Editorial FOTD - Leafy Eyelines & Purple Lips

December 29, 2012

I have been wanting to do this editorial look for some time now ever since my blog friend Larie did these beautiful looks inspired by this.
(And she encouraged us to do it! )

Of course, all the models look beautiful and their makeups are stunning but I was particularly attracted to this look.
Maybe I just wanted her shoulders.
(Next life, baby)

It was also a little too much for an everyday look, but I just had another holiday concert which was a perfect occasion to wear this dramatic look.
This is what I came up with.

my editorial/stage FOTD

Sorry for the excessive lighting although it seemed very necessary for an editorial look aiming for a model shoot. ;p
I also used a different camera this time. 
I was amazed to see the different effect and texture cause the other settings were the same.
Funny this camera makes everything look blurry except for the hair! 
(Don't my eyebrows look bushy??)

The eyelines looked quite different than those usual winged ones.
They remind me of a pair of leaves or even feathers, which was kinda challenging for me.
I don't own any black liquid eyeliner so I just used a pencil type.
Another problem was that the lipstick color I was so sure was purple was not purple enough!
(I am wearing Revlon Berry Haute here.)

So, now I have concluded that I need a black liquid eyeliner and a (real) purple lipstick.
(It is never gonna end, is it?)
And I am going to have to quote my friend Larie cause she's so right about this.
"It is so much eyeliner, guys!".

I hope you enjoyed this look.
Wish everyone a happy new year! :)

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  1. another great work lena,
    i love it so much..

  2. aww thanks, Camilla :)

  3. LOVE the look, Lena! I actually pulled out my purple lippies earlier this week, but haven't been able to get them to look just how I want them :(
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    the shop of worldly delights

  4. thank you, Laura! ^-^
    i still haven't found a right color of purple lippie but soon i will! (very determined. lolz)

  5. I love your eyeliner!You look so pretty :) I can never quite pull off the soft eye liner look. X_X

  6. thank you, Gretchen!
    i don't normally wear heavy liner like this. it was challenging for me, too. ;)

  7. I love the eyes! look really sexy ;) I followed you! hope you can follow me back.

    Btw, love your blog!


  8. thanks for adding me to your list! :)

  9. love the look!!! and i love the purple lip color as well and nahhh its never gonna end!! hehe you can never have too many lippies!!! lol

  10. thanks for justifying me! lolz
    i need to sort out my stash so i have more excuses to get new lippies. ;p

  11. Lena, you did a fabulous job! i love the thicker line of the pencil. haha about going more purplish! you could wear it. this LOOK definitely fits you. HAPPY NEW YEAR DOLL!!!

  12. happy new year, Kim! :)

    and thanks for your sweet compliment as always.
    i think i am gonna look through my stash before i buy a purple lippie. good chance i actually have it. lol

  13. I love the look, it's very nice for new years eve :)

  14. thank you, Mishelle :)
    happy new year!

  15. you look so pretty! ellesees.blogspot.com

  16. Love that you tried that look - it was also my fave! "So much eyeliner, you guys" is a worthy quote indeed, lol. You look great!!

  17. there are lots of from Larie's blog worth quoting. lolz!
    thank you so much, Liz :D

  18. oOo~ really pretty! Love the liner too<3

    Holiday Giveaway

  19. I didn't even notice this before, but your hair looks so nice in these photos!

  20. awww thank you!
    (it is the camera. maybe i should keep using this, huh? ;p)

  21. The lipstick doesn't look purple to me, but it came out gorgeous! :)

  22. i know, right? it looks pale pink.
    i am going to buy grape-y purple lipstick soon! :)

  23. exactly..they are different than regular winged liners and i love it..i once tried and failed...it was quite obnosious, the result that is.it looks lovely on you.

  24. thank you, Debi!
    i drew flat(?) lines rather than flicking them then put more underneath.
    i am glad to hear it worked out. ;)

  25. loved the look Lina! you look really sexy here! Happy New year! ^_~

  26. thank you, Janet!
    happy new year to you as well! :)

  27. love it lena! gorgeous

  28. Hahahaha! Thanks, Lena - I love this look on you! I agree that the eyeliner shape was a little different - it was hard for me to try to mimic it, too. It's a different shape. And SO MUCH EYELINER, lol! But I really like it on you!

  29. no thank you! and thanks for encouraging us! :)
    seriously, i had to sharpen my pencil in the middle of this. lol
    i need to find a good liquid eyeliner but at least this pencil gave me better control. ;)

  30. Ive never been able to achieve looks with a lot of eyeliner.
    You pull it off really well!


  31. thank you, Cecilia!
    i need more practice but this is very encouraging. ;D

  32. Totally loving this look on you! I cannot believe how well you can draw that line with a pencil liner. I find pencil liners smudge on me too easily so I need to use a liquid liner to get a more sharper and "pointed" look. It's a great alternative to the liner/red lips holiday combo as well-purple tinted lipstick is much more fascinating! Oh and by the way, happy new year! <3
    ~Vivi L.

  33. you think so? awww thanks so much!
    i used the milani liquif'eye pencil and it doesn't smudge if i use it on top of my lids. on my waterlines, it is a different story..

    happy new years to you, too! :)

  34. I like the thick liner cat eye. It suits you quite well:)

  35. thank you Rola!
    and welcome back! :)

  36. Loving this! It really suits you!

  37. I like the twist on the winged liner - it looks really good on you!

  38. thank you, Becky!
    i thought the eyelines in the original pics were quite interesting and charming, too. :)

  39. ok, thought these looked familiar. another blog friend tried to re-created this look with the gold. i love the eyeliner....mine actually turns out this way often, when i keep having to correct each side. my eyeliner gets bigger and bigger, lol!


  40. whenever i do eyelines, i realize how lop sided my eyes are!!! it was quite difficult for me as well.
    i am relatively new to eyeliners. need more practice. ;D

  41. hello pretty lady! i love the eyeliner!

  42. aww Helen, thanks so much! :)

  43. It still looks similar to your reference photo, but it's still wearable at the same time! The OCC lip tar in Belladonna could be your purple lipstick, it looks a lot like the shade in that photo :)

  44. awww thank you so much!
    and that's for the color rec as well. :)

  45. Love this look on you, especially the eyes! Very glamorous, you look gorgeous :) I think the most purple lipstick I have is Airborne Unicorn by Limecrime, though I'm not sure how wearable it is :p

  46. thank you so much!

    now finding a wearable purple lippie sounds like a mission to me. lolz. :D

  47. I love this eyeliner look, I always think when I've done it it looks way too bold even for a night out but when photographed it looks so gorgeous. Definitely suits you x


  48. thank you. ;)
    it was too much to wear on daily basis. i think it worked out fine for my performance, though. :D

  49. I like this look. I could never pull something like that off :D
    I am a huge fan of black liquid eyeliner :D

    I hope you'll have an amazing new year


  50. thank you, Mie!

    happy new years to you as well. xoxo

  51. beautiful!! I like how you winged the eye liner :))
    As far as I know, I don't really have any purple lipstick, the purpl-est I could think of is Revlon Lip butter in Raspberry pie :P

  52. thank you, Pam!
    it was more challenging than the usual winged lines. i had to pack on the lower parts as well.
    i had raspberry pie and it looked very red on me. lipsticks are hard to figure out!! ;p

  53. You look stunning! Love this look on you!


  54. Yes you definitely need a liquid eyeliner! Purple lipstick? I don't know. I have some purply glosses that look great over certain pink lipsticks, but purple purple? I wouldn't have the guts to really wear it! Early happy new year honey :)

  55. i know i am going to be shopping for a nice felt tip eyeliner soon. i thought the berry haute was very purple but my lips pulls more pink for some reason. i still want one purple purple, though!

    happy new year to you as well! :)


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