Dec 4, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder St. Lucia

I love getting fresh ideas from my fellow bloggers.
Wendy of Blush and Barbells has introduced me to the idea of using the bronzing part of this duo as eyeshadow color, and I must say it is quite brilliant!
I have always liked this duo but now even more so, I thought it deserved a separate post. :)

St. Lucia
(It was just "Blushed/Bronzed" before but now named as St. Lucia after e.l.f. brought out two more duos, Antigua and Turks & Caicos.)

It has been compared to the NARS duo (Orgasm & Laguna) numerous times and declared to be "NOT" a dupe by many bloggers, so I won't go there myself.
I still think it is amazing for its price.


I have talked about this product in my e.l.f. picks post a while back, and I mentioned that I wasn't able to put the bronzer to work since it looks too muddy and dark on me plus I am not much of a bronzer girl to begin with.
It was still a good deal for me even just for the blush part, but now I am pleasantly surprised to see how well this brown color works on my eyelids. It is quite neutral and perfect for adding simple definition to the eyes.
I can totally create a very easy everyday look pretty much by using this duo only.

I simply darkened my folds with black kajal and then used the bronzer shade to layer and blend in.

Makeup products used for this look
Revlon ColorStay makeup Buff (150)
e.l.f. St. Lucia
Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss Peony (This is another dupe for the NARS Super Orgasm lipgloss, btw.)
L'Oreal False Fiber Lashes mascara
L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering liner 
ebony drawing pencil (for brows)

I'd like to note that some red pigments commonly used in blush colors are not always safe to use around the eyes.
I did not experience any discomfort or irritation from this, but please wear it with caution. :)

(Thanks again, Wendy!)

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  1. Love using products in ways they aren't necessarily "intended" - plus, helps get the most out of each product :)

  2. Hi Lena,
    The packaging looks very similar to Nars duo. The pricing of this product is very reasonable and I think the color is nice too :)

  3. hi!
    i think they are trying to benchmark NARS. especially the Studio line.
    although they are not exact dupes but exceptional values, for sure.

  4. That bronzer looks so dark! But I'm such a fan of e.l.f. I'll look for this next time in Target.

  5. i know! and this is the lightest shade out of the three.
    i am glad i can use this as eye shadow. ;)

  6. hi Jan :)
    thanks for the invitation.
    i will def. check it out!

  7. Thank You, Lena! :) Followed your blog already :) Hoping you'll follow mine too :)

  8. I actually really love the elf studio line a LOT. I think they have some really versatile products, like using this as eyeshadow! In fact, I am using their tinted moisturizer right now as my daily foundation because it matches my skin tone perfectly and never makes me break out!

  9. studio line is my favorite, too! :)
    i should check out the tinted moisturizer as well.
    sometimes it is so funny cause i get enabled by my own posts. lol

  10. Wow! I love elf! love this blush from them :)

    Btw,I am having my first giveaway. :) You might win awesome COSMETIC ORGANIZERS! ^_^
    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    Here's the link:
    Looking forward for your participation :)
    Fallow my blog and I will SURELY follow your blog too :)
    Have a great day!

    Much Love!

  11. it is fun hauling from elf!
    thanks for the invitation. ;)

  12. Yes it is . They have good products at a low price. Same has MUA, another brand I like .
    You're welcome :D

  13. oh i am jealous you can wear pink eyeshadows! they are my arch-enemy as well as browns. lol

  14. that's a great idea!i would have never thought of it though i have used blush as eye shadow in the add pink accents mostly to lower lids or corners

  15. I also own some ELF products and I love them!
    Btw, I'm hosting a Firmoo Giveaway on my blog, maybe you would like to participate. Chances to win are pretty high:

  16. Loving the look of these duo's - the shade is pretty similar to what I would normally pick out too.
    Love a good soft pretty pink.

  17. thank you!
    how are you doing? i hope you're well. ;)

  18. I love the elf bronze/blush set! I discovered it a couple years back at Target, it's my favorite and the fact that it is only $3 even better. I'm also a huge fan of their golden bronzing set in the summer! I love the look you created with it, the soft pinks really bring out your beauty ;)

  19. hi Gina, thanks for stopping by and commenting!
    i will definitely check the golden bronzing set next time i place an order from elf!

    and thanks for your sweet compliment. ;)

  20. I have this too Lena and i love love love it! I've always wanted to get the NARS Laguna but the price for NARS here is extremely expensive~ So I settle for this one instead and so far im loving it as bronzer ^_~ But after reading this I might try this on my lids as well! you look great on the look! Pretty as always ^_~

  21. thank you, Janet!
    i am glad to hear we share the shame favorites. ;)
    i really think elf has some exceptional values. i might make another haul very soon. ;p

  22. Brilliant idea of using the ELF duo as eyeshadow. I have never thought of that. I love my ELF duo, thanks to your suggestion. I don't know about others but I think it is a very close dupe to Nars Laguna and Orgasm. I have laguna and I think it is close enough.

  23. oh it is good to know that the bronzer is close to the laguna shade!
    i didn't know it for sure since i don't have it.
    i do like this blush better than orgasm although they look quite different. ;)


  24. it looks fantastic on you!

  25. wow!! i was skeptic about the pigmentation of this duo, i thought it would be too ashy looking and not dark enough but after your review, i am getting this for my next elf haul, its perfect for contouring!! lovely fotd btw, you look beautiful as always Lena :)

  26. thank you, Oreloena!
    this is more pigmented than other studio blushes i've tried. i have to use it with light hand for this.
    let me know how you like it. ;)

  27. Really soft and pretty looks this duo. interesting~~


    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  28. it is a great versatile product! :)

  29. this is one of my faves, it's really affordable too!

  30. now i like this even more.
    i'd love to try other duos as well. ;)

  31. Love these colors! (:


  32. exactly my sentiments!
    i was feeling bad cause i was not using the bronzer part at all although it is still a great value. ;)

  33. what a good idea! it's nice to have a versatile product! great for traveling, right? ;))

  34. yes. Wendy was saying that she traveled with this and it worked out great.
    i shall include this in my next trip. ;)

  35. The blush half looks really pretty!

  36. i think it is a great peachy pink shade. ;)

  37. thanks for this post! :)

  38. e.l.f. products can be such great values. Using this bronzer as an eyeshadow is quite clever and the product doesn't go to waste. Good to hear you haven't had any irritation. Sounds like a win- win :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  39. i totally agree with you.
    i've been praising about the HD powder for some time now and i wouldn't know what to do without it. ;)

    i personally think eye liners on my waterlines or glitter eyeshadows are more irritating but we should still practice with caution, i guess. ;)

  40. that's a great additional use for the bronzer! Elf comes out with so many great cheapie products :)

  41. i am really glad since i hardly wear bronzers.
    great idea, indeed. :)

  42. I didn't think of this! Pretty brilliant :) You look gorgeous as always.

  43. thank you, Sarah!
    this made me want to buy the Antiqua duo as well. ;)

  44. This duo is gorgeous! ELF products aren't readily available in Australia- I wish they were though, as this look is so pretty! I can't believe I only found your blog now- I love the Victorian wallpaper design background and the fresco style lace you use to take photos on! So gorgeous and classic. :) xx

  45. thank you for finding me, Cherie! :D
    i have a thing for damask prints and i've been loving the backdrop for taking pictures. it is actually wallpaper that's self-adhesive. lolz

  46. I would've never thought to use bronzer as eyeshadow, though it makes a lot of sense! The shade on your lids seems like an ideal, everyday neutral shade - very flattering and wearable. As always your skin is perfection and I love how polished but still natural your makeup always looks.

  47. aww you're too kind and generous with your compliments!
    actually, my skin has been misbehaving is all about lighting, i think. ;)
    i was surprised myself to see how well it works for me. i usually steer away from brown shades.

  48. I always find ELF products to be such a great deal! And it's a bonus when it works really well for you too :)

  49. yes! they have some amazing products especially for the price.
    i have a couple of items i'd never by without. ;D


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