Mar 16, 2014

Review - Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

I have been testing quite a few facial masks lately, and I must say Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask is hands down the most interesting one that I've tried up to date.

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

"Fun" is the word that comes to my mind first as I'm trying to describe this revolutionary product, which may be an unusual adjective for a mask with anti-aging benefits.
It is because of its unique form and how it transforms on face once it is applied.

Here is the product description on Sephora, but I think it is best to watch this short video to see what it does (and how it does). ;)

(Seriously, it's fun to watch all the foam disappearing from the face!)

The pump comes up and goes back neatly when you turn the upper silver part of the bottle.

At first, this slightly golden serum with shimmer comes out.
It is scented with a mild yet refreshing citrus fragrance mainly from the ingredients.

In seconds, it starts to foam up giving some fun sensation to skin.

And it turns into fine white foams.
I think this is somewhat heat activated, and it foams more evenly and densely on my face than on my arm.
Then with mild tickling sensation, the foams start to disappear from your face gradually.

It gives such a fun and interesting feeling that I even get motivated to use it more often. 
Honestly, this mask brings out a little girl in me cause I was giggling when I first tried this.
(No need to worry about those cracks from laughing cause it is not that kind. ;p)
I even thought this mask would be nice to bring along to a girls' pajama party or something!

It seems to be doing its thing - revitalizing, cause my skin feels soft and more awake after mere ten minutes with it.
You're supposed to use it on cleansed dry skin and wash it off after, which leaves your skin feeling very clean and refreshed. 
I was a little surprised to see the Instant Revitalizing Mask is on the light side cause I expected some conventional moisturizing mask with heavier texture.

(click to enlarge)

I spot good anti-oxidant ingredients like green coffee, grape seed extract and Vitamin E, and it's been a positive run since I started using this twice a week or so.
It is kinda rare for me to consistently use a facial mask mainly because I am lazy for a beauty blogger and hate any hassle (you will never hear me saying that I whipped up some facial mask from raw ingredients no matter how great they may be).
So the effectiveness of the mask aside, this fun and easy application and aftercare (I just need to wash it with warm water as it lathers and cleanses away, then follow with moisturizer) enables me to use it more often, which leads to a better result.
I also like that I get instant gratification of seeing more radiant face in such a short time with very little effort.

Do try this. It is really fun and good. ;-)
Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask is available at Sephora.

Thanks for reading.
What do you do to quickly boost radiance in your skin?

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