Feb 10, 2013

Review - Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Cream Whitening SPF 50+ PA+++

I love my Biore UV Bright Face Milk and still think I can use this on my combination skin during the colder months (This winter in New York has not been so bad anyway (knocking on wood)).
The thing is I waited until the last drop and it would take at least two weeks to get another one since I usually order it from Asian sellers.
I should do something about this bad habit of waiting until the last minute, but anyway I had to buy something from a U.S based shop cause sunscreen is a life or death matter, right?
I found this from Imomoko.

Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Cream Whitening SPF 50+ PA+++ 

I have always liked Biore (Kao Biore to be exact) sunscreens, and this is not an exception.
Actually, this is more suitable for the winter time use since the light creamy formula is less drying and feels comfortable on.

I am sure it would be much cheaper in Japan or other other Asian countries but I find the price on Imomoko is quite affordable ($15.99 for 33g).

I just can't remember how the purple part changed into the orange letters...

"Watery" is a bit misleading.
I guess they wanted to say this contains more water or something, but the consistency is closer to a light creme that is almost matte.

In short, I am very happy with this sunscreen and plan to keep using it until the climate turns humid and sticky again.
(See? Procrastinating sometimes pays off...;p)

To summ it up..

*Affordable price
*Reliable protection 
(At this point, I try not to go over SPF 55.)
*Comfortable yet non-greasy formula that is cosmetically elegant 
(I believe it is somewhat water-resistant as well. It provides a nice base for foundation.)
*I can easily apply the recommended amount.
*It does not leave white cast. (It is slightly brightening, though.)
*It is scented with something very faint (like orange creamsicle)
*My skin has not reacted badly from using this.

I would say none since I don't really believe a suncreen would have a brightening effect from the source.
Still, it is true that I have not experienced any "whitening effect" (it is a scary notion, to think about it).
Maybe they meant it would brighten up the complexion temporarily (I am not sure cause I can't read Japanese), and that, I've experienced. :)

Thanks for reading.
Have you tried this sunscreen? :)

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  1. great review
    follow back, if you like . andy

  2. memoiselle memoiselleMarch 17, 2013

    It always interests me to see a product with SPF50! The weather in Singapore is mostly sunny all the time so I need a good sun protection :)

    Meryl @ Memoiselle

  3. i think it provides nice protection without being greasy.
    give it a try if you find it. maybe it is cheaper in singapore, too! :)

  4. I'm always fascinated by whitening beauty products especially with an spf of 50, does it even really protect? would imagine anything over factor 30 would just do the same job. Anyhow, interesting all the same.
    Hope you had fun on Monday!
    p.s the L'oreal pink lippy looks gorgeous!

  5. only by a very little and that is only if you put sufficient amount.
    it does make a difference if you're concerned about tiny freckles and stuff but putting on enough is way more important than the spf numbers. spf is for protection for burning anyway.

    hope you're doing well, dear! :)

  6. I have this sunscreen in a different packaging =P Well, from the same brand at least. I love the texture of this sunscreen more than any I've ever tried in my life! =)

  7. i heard there is another version which is more watery. i'd love to try that in summer.
    biore really makes good sunscreens and cleansers, imho. :)

  8. I feel like on one hand 15 dollars is more expensive than standard American sunscreen, but I honestly haven't found anything that works really well on the face. Most things I try are greasy and gross.

  9. this one has excellent texture and wear! definitely not greasy at all. ;)
    give it a try if you can find it!

  10. my pleasure!
    i put this over my anti-oxidant serum (currently i'm using the burt's bees radiance serum) and wait a bit so it forms a protection barrier. i've read it is very important as well. then i apply the foundation of my choice. hope this helps. :)

  11. that does help, thanks a lot! I'm going to look for it this weekend.

  12. Oh, nice high SPF! I have only tried Biore pore strips, haha! I'm not so experimental with my sunscreens...I typically just buy the same thing over and over again :P

  13. if you have one that works for you!
    i stopped being experimental with european/u.s. sunscreen after the epic test in my mexico vacation. lol
    i put spf 70 on myb body (neutrogena) and developed sun allergy but my face stayed perfectly pale since i used shiseido SPF 55 (both waterproof). ;)

  14. I never tried this, but looks like nice light sunscreen with high SPF. I really hope North American brands have something like this. I was looking for one that I can apply on my cream, but I ended up with Olay Complete Daily UV Moisturizer Sensitive Skin 30 SPF Defense.

  15. i hope the same thing!!! why can't they, i wonder. lol
    this really has a lovely finish. my makeup lasts and looks nice over this.
    the olay one you mentioned is quite nice, too. i used to use this on my neck daily.
    if you like that one, give it a try to CeraVe facial moisturizer SPF 30. :)

  16. I love water-based sunscreens! They just melt into your skin and protects you. I use one from Korea... hehe~ :)

  17. oh, what are you using, Alyssa? :)

  18. I haven't seen this before, but it looks like a nice option. I find it often takes a bit of searching to find such a high SPF.

  19. i agree. finding a sunscreen with higher spf is difficult since they are often greasy and irritating. i love this one. perfect for this weather, too.
    if you make an online order, give it a try. ;)

  20. Rowena Rolala LovesMarch 17, 2013

    I didn't even know Biore made sunscreen. I'm so blur sometimes lol :) I've been using a La Roche Posay sunscreen for the past few years.

    Happy Lunar New Year to you and yours too Lena!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  21. Kao Biore is a japanese brand but u.s. biore products are quite different not to mention they don't carry sunscreens like this at all. i guess it is all legal issues since each country has different regulation for sunscreens. ;)
    LRP is excellent! unfortunately i react a little bit to some ingredients in them. ;-/

  22. I didn't know this either! HAHAHA Thanks for the review Lena! I'm going to look for this.

  23. me, neither! i am glad i came across this. :)

  24. two plicatesMarch 17, 2013

    im looking for a new sunscreen so i might give this one a go!
    i like how sleek and simple the packaging is - I find that Japanese products always have the best packaging haha

    ♥ M & L


  25. i like the simple white packaging, too!
    love japanese sunscreens.
    thanks for finding me! :)

  26. So this sounds great. I know they say to wear sunscreen ALL the time but I literally never see the sun in winter.

  27. i know what you're saying. lol. wearing sunscreen is like a habit for me now, but there are some people firmly believe sunscreen is toxic(?) as well, so i guess if you know that you're staying out of the sun, there would be no need. ;)

  28. You guys seem to have so much more sunscreens there! It sounds like a great one, I like the high spf and the fact that it doesn't leave a white cast. I always use a sunscreen, I'm a bit obsessed with it, lol!

  29. i am not into the u.s. sunscreens at all so it is relatively challenging for me as well..but i can get japanese sunscreens quite easily, i guess.
    this website carries many other brands and i want to try them, too. ;)

  30. Oh I used to love Biore sunscreens when I was living in Taiwan! They're much less sticky. I've been really lax about sun protection. I use a day cream that contains an SPF 15 (Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid) and that's about it when I'm not wearing foundation (most of my foundations have an SPF)!

  31. i wouldn't entirely rely on the protection from foundation but it is still better than nothing. plus slathering spf 15 is better than skimping on ones with higher numbers. :)

  32. Thanks for the review! I'm about to start at-home chemical peels and I'm going to need a stronger sunscreen than the SPF 20 I'm currently using.
    Do you put this on over, under, or instead of moisturizer?

  33. i have seen this on our local drugstore and the price thrice more expensive compared to Japan..but can't blame them since they have to deal with taxes and customs~ I am keen on trying this out too! thanks for sharing ^_~

  34. ah really? that's too bad. but i think this is a fine sunscreen even compared to the higher-end brands like shiseido.
    i really like using this everyday. :)

  35. La Tea NonSoloModaMarch 17, 2013

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    Kiss Tea.

  36. XxxLoveIsBeautyxxXMarch 17, 2013

    great blog! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  37. I wonder shall I use makeup remover to remove it or basic cleanser will do?

  38. awesome review Lena! was contemplating on which one to Purchase between this sunscreen and the Pink one which Y 0U also reviewed! Now knouting one is best For winter and the Other For summer!


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