Aug 20, 2014

FOTD - Rivoli

I have been reaching for the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tissé Rivoli (reviewed) quite often, but that is usually for the deep metallic taupe shade which is my favorite. I thought I should show some love for the other colors, too - especially the warm copper, plus I remembered I had Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli (reviewed) as well.
A quick "Rivoli" face was in order.

FOTD Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli Tisse Rivoli
FOTD - "Rivoli"

Since this is a look with dramatic color contrasts, I wanted a clean yet light base.
I prepped my face with Koh Gen Do "Maifanshi" Yellow Makeup Cover Base then applied Diorskin Nude Compact using the Real Technique Expert Face Brush. The makeup base easily counters the ruddiness on my cheeks and provides a better canvas for the next step. I am thoroughly impressed!

I initially didn't want to use any blush but I looked maybe too pale, so decided to add just a hint of pink. Bareminerals Blush Sorbet did it perfectly.

Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli Tisse Rivoli
I based my lids with L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liner in Black first, and
1) applied the warm copper shade all over the lids blending with the black base,
2) blended even more using the ivory concentrating on the harsh edges and the inner corner of the eyes,
3) added the matte reddish brown on the lower lash lines, and finished with a mascara.

Thanks to the black base (I only followed Ms. Chanel's advice!), the overall tone is not too warm. 
I like how soft and defining it looks and I think I will try this combo with other bright lip colors, too.

Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli swatch
Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli is a light hearted vampy red, but it is not always easy for me to pull off since the slight brown undertone could look a bit aging on me. 
I did not want Rivoli to look harsh, so first I prepped my lips with emollient lip balm and blotted lightly, then applied 2 coats from the bullet and blended with my finger.
This way, I can avoid looking "too done", and the color surprisingly lasts longer leaving a very pretty stain behind.

Not the exact same color, but Essie Berry Naughty is nicely corresponding to Chanel Rivoli.

Here is another overall look.

It looks nothing like the first picture, right?
I'm still puzzled with how my camera works. Same camera with same setting, but this one was taken under indirect natural lighting. I guess nothing beats the sun since the skin tone looks clearer and more youthful. 
Unfortunately it is not color-accurate (see the lip color is completely mattified and lightend?), so I will suck it up and keep using the studio lighting. ;-/

Hope you enjoyed this look.
I haven't been really inspired to do a look post lately although I usually include one in my review posts. 
This was fun, though! And I need more inspirations. 
Any suggestions? 

Makeup Items Used For This Look

Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base (Yellow)
Dior Diorskin Nude Compact (Ivory)
Chanel Les 4 Ombres (Tissé Rivoli)
Bareminerals Blush (Sorbet)
Chanel Rouge Coco (Rivoli)
L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liner (Black)
L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara (Black)


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  1. Gorgeous eye makeup Lena ! Love the color of your lips and the nail lacquer !
    Pls have a look on my laterst (Purples Club...), hope you'll like it :).

    1. Thanks Michelle!
      I love your purple makeup collection. The YSL eyeshadow palette is my favorite of the bunch. :)

  2. Gorgeous! :) Love how you have deep nail polish on already ;)

    1. Haha thanks, Angela. The nail color choice only seemed right at the moment. ;)

  3. This looks great, Lena! Love the red lips and that vampy red nail polish looks beautiful :-) Maybe you can now use only the lighter shades of the palette, and amp up the lips instead of blotting it down.

    1. Thank you, Lily! <3
      I will try that next time! I need to learn how to play down the eye makeup without looking too sleepy. Maybe I need a new eyeliner. See how my mind works? ;D

  4. love the lip color! i love deep vampy colors, but yeah, a little too harsh for me, too! as much as i use my camera, something will always be a mystery to me, lol!

    $300 Sephora Giveaway!

    1. Thanks!
      At this point, I want to take a class about my camera. I guess I should keep experimenting with different setting under different light situations. ;o

  5. Oh love this combination, Rivoli with Rivoli :-) It is interesting, if you wouldn't tell that you are wearing Tisse Rivoli on eyes, I wouldn't guess that you do, you look stunning with red lips and smokey eyes. <3

    1. Thank you, Sara :)
      I guess the black base does that. Plus I hardly use all colors at the same time.
      I'm happy the season upon us is more appropriate for this type of look. :)

  6. So beautiful Lena!!! I love the 'snow white' vibe with pale skin, smokey eyes and red lips.. suits you very well!
    I would have to give that lipstick a try, perfect shade for autumn and winter :)

    1. Thank you, Pam!
      To think about it, Rivoli is a perfect medium of red and vamp, I should wear this more often. I do see the formula agrees with me well, too. :)

  7. Love the lips! The second photo is gorgeous, makes me want a matte version of that lipstick...

    1. Thanks, Meiko. I'm tempted to take FOTD in front of my window from now on. LOL.
      A matte Rivoli would be fantastic, actually. :)

  8. Beautiful combo Lena! You look amazing as always. So chic!
    I always take my FOTD by the window as I don't have studio lighting. I have two-one that's a bit sunnier and points south, and one that points north. I take them at both windows and decide which one is more colour accurate. It's all about the light! Maybe adjust your aperture settings to let more light into the lens would help.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Tracy! *googling "aperture"*
      I'm so clueless about photographing in general. I want to look good in the FOTDs but the color and the texture has to show somewhere despite of all the smoothing actions going on. I will keep experimenting. :)

  9. Oh very beautiful makeup, I love it the color of your lipstick is amazing.

    1. Thank you, Raimar! Rivoli is not a shade I can easily wear on a everyday basis but it is such a beauty for sure. :)

  10. That is a gorgeous lip color and I love the soft metallic eyes with it. You definitely know what looks good on you Lena :)

    I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Folle de joie. I wanted to like it more but it's just too strong for my tastes. Thanks so much for letting me know about the issues with the mobile view on my page. I've been meaning to get off the dynamic view and I think it's fixed now.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Thanks, Rowena. :)
      Folle de joie is ultimately a spicy rose scent on me, which is interesting!
      I'm glad to see now I can easily read your post on my phone. It looks simple and clean, just like the web version. :)

  11. I LOVE that lip color on you! It's fierce! It looks nice matte, too, so your camera worked some magic ;)

    I take photos by a window, but lately I feel like I'm getting a harsher light (well, I guess I live in the desert now). So I'm trying to find a good spot.

    1. Thanks, Larie :)
      It's more like my camera lies when it feels like to? ;p
      I tried the direct sunlight as well but personally I'm not a fan. More importantly, it does not relate to my life style (indoor person here). Shimmer and glitters look much prettier in those pictures, but I almost never see makeup colors glistening on me like that anyway. ;)

  12. Such a great look with this Chanel palette. :)

    xo - Sheila

  13. How gorgeous! I've been tempted by the Rivoli palette and you're further convincing me that I need it :) Love the lipstick too! xo


    1. I was torn between the Poésie and the Rivoli, but decided to go with Rivoli since the colors look more depths and interesting. This is a great warm neutral with a bit of an edge. You'd enjoy it. :)

  14. Aaaaaaaaahhhh, gorgeous! You should wear vampy lips more often. LOVE IT.

    1. Thank you, Liz! <3
      At least I think I pull it off a little better as I get older. A silver lining. ;D

  15. Vampire Girl wearing vampy lips? Looove it! (yes I'm catching up on your posts backwards) You should definitely wear dark lippies more often. I really like both ways on you and that nail polish is gorgeous! :)

    1. Thanks for your comments as always! :)
      Darker lip colors tend to photograph better but in real life it still looks a bit too much sometimes. It is all about the balance, and I'm still learning about it. Thanks for the encouragement. ;)

  16. It's one thing that your eye make-up is gorgeous but your skin sucked up all my attention. Wow, your skin looks beyond flawless, if that's even possible. Mesmerising, really!

    Alice x |

    1. Hi Alice! :)
      Thanks you so much for your comment.
      I wish I could tell you that my skin is great but I think it is the skin-softening function on my camera. ;) Plus silicone base powder always have this blurring effect. I'm much flattered, though. ;-)


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