Mar 14, 2014

Review, Swatch - NARS 'Final Cut' Blush Sex Fantasy

NARS blush Sex Fantasy is oh-so-fine.
I have been wearing this blush nonstop ever since it arrived at my doorstep (well, actually to my doorman first, but I just love the expression).

NARS Blush Sex Fantasy

Sex Fantasy is a part of the "Final Cut" collection. This LE collection consists of various pink makeup in matte finish.

Sex Fantasy is the lightest and coolest shade from the collection.
I find NARS Blush descriptions are simple and always right down to the point, and Sex Fantasy is not an exception.
It is a "Pale Lavender Pink" according to NARS.

As a pink blush lover, I thought I had a similar shade somewhere in my blush box, but interestingly enough, I couldn't find any close dupe especially not in mattes.
Maybe I need more blushes in my life (sure, why not?), or NARS Sex Fantasy is a shade that everyone think it exists somewhere but is hard to find in real life.

I have only tried the shimmery shades from NARS blush range, so this powdery yet micro-fine texture is all new to me.
I think the difference in texture and amount of fallouts is inevitable coming from the use of different kind of pigments.
What is amazing to me is that this silky powder blush blends in seamlessly and the fallout is actually minimal considering it is a 100% matte shade.
It is definitely different from any other matte powder blush (chalks;) I've used before.

Color payoff wise, I expected some sort of "finisher", not the actual blush color.
However, NARS Sex Fantasy surprised me again by showing up clearly on my fair/light complexion, even looking slightly warmer than from the pan.

The finish looks slightly glowy in this closeup picture, but I can assure you the blush is completely matte. 
I've been enjoying this "glowing base + matte blush" combo lately, which has quite a different effect from the other way around.

Here is an overall look with Sex Fantasy

Makeup Products Used

Maybe the name "Sex Fantasy" is a little too much for this demure and quiet pink, but I definitely don't feel naive or girly wearing this color.
This also has rekindled my love for NARS blushes as I was reminded of their superior quality. 
I just cannot object to their self claim "The Ultimate Authority in Blush", although I do find it a bit cocky. ;)

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