Apr 28, 2013

Review - NEO Glamour Blue from Eyecandys.com

After a year of trying different designs of color/circle contact lenses, I frankly am no longer curious about the new designs or the ones with bigger diameters.
That's why I chose NEO Glamour Blue when Eyecandys.com suggested their sponsorship.
I have tried this model in Brown color as well as its sister model Queen in Grey and enjoyed their delicate designs and natural effects.
(BTW, I think it is very nice of them letting me choose a design of my choice.)

NEO Glamour Blue 

Item details
Brand - NEO
Origin - South Korea
Diameter - 14.2 mm
Base Curve - 8.6
Duration - 1 year disposable

lens vials

close up on the vial
Glamour series has sheerer colors compared to Queen which has 4 tone colors with more density.

in lens case
The black spikes give natural definition and enlargement.

I love this particular blue color of the lenses.
It is very icy and pale yet natural.
I don't find I need to wear more makeup or add falsies to balance out the whole look, which is another reason I love this series not to mention they are very thin and feel comfortable on.

My experience with this company is positive.
They communicated with me in a very professional manner and all the correspondence was prompt.
They carry large selections of contacts and other complementary beauty products.
I also like the fact they carry conventional contact lenses at quite affordable price.
In fact, I ordered daily disposable contacts with this sponsored lenses.

Carefully wrapped packages

Lens vials were secured in another plastic case.

A guide to safely wear color/circle contact lenses was enclosed as well.

Here are a couple of overall looks with NEO Glamour Blue

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