Apr 14, 2013

Review - OMG Nail Strips Polish Strips

I have tried OMG Nail Strips "Foil" Strips a while ago, and I was not very impressed with them due to the difficulty of application.
It was a shame since foil strips are more durable and these particular strips were priced very reasonably compared to those Sally Hansen Strips, for example.

This company recently have contacted me again for reviews on their polish strips.
They also said they soon would be discontinuing the foil strips since they have gotten negative feedback regarding the application, which I find quite refreshing. 

OMG Polish Strips in Purple Leopard
(shared via Instagram)

They have sent me two different designs.

14 strips in 7 different size are enclosed.

Unlike my previous experience with the foil strips, I am quite satisfied with these polish strips.
They are very similar to Sally Hansen ones, and I even believe they come with a few more merits as well.

They are affordable ($4.29 a set) and the application is a breeze compared to the foil strips.
The strips are thin yet flexible which gives me some leeway to fix minor mistakes.
I had to cut some edges to fit my nail shape for a couple but nothing a nice cuticle scissors cannot handle.

instructions on the back

They are not perfect, however.
Maybe it is just me and my imperfect English skills, but I still have hard time understanding the instructions given. 
Basically I just went by the pictures (always helpful!) and it worked for me pretty well. 
Thank God the application is pretty easy!
Another thing is that they need to come up with more designs.
I have visited the website since I got interested in the product but only found 15 polish strip designs.

I have worn these for 5 days and they were pretty much intact lasting through my daily activities including dish washing, long daily showers and constant tangerine peelings (and eating).
Removal was easier than Sally Hansen strips, too.
Oh, and the strips don't dry out like the Sally Hansen ones, so you can use them for touch ups later on.

Here is another picture. (no filter) ;)
This was taken a few days after the initial application and I added top coat over.

I will show the other design soon for another NOTD post.
Thanks for looking. :)

(These were provided by OMGnailstrips.com for review purposes. I am not affiliated with the company.)

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  1. oooh, they look super nice! loved it ^_~ or maybe it only look good cuz' you have such a nice nails! ^_~

    1. thanks, Janet! :)
      it is fun to have different looks on my nails not to mention it is quite easy too.

  2. So lovely, Lena! I've tried ONE nail strips (ncLA I Am Your Muse) and I really love them! I think I have one application left, and I just have to find the occasion to pair them right. I saw the Essie ones here too, so maybe I'll grab a design I like! Have a great week Lena!

    1. i've seen them and thought they were lovely on you, Sunny :)
      i should find the essie ones as well.

  3. I never tried strips, I don't know why. I prefer having "real nail polish" on my nails.

    But it looks really great.

    1. i am just like you! i prefer painting a single color on my nails but it is great to have an easy option. :)

  4. What a fun pattern! I haven't tried nail strips yet but I can see myself being challenged by the application lol :)

    Hope all is well with you Lena.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. hi Rowena!
      hope everything is well with you as well.
      this is quite easy to apply so i didn't have much trouble. ;)

  5. I haven't tried any nail strips on myself but these look quite chic on you. I think I enjoy the application of a nail polish more >.<

    1. i agree with you. i prefer "painting" my nails as well. these come in handy since i rarely have time to do detailed design nor have skills to do so. lol.

  6. At first when I saw this picture on Instagram without reading your caption, I thought you'd painted this design! I think it really flatters your skin tone and it's a cool pattern - looks really fun to wear :)

    1. oh i wish i could do something like that. ;)
      yes, i agree with you this is a fun pattern!

  7. Das sieht total genial aus :)

  8. awesome colour and design :)

  9. Your nails are the perfect length.. haha I am so jealous! (:


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