Jul 5, 2014

Review - California Naturel Gentle Cleansing Gel, Sunscreen SPF 30, Lip Balm SPF 8

For someone who has been always skeptical about "natural and organic" skincare products, experiencing California Naturel has been a pleasant eye opener.
I have been more conscious about adding naturally derived things in my beauty routines both internally and externally, but it is also true that I feel tired of hearing all the hypes. 
It is not that I have anything against natural products, but simply that the first thing I would want from my skincare items is for them to function properly. However, many of them I've tried seem either ineffective or even irritating to my skin, and often they come in flimsy packagings that are not so user-friendly.
California Naturel has officially banished all my stereotypes away, and I think they may have converted me as well.

There are two other facial moisturizers which I will soon review, but I feel I need more time to dedicatedly use them to produce useful reviews, although the initial impressions make me want to sing for them.
Today I want to share my opinions on California Naturel Geltle Cleansing Gel, Sunscreen, and Lip Balm, on which required a little less time for me to gather my thoughts.

California Naturel Skincare Products
(From the beginning, I was won over by the wholesome and clean packagings.)

I hadn't used a gel type cleanser for a long time since I find many of the kind drying on my skin, but I was thoroughly impressed by this all natural gel cleanser.
It smells so delicately herbal yet slightly floral, and it calms down my nerves every single time I use it!
It is simply a great cleanser for all skin types. It lathers lightly to remove non-waterproof makeup by itself, but I use it after my cleansing oil to take care of any residue. The skin feels refreshed yet soft without feeling tight.
It also makes a great Clarisonic companion, in my opinion.

I was sent a sample size tube.
Like all California Naturel Products, it is free of parabens, sulfates and harsh synthetics.

Since this is a all-physical sunscreen containing 20% Zinc Oxide, I was sure that it would leave a horrible white cast.
It does not!
It requires a bit of work to evenly spread since it has a thicker cream consistency, but soon it disappears leaving my face slightly brightened up.
Once set, it feels quite light weight for a physical sunscreen and does not react to my foundation in any negative way, which is another surprise to me. (I thought it would ball up, to be honest with you.)
It is sweat-resistant and holds up pretty well on a humid day.
I love using this sunscreen on my neck which tends to be more sensitive than my face.

This is also an all natural lip balm that comes with a bit of sun protection.

There are many lip balm that provide sun protection, but not many come with all natural ingredients.
I am all about sun protection as some of you might know, but I feel hesitant about intaking chemical blockers from the ones containing oxibenzone and avobenzone, for example.
On the other hand, lip balm with all physical agents gives you those white lifeguard lips, right?
California Naturel Lip Balm is neither. It comes with both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and it does leave a slightly white tint on lips, but nothing weird. 
The lip balm smells delicious reminding me of almond toffee. The formula warms up quickly and adheres on the lips very well, leaving my lips moisturized but not overly sticky. This would make an ideal base for your lip colors, too.
Now, SPF 8 is not an adequate number in my book, but I see it as a compromise so I will take it. It is better than nothing and I don't have to worry about dying from eating my lip balm(?), is something.

Overall, everything I have tried from this up-and-coming natural brand is an ace. 
I like them so much that I want California Naturel to add more products to their current line which already seems simplistic and essential. Maybe all-over body lotions (both with and without sunscreen) and a body cleanser? :)
For the wholesome natural ingredients and the functionalities, I believe California Naturel is quite reasonably priced as well. 
I would highly recommend them to you if you are keen on natural skincare items, or if you are like me, who just love simple things that work.

Thanks for reading.
Have you tried anything from California Naturel?
What are your general thoughts on natural organic skincare?

*This entry contains PR samples provided for review purposes*

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