Dec 21, 2012

Review - OMG Nail Strips Nail Foil Strips

I was kindly sent these from OMGNailstirps for reviews.
I have only tried polish strips from Sally Hansen and I have been feeling kinda lukewarm(?) towards these strip types of nail products since.
That is mainly because I am not very into nail arts myself (although I am a nail polish fanatic and love looking at others' creations) and most of these strips are quite expensive for one time use.

They sent me two different designs of foil strips which are supposedly more durable and shiny compared to the polish strips.
I was interested in trying these since they offer many different cute designs at very affordable price.

OMG Nail Foil Strips

This is the backside with instructions.
Honestly, it is a little confusing for someone like me who is not very used to using nail strips.
I think the overall packaging is rather simple and nice.
No frills no nonsense. ;)

I tried the Pink Zebra Nail Foil Strips first. 

16 strips come in different sizes.
The biggest one is actually huge, you can even use this on your big toes. ;)
Unlike the Sally Hansen strips, you can keep them and use for touch-ups since they don't dry out.

I really like these fashion forward designs and how affordable these are (they are only a little more than $4 a set), but unfortunately I wasn't able to get this work for me very well.

It was difficult for me to smooth out the surfaces evenly.
Thanks to the zebra prints, it is not very obvious in real life and I was surprised to see this still fetched lots of compliments for me. ;p

Another design I've tried is the Red/Gold Floral design.

A bit better but not very satisfactory..
I do like this design that reminds me of a Chinese empire. 
This seems perfect for the holiday season.

I think part of the reason I couldn't get this right is that I have curved shaped nails.
I have seen Pretty Squared's post on the same product and she did a nice job! (She also included a step-by-step tutorial.)
Also, I wish the instruction was easier to understand.
(I have talked to the company and they said they were working on this and would have new instructions for their upcoming products soon.)

I guess nail strips are something you need to practice and perfect the application techniques just like you do with conventional nail polishes.
I wonder if these foil types are less forgiving than the polish strips although I find them more durable and long lasting.
It was quite easy to remove them unlike the polish strips I have tried.

I think it is worth giving these a try if you are fond of fancy nail designs and used to using strips especially since they are very affordable.
I would like to try their polish strips in the future to see if they are easier to work with than the foil strips.

*note* I only provided the links for your convenience. I am not affiliated with this company. ;)

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  1. Like you, after I tried the SH ones, I felt kinda meh towards the whole nail strip thing. I'm not big on complicated nail art either, and I'm pretty clumsy when it comes do putting designs on my nails. Nail strips, in general, take a bit of practicing before you can get it to look good on your nails. I learned that after spending too much money on them!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    the shop of worldly delights

  2. glad i am not the only one!
    i understand i needed to practice many times even with conventional polishes so i'd need to do the same thing with strips, but it is too expensive just to practice, you know? ;p

  3. Like the zebra stripes. Easy removal would be a key selling point for me. Do they last long? Been eyeing nail strips lately.

  4. they last pretty well, i think.
    and i was surprised to see that they are easy to remove. ;)

  5. I really like the second pattern too, it's so pretty. I can't see this working well for me, I think they'd bother me while on, but I think a lot of people would probably really like them

  6. i thought i'd bother me at first..but not so much i was surprised!
    i wish i did a better job to show you guys better result, though.. ;)

  7. They look interesting. I like the red/gold one too of the same reason ^^ But it seems really difficult to manage with the edges.

  8. yeah..true it was more difficult to work with the edges than polish strips since they are thicker and harder.
    other people seem to manage it quite well, though. (oh well...^-^;;)

  9. I think I wouldn't be able to get them all smooth and nice, either. So I haven't tried any, even though I really like the lace Sally Hansen ones that I see sometimes!

  10. oooh that is the design i tried!
    it is quite pretty actually..but only up close.. from a far it looks like a cracked polish. ;-/

  11. these are really pretty, and even though i wouldn't mind trying them, i know it will be difficult. i keep waiting for the sally hansen's to go on sale so i can try them!


  12. i think the nail strips are so expensive in general on sale or not! ugh..
    i like that they are quite affordable which would give me a chance to practice at least.. ;)

  13. These do look pretty! The red/gold design would be perfect for the lunar new year XD I've never tried nail strips before because they seem like they would be tricky to apply but I will give them a go eventually if I can find some on sale.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos! Seeing everything so nicely decorated really put me in the holiday spirit :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. i agree they are very attractive!!
    it is a shame that i couldn't really get them to work for me. ;-/
    i was thinking the same thing about the second design. :D

  15. I have once tried nail strips and they didn't work for me.. :/ I just couldn't get it right and they chipped like within 15 minutes. lol
    I really like the 'Chinese empire' design, I think it will be perfect for the chinese new year!! ;D

  16. funny thing is i find polish strips chip quite fast as well but they are hard to remove!!
    these foil strips last pretty well and easy to take them off after..
    the downside is that the foil is more difficult to work with initially.. ;)

  17. I dont really think that is something for me.. I am so clumsy when I do my nails so this would just be a big fail for me lol

    Have a great weekend

  18. hey Mie, have a wonderful weekend yourself! :)
    i think i need to practice a bit more to give them a fair chance.

  19. they are soo beautiful though! i've always wanted to try strips because i am super impatient with polishes but i guess i would be as impatient and frustrated with smoothing it lol but its still worth the try!! the second one looks really nice!! i love the chinese empire feel to it

  20. i guess it will be super easy once i master the application techniques!
    maybe i was a bit impatient and just expect them to adhere by themselves. lolz
    everything takes practice and work - a life lesson ;p

  21. I have a couple of these sitting at home and they're from Sally Hansen. Haven't tried it though. Should give it a go one day :-)

  22. i think the polish strips are easier to smooth out in general although they are quite difficult to remove.
    i'd love to see your opinion on them. ;)

  23. Ahh they're so pretty~ You've applied it well~

  24. aww thank you!!
    you're very sweet. ;)

  25. Lena, you did a fabulous job! I can never get them to lay right. HAHAHA I love the designs, but I have a tough time with just POLISH. A+ for you doll! Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

  26. Kim, you're so sweet! lolz
    i need to practice more, i guess. it'd be cool to have nails like this once in a while. :)
    happy weekend to you as well!

  27. Thanks for the shoutout Lena :) these were definitely tricky to apply but the secret is strength and pulling really hard haha I love the patterns you picked, so colorful!

    Miranda and Mackenzie | Pretty Squared

  28. my pleasure!
    you did a marvelous job! :)
    i am going to remember your tip next time i get to try these. thank you. :)

  29. This sound a bit hard to apply but they do look very pretty!

  30. now i am more convinced it's my application technique.. ;-/
    they do look very cool! :)

  31. You should try the Incoco nail polish applique.
    They come in beautiful designs and are very easy to apply.

  32. thanks for the tip! i will look into it. ;)


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