Apr 28, 2013

Review - NEO Glamour Blue from Eyecandys.com

After a year of trying different designs of color/circle contact lenses, I frankly am no longer curious about the new designs or the ones with bigger diameters.
That's why I chose NEO Glamour Blue when Eyecandys.com suggested their sponsorship.
I have tried this model in Brown color as well as its sister model Queen in Grey and enjoyed their delicate designs and natural effects.
(BTW, I think it is very nice of them letting me choose a design of my choice.)

NEO Glamour Blue 

Item details
Brand - NEO
Origin - South Korea
Diameter - 14.2 mm
Base Curve - 8.6
Duration - 1 year disposable

lens vials

close up on the vial
Glamour series has sheerer colors compared to Queen which has 4 tone colors with more density.

in lens case
The black spikes give natural definition and enlargement.

I love this particular blue color of the lenses.
It is very icy and pale yet natural.
I don't find I need to wear more makeup or add falsies to balance out the whole look, which is another reason I love this series not to mention they are very thin and feel comfortable on.

My experience with this company is positive.
They communicated with me in a very professional manner and all the correspondence was prompt.
They carry large selections of contacts and other complementary beauty products.
I also like the fact they carry conventional contact lenses at quite affordable price.
In fact, I ordered daily disposable contacts with this sponsored lenses.

Carefully wrapped packages

Lens vials were secured in another plastic case.

A guide to safely wear color/circle contact lenses was enclosed as well.

Here are a couple of overall looks with NEO Glamour Blue

Thanks for reading.

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  1. These are so natural looking and I just love your makeup so much!


  2. So pretty! Love how the outer ring is not so harsh, and it makes the lenses look so natural <3 You're sooo pretty *o*

  3. Love the natural look of the lens <3

  4. These are my favourite lenses! They look great on you. :)

  5. Every color lens look great on you! It's probably because of your perfect, pale skin. :)

  6. you can definitely pull off blue lens look! You look so natural and pretty on them! Unlike me which always have to limit myself to brown orelse other colors would make me look like an alien =(

  7. Wow that looks great! I've always wanted to try coloured lenses but don't like the idea of sticking something in my eye

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Love how it's so natural looking and you look amazing! I might definitely have to pick these up soon!

    xx Stephanie | Fantasia Beauty Blog

  9. you look great! i just ordered acuvue circle lenses to give them a try :)

  10. These are beautiful, I love how they look on you!!I love pale icy blue contacts. I didn't know they had conventional lenses too...I'll have to check out their site again. I need new contacts to wear daily.

  11. all I can see is your pretty eye makeup and your even prettier face :D you look wonderful here! Those lenses really look quite natural and suit you so well <3 / Claire xxx

  12. ice cold! that's how i feel when i see this color, but you look amazing in it

  13. I really like the eyemakeup your paired with the lens ^_^ You look very pretty!

  14. the color looks so natural on u!! i love the way you did your eyes!! & loving the lenses!


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