Dec 3, 2012

Swatch, Review - Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Frivolous Pink

I prematurely petted myself for not having bought anything on Black Friday but I ended up purchasing the YSL Rouge Volupte Frivolous Pink at the last minute taking (dis)advantage of the 20% off sale.
I was much enabled by the beautiful vamp swatch from Claire's blog recently, and I had wanted to try the Rouge Volupte range for some time. (For this, I blame Stacey's wonderful collection.)
I also got the Gloss Stain in Violet Edition which I will soon talk about in another post.

Initially I wanted to get the legendary Lingerie Pink but chose Frivolous Pink instead after going through tons of swatch pictures.
I do love light pink lipsticks and even think they look good on me, but I just was not sure if I could pull off that light of a pink with chock-full of pigments.
(See Temptalia's swatches HERE)

In short, I am glad I got Frivolous Pink which is also light but much easier to wear (supposedly).
However, I must say I am much torn about the Rouge Volupte range itself.

The undoubtedly gorgeous Frivolous Pink
I have flaunted this beauty a couple of times already on Instagram. :)

Frivolous Pink is a creamy light baby pink packed with pigments.

- Gorgeous gorgeous packaging
- Feels very creamy and moisturizing on lips & stays that way for hours
- The color looks very flattering on me (if applied in the right  way)
- Gorgeous packaging (Oh, did I already mention it? ;p)

- This lipstick is too slippery and it migrates rather than setting in
- The color looks very unflattering and cakey (if applied in the wrong  way)
- I am not a big fan of the mango coconut like scent although many seem to like it. I prefer the usual scent of the Rouge Pur range, for example.
- Expensive 

Lip swatch (with the "Right" application)
The color shows up paler on lips.
A true baby pink

After a few tries, I have learned this lipstick requires a special(?) method of application.
It looks just terrible and feels thick if you swipe it on your lips as you would normally do with other lipsticks.
You have to "dab, blend and repeat"  otherwise the color would go on very heavy and uneven since this lipstick is way too creamy and pigmented.
This is kind of a bummer for me cause I want my light colored lipstick to be hassle-free and easy to apply. 

Here is the comparison swatch I did with other light pink lippies I have.

They look quite similar in this arm swatch picture, but they look all different once applied (I mean, different enough - you know what I mean, my fellow light pink lovers).
On me, Frivolous Pink looks the truest baby pink where Pink Pout pulls more beige and Prim Rose more mauve.

I (think) I still like this lipstick for its pretty color and the glamorous gold tube adorned with YSL logo, but I doubt that I would build a Rouge Volupte collection.
Luckily this is different from any other light pink lippies that I own in terms of the color and the finish. I would have regretted my purchase otherwise. (I guess I am a bit relieved here.)

Have you tried YSL Rouge Volupte range?
What is your experience? :)

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  1. I really like ysl lipsticks... but I just can't decide between chanel and ysl >.< what do you prefer?

  2. i think that depends. ;) honestly i like chanel rouge coco better than the ysl rouge volupte, but i like ysl rouge pur better than chanel. :D

  3. Bummer about the application issues... The packaging is really gorgeous though! So just to have it in your bag and look at it sometimes is a great option too ;-) I've never tried any YSL lippies before.

  4. lolz. that's what i am thinking!
    this is quite different from ysl rough pur lines, though. i was surprised cause the rouge pur goes on very thin and adheres on lips very well. ;)

  5. I've been wondering about YSL Volupte lipsticks. I really hate having to reapply so the 4 hours wear time, especially for the price, is a no-go for me.

  6. it is definitely not a long lasting kind although it is packed with color.
    i agree with you on the price point. i think one is enough for me. ;)

  7. i share the same sentiments with you.
    i find it is actually moisturizing if i wear a thin coat but totally opposite if i put too much. weird!

  8. Hi Lena,
    I think pink suits you very well! I have lingerie pink and I love the color too :)
    YSL rouge volupte packaging is so pretty but honestly I don't really fancy the texture; I find it too creamy and it emphasize my dry lips. Nevertheless the color range are very nice.

  9. I completely agree! the packaging is sooooo lush and beautiful but the product itself is not worth the price :( I don't want to spend 30$/€ on a product and than struggle to find a way in order to make it work xxx

  10. i kinda got used to this lipstick and now i have no problem wearing it..but you're right.
    i don't like using my fingers to smooth out the color. i usually don't like to get anything on my

  11. Gorgeous shade!
    I'm having a Chicnova giveaway on my blog :

  12. I haven't tried this range before, but there are just so many lipsticks to try! Top of my list are Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani :-) I'm not a big fan of baby pink lipsticks though, because it looks weird on my really warm skin tone. I need something that pulls more red. In short, warmer :-)

  13. i've only tested a couple from the brands you mentioned and i can at least tell you they apply and wear much better than rouge volupte. (then again, they are different breeds of lipsticks, i guess)
    i think we're the opposite. i feel intimidated when it comes to warmer shades. ;p

  14. I agree - the Rouge Voluptes are finicky! They are very slippery and the scent is weird. I don't particularly mind it, but it is weird. The color is very soft - very much a Lena shade! :D

  15. i just looked up your gorgeous post on this range. maybe i should have gone for the darker shade!!
    i agree the scent is kinda weird. i love the usual ysl lippie scent. don't know why they decided to go for a different one after all these years. ;-/

  16. wow, the shade is really pretty ^_~ too bad, its a bit hasstle to apply and look nice on lips~ The packaging is super gorgeous =)

  17. i know, right?
    still, i like it. the finish is definitely something i don't get from other light pink lippies i have.
    will do a look post with this soon. :)

  18. That dazzling tube makes me not really care about the lipstick inside.

  19. lolz.
    i feel the same way. ;D

  20. I agree. Really buttery formulas are a little high maintenance because they can slip and look patchy. The color is gorgeous x

  21. you totally summed up my sentiments on this!
    it is even drying too when i put it on too much. ;-/

  22. wow.. this is my signature lipstick colour! will get it sometime too :)

  23. oooh fellow light pink lover! :D

  24. I won't lie, I've considered buying this lipstick just because of how pretty the packaging is, haha. That being said, I have wanted to try these, and I'm a huge fan of pale pink lipsticks. But, I'm a die hard MAC fanatic, so I won't be rushing out to purchase these. I hate dropping $15 at MAC for a lipstick, it would kill me to buy one of these! Haha. Maybe one day. :)

    Great review and swatches! I love your reviews, always so concise and honest.

  25. hahaha i know what you mean! and haven't i done that many times now! ;D
    i am sure MAC has at least two different dupes for this color and prolly with much easier application, too.

    thank you so much for your compliment, Nik! :)

  26. awwwh! the pink is soooo cute!, no i haven't try the YSL rouge volupte range yet..but i think i will go get myself one

  27. i think it is worth trying. i see many girls absolutely love this range.
    it does have a unique high end quality to it as well. ;)

  28. I love wearing light pink lipsticks! Frivolous Pink looks great, but I don't think I will get it since it's such a hassle to apply. But the packaging is gorgeous!

  29. my sentiments exactly! i am glad i have one of these but i'd invest in other high end lipsticks. :)

  30. after reading your post and checking out Temptalia's swatches, i feel like i need YSL lipstick!!
    all the pinks are so pretty... it sucks that it is a hassle to put on though!

  31. lolz. another enabling mission completed! :D
    honestly i am tempted to try all the colors myself, too. i wish they were easier to apply and more affordable, though.

  32. Hi Lena! Your newest GFC follower here (and on Twitter too)! I've been having a wonderful afternoon poring over your blog - it's absolutely beautiful and I love the emphasis on softer feminine shades. Keep doing what you're doing - I love it! Vita xo

  33. thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comment, Vita! :D
    and thanks for adding me to your lists!

  34. Ahh you make me want to go out and get it! Love the packaging - it looks so cute, and that colour is gorgeous!

  35. the packaging totally makes it worthwhile. i just need one of these, though! lolz

  36. Io lo cerco otoprio rosa con questo effetto.bello e da tutti i giorni.

  37. hmmm, i will look in to those colors as well. ;)
    (i'm not sure if i understood it correctly, though. sorry if i didn't)

  38. it doesn't look bad..but i won't go for it for that smell of mango and coconut..

  39. i was surprised cause i've read tons of reviews saying how much they love the smell of this lipstick!
    some say it's like melon but i disagree...;-/

  40. I was obsessed with the Rouge Volupte range and had about 4 of these in my collection. I totally agree that the packaging is sooooo luxurious - kinda heavy too haha.

    I love how creamy this looks on your lips - the soft baby pink looks so pretty against your fair skintone.

    The only thing I was disappointed with this range was that after time, the product developed small bumps.. which I thought indicated is was kinda off? Or maybe it was beads of moisture? Not sure.. Regardless, I got rid of them because of that..

  41. yeah, i love the hefty feeling in my hand when i hold it, too. lolz
    i guess all lipsticks go bad after some time but even more so for those emollient kinds, i guess.
    thanks for the heads-up. i better use this more often and finish it before the bumps appear! :)

  42. I definitely know what you mean by "different enough" HAHA :) I have always wanted to get one of these, but from all the times I've tried it, I agree that it is a little tricky to apply and you need to work it in with your fingers rather than applying straight from the tube. The colour is so pretty on you and the packaging is really the main allure of the lipstick for me.

  43. lol. for what it's worth, i think all your peachy beige lipsticks look different, too! :D
    i always use my fingers to smooth out after the first application and reapply anyway..but i was shocked this lipstick "requires" that method!

  44. I only have one of these and it don't use it that often because it can wear off too quickly!

  45. i agree. this is definitely not a long lasting kind! ;)

  46. This is so your pink! To be honest I haven't tried ANYTHING from YSL, not even their famous Touche Eclat. Need to take a better look at the brand!

  47. hehe thanks, Sunny!
    it's been a while since my last ysl lipstick. i had to try this one because of the utterly gorgeous tube. :)

  48. this looks gorgeous! I've never tried a ysl lipstick before, but they always look beautiful!

  49. thanks, Kelly!
    i've tried other ranges from ysl but this is my first rouge volupte. i actually prefer rouge pur line since they go on much thinner. :)

  50. Love this color on you :)

  51. Beautiful colour! Lovely on you.

    Ploy <3 xx

  52. this color is soo pretty!! i love pinks of this shade! lol i do agree Stacey has an amazing collection of lippies!! she has turned me into a lippie fanatic and i <33 it! lol

  53. lolz. stacey's pictures are so enabling!
    i am glad i have this pink in my stash, though. it works beautifully with deep smokey eye looks. :)

  54. Absolutely beautiful shade! I have this shade as well but it doesn't work well on my skin tone; looks much better on you! I am trying to get my hands on #1 Nude Beige, but these lipsticks carry such a hefty price tag in Canada (About 40 Dollars!). ~Vivi L.

  55. hey Vivi, thanks for your compliment!
    i need full makeup to wear this shade properly.
    i really like the nude beige myself but it was sold out at that time. ;-/

  56. I agree with what you said about the RV :) the mango scent doesn't bother me but it is not my favourite scent I also had frivolious pink, It didn't look as nice on me as on you :D I have to blot them and layer then it lasts pretty long and won't budge :)

  57. aw thanks, Claire!
    i really wanted to get the Prune Exquisite but didn't think i could handle that in this creamy formulation.
    i am pretty happy with the violet edition, though. :)

  58. It's such a lovely shade of baby pink! I've never tried this range before but I am tempted just by that gorgeous packaging. I don't normally wear pink lippies but you're tempting me to try one out now Lena.

    Yes I agree that a flat tummy is needed for that "sexy sweater" look for guys ;)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  59. hi Rowena! :)
    i totally agree with you. i don't know what is wrong with me but the beautiful packaging makes me open my wallet way too often..(ahhhh)

  60. I have the exact same complaint about Rouge Voluptes! Well said!

  61. ah, i am glad i am not the only one! ;)

  62. Beautiful pink shade ! My co-worker often does pink lips like these, but I think it's colour by MAC or something.. Anyways, great shade and I bet it looks great on you x

    Thank you for joining my followers ! It was really nice to find a pretty beauty blog like yours, with amazing + clear photos (those can be really rare at times, I've seen a lot of..should I say poor efforts with bad mobile phone photos..:) But yours seem perfect !

    x Stop by anytime ! Have a nice day.

    Indie by heart

  63. hi Satu!
    thanks for adding me to your list and i really appreciate your kind words. very encouraging!
    you, too, have a wonderful week. :)

  64. Such a cute everyday pink! Oh man I should've taken advantage of that sale too cuz I've been wanting to buy a YSL lippy, especially the Rouge Volupte or the sheer candy's (such cute packaging!).

  65. i literally stumbled upon the sale. the site was down for a while, too. lolz
    i'm glad i did, though. the price is too steep no matter how great they are... ;)

  66. it's great that you can pull off this kind of cool baby pink shade because it doesn't work for me.. T__T
    I heard a lot of good and bad things about YSL Rouge Volupte but never tried it for myself.. the packaging is so pretty though!

  67. lolz. i am sure you pull off some other colors that i never can! ;p
    i guess this is a love or hate kinda product. i still like it (for the packaging....) ;D


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