Dec 7, 2012

FOTD - Sweet and Sassy (with YSL Rouge Volupte Frivolous Pink)

This week was very hectic for me, and I feel almost proud having followed it through.
(You would think that working as a freelancer makes you the owner of your own time, but you often find yourself being a slave instead.)
I even cancelled the dinner reservation today and decided to turn in early cause I am feeling a little wobbly.
Still, I wanted to share a quick FOTD with you. It is Friday after all! :)
This is a look I tried a couple days ago wearing Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupe Frivolous Pink.
I did not include an overall look in my previous swatch post, so this would make it up. ;)

Sweet & Sassy
(or so I think...)

My hair looks a little crazy in this picture.
I remember I spent too much time doing the eye makeup so I did not have that usual two minutes I need to blow dry my hair.
Normally I try to take at least ten pictures then pick a few that are decent (and this is necessary, trust me.), but I just pointed and shot a couple times and rushed out for work.
I was surprised that I still liked this hurried photo.  Maybe it is because for some reason I look a little mischievous in it. ;)

Since the lip color is very pale and sweet, I wanted to do a strong catty eyes so the whole look would be balanced out.

This is the makeup products I used.

Skin Ceramic BB cream No.1 (sample; It was pretty nice). I did not set it with powder this time.

I darkened my folds with L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner (I think I do this almost everyday!), used the NARS Night Porter shade to give more depth and shimmer over the folds, and blended the whole thing with Lancome Erika F
The lower water lines were lined with stila Kajal liner in Smoky Quartz color.
Finally, L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lash mascara was used for the lashes.

jane blushing cheeks Blushing Orchid Shimmer (I love love this color!)

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Frivolous Pink

(Ah, the ebony pencil is missing in the picture. I used it to fill in my brows.)

This is pretty much my go-to makeup look although I did put more time and efforts in the eye makeup.

I hope you have enjoyed this look.
(My guitar partner has been bugging me to put my pictures on YouTube, so I added this picture on one of our music videos as a cover. If this doesn't boost up the views, he is a dead man. ;p)

Do you have a signature makeup look that you always go for?
Where do you emphasize, the eyes or the lips? :)

Wish everyone a happy & healthy weekend.

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  1. I love how you mix drugstore brands with high ends. Gorgeous! Does the Stila eyeliner smudge on your waterline?

  2. aww thank you! that is actually what i am trying to incorporate in my blog post, a good mix of high-end & more affordable products! :)

    i am quite surprised to see the stila liner stays better than any other liners i have! it is very creamy and soft and easy to smudge, but once it set it with a little bit of eyeshadow it stays quite well. ;)

  3. I definitely go for the eyes, usually I don't wear anything on the lips during the day, which seems counterintuitive given the obscene number of lip products I own :p Love your eyes here - the NARS and Lancome are the perfect duo! :)

  4. i think i go for the eyes for the similar reason. ;)
    i can eat and talk all i want and still look presentable at the end of the day. lol

    i really like these two eye shadow colors. the nars one makes a great eyeliner as well.

  5. I switch it up between both :) that's cool that's your a musician! x

  6. i should switch up the looks more often! ;)

  7. your lippie looks AMAZING, Lena. ANd I know what you mean about being a slave to your job! I am working ALL THE TIME, though I get to sleep in a lot more now ;)

  8. thank you, Laura! ;)
    i think i have to say no to work sometimes, but it is hard!
    i am getting enough sleep, i think..but the problem for me is that my schedule is too irregular..

  9. You look naturally beautiful *v* I love this look. I'm always doing the same make up look though. I have monolids so it's difficult to enhance the eyes in a natural way for me... So I would say I always go for the lips haha

  10. thank you, Xin! >,.<
    my folds are quite small and the eye shape is very asian, so i don't really think my makeup look would be much different, though.

  11. You wear it really well! :)

  12. thank you, Isabelle! :)

  13. Pretty! I'm guessing pink must be your favorite color :)

  14. thanks, Monica!
    for lips and cheeks, i do love pink colors a lot. ;D

  15. You look so beautiful! I loveee that lip color so much! what kind of camera do you use?

  16. aww thanks so much! :)
    i use a pink sony cyber-shot (DSC-T110). this is my second point & shoot digital camera.
    it works nicely for now but i'd like to try something else next time. ;)

  17. Love the sweet pink lipstick you look like and angel.
    I hope this upcoming weeks goes better for you.

  18. hi Laia :)

    thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment and wishes. xoxo

  19. I love the lipstick :) and btw i dount you need 10 pictures.. you are so pretty I am jealous :P

  20. awww you're (ridiculously) sweet, Mie! <3<3<3

  21. Flawless! The lip color is perfection :)

  22. hi Portia!
    thanks very much. ;)

  23. Hi Lena,

    I love the color of orchid shimmer!! (Though I suppose I tend to like most colors with 'orchid' in the name). It pairs beautifully with frivolous pink :)

  24. hey Dovey! :)
    yeah, it is one of my favorite pink shimmer blushes. i even got a backup since jane is no longer around.
    i love orchids, too. my favorite flowers!

  25. oh my, the shade is lovely~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:* so fresh and youthful! and don't worry about your hair!! it looks fantastic from what I can see!

  26. hi Neko! thanks so much for stopping by.
    i am growing more fond of this lipstick since the color is very sweet and gorgeous. i just need to apply carefully.

    you have such a cute blog! ;)

  27. Oh no, another ysl lipstick I must have.. I have a liitle obsession with these, like most others... I love it. Your skin is amazing :-) my go to is pale lips and winged liner. Very cool that you are a musician as well.. I sing and play guitar in NY too xx

  28. hi Taylor! :)
    it is so cool and we both are musicians in NY. i wish i could play guitar!

    well my skin is not terrible..but it is mostly (really!) the lighting. thank you so much for your compliments! :)

  29. haha he is a nice guy. ;)
    i don't know how baby pink looks on you since i've never seen it but i remember light mauve looks very pretty on you. maybe a mauve-y pink? :)

  30. thank you, Amy.

    (where did you blog go..? ;-/)

  31. Very pretty! Your skin looks amazing :)

  32. thank you so much, Julie! :)

  33. LOVE the colour of your lips and how you draw your eyes! i love it all.. Want to try the Kajal eyeliner sometime too! :)

  34. thank you, Lieya!
    this is my first kajal and not a classic kind, but i really like it. ;)

  35. Aww so sorry to hear you've had such a bad week, Lena! I totally know what you mean though. It takes so much more self-discipline to be a freelancer!

    Lovely look! I love pink on you :)

  36. thank you, Sunny!
    next week looks pretty busy as well. i need to brace myself! ;p

  37. very pretty! again, the lipstick looks amazing :) such a pretty pink on you!
    and it really varies for me - i emphasize one or the other depending on my mood i guess!

  38. thank you, Helen!
    i usually go for eye makeup since i don't need to touch up as often as lip makeup, i guess. :)

  39. Erika F is lovely! You DO look sweet and sassy babe~

  40. I l,ove this look! it's simple but classy :) and your hair is beautiful Lena! I kinda miss my black hair, I colored my hair to amber brown 2 years ago and sometimes I miss my black hair :))

  41. thank you, Pam :)
    i actually am lazy to maintain colored hair. mine is pretty dark as it is. i had very light highlights before but it was too difficult for me to properly take care of..

  42. Very pretty! That pink suits you so well <3

  43. I can totally see that managing time when being a freelancer is just so hard! I think your hair really looks good btw, I wished I had hair looking like that when I'm in a hurry, lol. I love that you emphasized the eyes, you really have some pretty eyes so it's great to put them in a spotlight :).

  44. lol thanks, Teri!
    my hair behaves pretty well in general but gets quite frizzy right after washing.

    i just say no to work sometimes. this week i was overworking... ;/

  45. Really beautiful makeup, nice lipstick sweetie.


  46. LOL at the threat to poor guitar guy. I wish I could wear pretty baby pinks this well, but they don't really seem to suit my coloring. Or I haven't found the right one? :P

  47. Flawless, just beautiful!!! Lip color is so pretty :)

  48. hi Estee, how are you?! ;)

    thanks for your sweet comment.


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