Jan 6, 2013

Review - Amore Mamonde Total Solution Mineral Moisture BB Cream SPF 20 PA+

Today I have a quick review on this Korean BB cream that I am reaching for quite often lately.
This was a gift from my dear friend Pauline in Korea. :)

Mamonde is a sub brand of Amore Pacific and this BB cream seems quite popular. I see many online shops carry it.
I have seen it on eBay and sasa.com as well at very reasonable price.

Mamonde Total Solution Mineral Moisture BB Cream

I am going to be very honest here.
I do not like BB cream. 
(Or I haven't found "The BB cream" for me, yet.)
Maybe it is unfair to all those wonderful BB creams out there since I have only tried a handful of them.
I seem to have the same problems with the BB creams I have tried so I feel less enthusiastic about trying more of them, I guess. 
Plus, I don't really believe one single product can take care of everything nor believe I in the effective sun protection from wearing makeup only.

Saying all that, I actually like this BB cream. Maybe not "the BB cream" for me, but I still like it. :)

This is the backside of the tube.
Basically it is saying that this BB cream has triple functions of wrinkle care, whitening and sun protection .
(Really? A magic!)
This also promotes effective moisturizing with Mineral Complex and Mamonde Smart Flower Complex.
(I don't know what that is??)
It improves the skin texture and brightens the complexion so your skin will become(!) younger.
(Honestly, I can't believe half of it. Hope you guys are more optimistic than me..)

This BB cream also has the common problems I have experienced from others.
While the color match is pretty nice, my complexion doesn't really look any fresher or younger wearing it. 
It has the usual grey tint to it although it is much yellower than the other BB creams.
It still oxidize and my face looks darker than my actually skin color at the end of the day.

See? it is a pretty good match in the beginning. :)

What I really like about this BB cream is that my skin feels very comfortable wearing this.
It is not as densely pigmented and very easy to apply.
The finish is almost dewy and natural but I don't think it is greasy at all.
Being a moisturizing type of BB cream, I expected it to be terrible in oil control on my T-zone but it is also much better than my expectation.

I try to wear recommended amount of sunscreen (which is about 1 ml on your face - This is a lot. I have tried with a measuring spoon. Trust me.) and wait until it sets so I can benefit from the optimized protection, but sometimes I simply don't have time.
Since this BB cream has natural coverage and ease of the application, I can put on a sufficient amount without having to look like a clown face.
(A little sidetracked here, but I'd like to point out that slathering SPF 15 is better than skimping on SPF 55. Way better. Period.)
This easily helps me with my busy morning routine not to mention it feels just perfect in this dry cold winter.
I might repurchase it once I use up my small tube.

Have you tried this BB cream?
What is your favorite moisturizing BB cream for winter?

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  1. i think missha and skin79 has better reviews than this one, though.
    and this only comes in one shade if i am not mistaken.
    my sister really likes missha choboyang. :)

  2. Ooo cool that mean I deff need to try a sample first!! Thanks :) awesome! Yeah choboyang is still my to p bb cream for now lol I love the ginseng scent and it makes me look like have perfect skin lolz

  3. ooh i wanna try this bbcream!! i am a little skeptic about this though because its one color type and i found out that the no #2 natural color/ochre usually makes me look less grey. Maybe i'll try a sample first like i did for the skin79 and missha choboyang

  4. i wish we had more BB creams here - i'm always so curious to try them. but nothing on the market in the US really stands out to me. Dr Jart perhaps, but they are terrible shade matches for me :/

  5. i wanna try those mini tube sets from korea. they are quite affordable and i don't have to commit to full bottles. i already have too many base products as it is. lol.
    i am still curious, i will update once i experience more bb creams, Joyce! :)

  6. I have tried Mamonde skincare but didn't like it as it irritated my eyes so much! I haven't tried this BB cream though, sounds quite good. Gosh, its so hard to name one BB cream as my favourite.. I have quite a few that work well - I like the Etude House Magic BB cream, the Missha Signature BB cream, The Face Shop power perfection and a few more!

    Personally, I am a sunscreen fan, I will try to apply it every morning before I leave. It's become an integral part of my skincare routine in the morning.

  7. i have the missha m signature, too! i like it quite a bit but it still oxidizes and the finish is kinda greasy on me. maybe this works for you better because you have normal/dry skin?
    i am interested in trying those mini tubes from skin 79, though.

    and yeah, good sunscreen is about the only thing i believe in anti-aging. :D

  8. I think the problem with BB creams is that like light coverage foundations, it only suits a small percentage of skin types out there. I can't wear it because they don't have enough coverage and are too dewy for my oily skin. The magic formula is mostly a lie, but it does look amazing on some people who already have near-perfect skin.

  9. i think the u.s. versions are especially watery. bb creams are supposed to have heavy coverage, though..
    i just tried the stippling brush with bb cream and it is a lot better.
    still, i prefer wearing separate sunscreen + good foundation. :)

  10. i've never tried this bb cream. i haven't found a perfect one yet and always go back to foundations. hahaha they give me the coverage i need.

  11. some bb cream has very heavy coverage, though.
    i find using stippling brush for bb cream actually works. my problem with bb cream is discoloration and poor lasting power, this kinda takes care of it. ;)

  12. Alrighty! Thank you very much~ c: I'll look into it~

  13. It's so interesting how beauty trends/standards differ from one area to another. I remember the creator of Rachel K CC Creams from Singapore saying she uses a lighter shade than her complexion because she finds it more flattering. Kinda opposite from the US, where there's such an emphasis on being tan!

  14. Lieya ABDUL JALILMarch 17, 2013

    I Love wearing BB cream too! Since i live in Malaysia , There is no need for a different type of BB cream for season. Just wearing that same old stuff until i get bored and change to something else . :)

  15. sounds like you've found your favorite bb cream.
    good for you! ;)

  16. i am sure it is even more affordable in asia.
    this one is pretty nice! :)

  17. Wow I have never heard of this brand before! but this one sounds promising.. I'll check this out on my trip to asia next month ;))

  18. I use to love my BB creams, but I think the magic has rubbed off on me - I don't think they really do all it promises (I've yet to see any signs of whitening or anti-aging with the BB creams I've tried), so I've gone back to go old foundation. This does sound like an interesting one though, glad it works well for you! :D

  19. yeah. i am with you. it is simply impossible a single product does all that.
    i think prefer foundation myself as well.
    it is good to keep one decent multi-functioning base product like this around, though.

  20. I am also not a fan of BB as most of them look greyish and if not too white on me. I haven't tried anything from mamonde yet and this seems pretty nice though I don't really believe in all their claims~

  21. Never heard of this BB cream before! Thanks for the info, I'll have to give it a go!


  22. i guess we can't really complain about the grey tint in bb cream when we think about the origin of bb cream.
    i kinda hate most bb creams look great initially then oxidize melt away terribly later on..eeek ;-/

  23. this is a nice one for its price! :)

  24. Miriam LeeMarch 17, 2013

    great review i never heard of this one..
    i'm very interested in trying the new chanel cc cream! too bad it's only available in asia for now.

  25. thanks, Miriam!
    i heard cc cream is the next big thing. i am really curious as well. :)

  26. I've been mixing both Garnier BB creams lately because the light ones are perfect for my skin tone. The first one is too oily for me, and the second one is much too drying.
    Just bought the La Roche Posay BB Cream in the light color and used it first without mattifying primer & I turned into a grease-ball at the end of the day.. Using primer it's much better, but still.. I'm a bit sad about it.

    So I'm still looking for the perfect BB cream as well! I just don't want it to cost too much. Or am I just being cheap now? ;)

  27. i am glad i am not the only one!
    i mean i can use some primer (there are a few primers specially designed to be used with bb cream) but what is the point, right?
    i have found more than a few foundation that i really like lately, so i am not in hurry to try more bb creams. ;)

  28. Raimar GuevaraMarch 17, 2013

    I have not tried this BB Cream (yet) but I was reviewing a store a few days ago I had this brand and I found interesting Mamondo products. Is likely to try one of their products.



  29. your bb cream reviews are impressive and they made me want to try the skin79 ones so badly. maybe next time! :)

  30. Haven't tried this before~ o: You said that the undertone is yellow-ish, but is it more reddish or yellow-ish? o: And how light would you say it is? >u< I have a hard time finding bb creams that go well with my complexion. @~@

  31. I find it so hard to find a good colour match with BB creams. I'm a bit tanned so everything just makes me look pasty :(

  32. it is true there are not many options for shades. this one only comes in one color, i think.

  33. exactly my sentiments!
    i just like this for what it does. a convenience product.
    i mean, it would be nice to have all the benefits but i wouldn't count on it. ;p

  34. Mishelle's Sleepy TimeMarch 17, 2013

    I know the feeling, how is this one cream going to do everything I need? Haha, I feel like a lot of companies put a lot of bullshit claims on a product sometimes, like 5 benefits in 1? Sure... I bet you got that one tested by an independant lab on those claims, not... But this sounds nice! x

  35. even foundation oxidized a bit so i wouldn't mind going with a half shade brighter maybe, but more that than just doesn't make sense to me.
    i've also tried fake tan and tan makeup and it didn't work out for me, either. ;p

  36. i myself don't really care about a few freckles and spots but most korean girls are really into flawless skin. i've tried that once and i was shocked how many products were involved to achieve that! not my cup of tea..
    to think about the origin of BB cream, i think it is only natural the color isn't so natural. i guess i'd be skeptical untill something really amazing comes along. ;D

  37. i think this one is neutral.
    my skin tone is quite neutral with ruddiness so i prefer yellow based foundation.
    i am like NC15 and this was a nice match (initially) :)

  38. Hahaha, I feel the same way reading product claims like that. I haven't gotten into BB creams, mostly everything about the ones in the US just scream marketing ploy to me. I got a few deluxe samples from Sephora of Dr Jart (I think that's the brand's name...) a while back and I actually forgot about them until now. I know in some Asian countries it's considered more attractive to be paler but "whitening" isn't exactly my favorite way to market a product. It was interesting to see a review of an authentic Korean BB cream, though - and I definitely appreciate your honest take :)

  39. Haven't tried this one but it looks like a good product.

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  40. yes. i was pleasantly surprised, too! :)

  41. Lena! Did you change your layout? For some reason it looks new to me?! Maybe I'm just crazy haha Anyways, I haven't actually tried a BB cream. I'll have to give it a shot! I hear korean cosmetics are amazing =D


  42. i changed the font but the layout is the same since the last november. ;)
    i haven't tried many korean brands lately but i hear the same thing. maybe it is time!

  43. A friend gave me a stack of sample BB cream sachets that she gets from a local Korean beauty supply, but I haven't liked any of them; they have all seemed to be really, really greasy on my already oily face.

  44. it is still nice that you get to try a variety of samples!
    for the same reason, i think i would want to get a mini set or something.
    it is too big of a commitment! :)

  45. I don't really have any BB creams...I like the Marcelle version but it tends to break me out after a while so I stopped using it :(

  46. that is true! (now you mentioned it)
    i think my missha bb cream break me out if i wear it more than a couple days! :-/

  47. I've honestly only ever tried one BB cream and thats the Skin79 Orange + whatever. I'm scared to try another one because I love that one so much and it seems like there are so many moisturizing BB creams that wouldn't go well with my combination skin(im more oily than dry) The color match initially is awesome for you!Its seriously terrible that it oxidizes.

  48. everyone seems to rave about the skin 79 bb creams. i almost purchased a mini set recently but took it out of my shopping cart thinking i have to use up my foundation first. lolz.

  49. The BB Cream is beautiful, I liked the packaging. I really like using BB Cream because it looks more natural on the skin and also provides benefits, maybe one day anime me and try this BB Cream.

    I hope you visit my blog, I liked yours so I follow ! :)


  50. hi Renata!
    thanks for visiting and following!
    you have a lovely blog as well. :)

  51. I've got the ame issues with BB cream. I especially dislike western ones. I haven't found "the one"... it sounds like I'm looking for a boyfriend or something... haha. :)

  52. hahaha you are so funny and right!!
    finding a holy grail foundation (or bb cream) maybe harder than finding a boyfriend. lolz

  53. i actually havent tried that many BB creams so i haven't found one just for me yet.
    and are you Korean? im asking since you were able to read what the back of the tube said :)

  54. yes. i am korean and korean is my first language.
    if you need help with korean products (ingredients, functions, etc) feel free to let me know! :)

  55. The consistency of this one seems pretty nice. I just don't like the watery consistency of a few sample drug store brands I have tried. I am using the Skin 79 Hot Pink one and am so happy with it. I use it all year around and it is moisturizing enough for me to use in winter.

  56. honestly, i don't think watery bb cream is not really bb cream. they are more like tinted moisturizer. it is a shame that all companies feel compelled to make something named bb cream because of this bb cream craze. ;p
    skin 79 has a variety of bb cream that are popular. i wanna try the sample set soon. ;)

  57. Hi Lena, It's great to see a Korean BB review! I don't have a BB cream, but I'm always looking. I like the idea of a one-step process :)

  58. it was a long time coming. i have a couple more to review. ;)
    i still wear foundation way more often but it is nice to have a decent bb cream. it is quite handy!

  59. I still reach for Dior Snow BB cream a lot lately. Although it sets more matte, it is not drying or flat looking. I want to re-visit some Korean BB creams soon, this one with dewy finish sounds nice, dewy is my preferred finish.

  60. i'd love to try the dior snow bb cream since i am fond of dior base makeup in general. ;)
    and i've used dior snow skincare line as well and it did brighten my complexion.
    this mamonde one is pretty nice especially for its price. i think it would be satisfactory for many people. ;)


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