color for this fall.
NARS describes Unlawful Blush as an "amber pink with silver pearls". Gotta love their no-frill-get-to-the-point description of the color, because Unlawful is exactly that.
From the online swatches which looked quite warm and yellow, I did not expect NARS Blush Unlawful to be as flattering on my neutral complexion. I wanted it anyway since the color seemed so unique and complex. Easy justification this time.

NARS blush Unlawful
NARS Blush Unlawful

(At this point, those risqué names are just blah blah to me. Unlawful or not, it is a pretty blush for sure.)

NARS blush Unlawful
The base is definitely a pink but it looks muted with a bit of brownish hues (well, amber?).

NARS blush Unlawful
The "pearls" in Unlawful are quite densely packed but well done. They are nothing like those ugly glitters in Super Orgasm (reviewed).

NARS blush Unlawful
Once blended in, the pearls are not that prominent only creating nice sheen, which is also less intense than Orgasm, for example.

NARS blush Unlawful swatch
On my arm, the color pulls almost terracotta.
This is another case that heavy swatches on arm are maybe only good for hepling us to exercise our imagination, because Unlawful plays quite differently on my cheeks. You will see.

I do not have anything close to Unlawful in my collection. I initially thought it would be somewhat close to peachy pink colors like Orgasm or Deep Throat (see swatches here), but Unlawful is much cooler and also calmer.

I pulled out two other shades for comparison.

NARS blush Unlawful swatch
Cargo Louisiana (reviewed) is similar in undertone but looks paler and cooler due to its high shimmer.
I am not sure why Unlawful reminded me of Oasis since they are two very different shades. Maybe because the compositions relate to each other. Oasis has a cool base with warm shimmer and Unlawful the other way around. The size of the shimmer is quite similar although Oasis has less of it.

An overall look with NARS Unlawful

NARS blush Unlawful FOTD
On me, it pulls more pink just like my friend Tracy predicted for me.

NARS Unlawful has turned out to be a versatile and flattering color on me.
It adds healthy flush and glow to my cheeks without pulling too warm and surprisingly goes well with many different lip colors. Unlawful is well-pigmented but it would be hard to overdo since it blends in very easily. This chameleon of blush seems to flatter many different undertones as well.

Overall, big thumbs up from me to this new NARS blush. 
I've worn this for three days in a row, and it is not because of the excitement about the fresh blush. I think I like the way how Unlawful looks on me.

Makeup Items Used For This Look

NARS Lip Gloss (Bad Education)
Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette (056 Bar)
Dior Diorskin Nude Compact (Ivory)
NARS Blush (Unlawful)

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