Jul 4, 2014

Review - L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara

Patience is a virtue. I should have waited for the waterproof version of this to come out, which has already happened.
Of course, I have my excuse for buying another mascara with regular formula. My excuse consists of equal parts of hope, curiosity and sale. I have pretty much given up on non-waterproof mascaras because every single one of them uncurls my curled lashes right away, but I still have a faint hope to find one that keeps my curls intact yet washes off easily. Plus there are so many good things said about this new mascara with the cutest name and packaging. Finally, you cave in if there is a 40% off sale going on.
So there, you have it - my threefold academic excuse.
I hate to tell you that L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga is another mascara that bites the dust, although it may not be a total loss.

L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara
L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara in Blackest Black
(Another failure with such potentials)

This is what Miss Manga would do for you if you have naturally curly lashes.

L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara
I really like the shape of the brush.
The wand is indeed very flexible so it is easy to work with, and the angled bristles with different lengths do seem to work to quickly add dramatic volume to the lashes.
The triangular shape reminds me of Lancôme Hypnôse Star and the result is similar, too.

I love the intense black color of the Blackest Black shade I chose. I did not experience any smudging or flaking.
However, it is not entirely clump-free. Let's get real. All volumizing mascaras are at least a little bit clumpy. I would say this mascara is "relatively" clump-free for a volumizing mascara. 
The given look is not natural in any way, which is fine by me since it is a mascara that is supposed to give you the "manga" effect.

I just wish, really really wish, it kept the curls of my eyelashes as they were curled. 

This is what I get - somewhat volumized flat lashes.
(I am wearing NEO Lucky Clover contacts in Grey here, in case you're wondering.)

L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga is not a total disaster for me. 
If I add this on top of a mediocre defining waterproof mascara (you might be surprised to hear it is the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill, which, by the way, wouldn't be able to kill anything, only that I should kill the mascara for being mediocre despite of its $32 price tag), I end up with unnaturally huge yet very pretty lashes. 
I can still see why many other girls are raving about L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara, and I hope I would get better results with the waterproof formula. 
(Another mascara purchase in the air? Oh, yeah.)

Have you tried L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara?
Do you have any issue with non-waterproof mascara formulas like I do?

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