Dec 16, 2012

Tag, FOTD - Why Do I Wear Makeup?

I had a small performance last night and I feel relieved that it went pretty well despite that I have been sick for the past few days.
It was an ordinary holiday concert concerning a Mozart Mass that I have sung at least twenty times so nothing exciting about the concert itself, but I did have an interesting encounter regarding my makeup and the color contacts of the night.
One of the audience came to the backstage and commented on the concert briefly, then he politely asked about my eye color.
Apparently he never saw any Asian girl with grayish blue eyes before.
He seemed very surprised when I told him it was the color contacts.
(What did he think, I wonder. That my mom is a Persian cat? ;p)

I wanted to share the look I did for the concert and talk about "why I wear makeup (and color contacts)" since I was tagged by the lovely sleep and water not too long ago. ;)

How about some Grey Imagination?

I took this picture right before I headed out for the event.
I usually finish my makeup and hair on the scene since it involves falsies and a partial wig (I will show them some other time.), so this is a half-done look.
Later on, I added a very dramatic pair of falsies and wore brighter blush and lip gloss as well as the shimmery highlighter.
I am wearing NEO Lucky Clover contacts in Grey color here.

On my eyes, I am wearing my favorite eyeshadow quint ever, vintage Dior Grey Imagination.

(Let's not talk about the expiration date here...)

To me, this "Why do you wear makeup?" tag is one of the more interesting ones that have been going around in the blogosphere.
I find individual experience is different enough from my own yet I still find myself relating to each story on a personal level.

I myself started wearing makeup quite late since I went to this strict high school where I had to wear uniforms and no makeup was allowed, and weirdly enough, I only was introduced to the world of eyeliners recently when many people seem to have started with eyeliners first. ;)

What I do share in common with many other bloggers is on the answer to "What do you like about wearing makeup?" bit.
Simply put, I like wearing makeup because I am fascinated with how different I look wearing different makeup.
It transforms me but I still get to be myself if I do it right.
To me, color contacts are another extension of makeup since it lets me to wear the colors that I normally can't, and the same rule applies here. I have learned to choose the ones that let me feel I am myself.
As unnatural the grey blue eye color on Asian as it may be, I feel natural wearing them if that makes any sense.
Plus, it is kinda fun to confuse my little students from time to time.
I imagine that they say things like "My piano (voice) teacher is really cool. Her eye color changes!" to their friends. ;)

Thanks for reading this.
I invite you to do this tag (whether a full version or a lazy abbreviated version like mine).

Why do you wear makeup? ;)

Join the conversation!

  1. Oh, I didn't know you were a musician! I think that's cool. :)

    I wonder if the guy who talked to you after the concert thought you were like the main character from Memoirs of a Geisha, lol. I wear daily disposable contacts for vision correction but always did want to try colour. I think they look awesome and unexpected on Asians.

  2. hi Liz!
    lolz i thought he was hitting on me or something at first..but i think he was genuinely curious. hahaha.
    i recently switched to daily disposal and very happy with it. i think there are 2 week or even one day kinds for color contacts as well.
    i love switching looks and color contacts are so much fun! :)

  3. I've been wearing make-up since high school. I started pretty early on with foundation as I've got quite some redness on my skin. Ever since university and since my MAC introduction by one of my best friends I've been using make-up in a whole other way: it really does transform me and I can pull off different moods with different looks.. It's just very fun to play around with. And of course, it makes me look less tired all of the time ;-)

    I tried contact lenses but my eyes don't like them too much.. Such a pity as it'd be so cool to change eye color once in a while..

  4. thanks for your input, Isabelle!
    i think trying different makeup and looks help us to realize who we are, too. it is amazing. ;)

    luckily, my doctor says i have eyes that are very suitable to contact wearing (which means watery..lolz) but i still need to wear them with caution.
    i've just scheduled an exam for the new year as well. :)

  5. Oooh, I wanna see your full look with the wig and everything!
    I loved reading your answer re: why you wear makeup. If I was your student I would totally tell my friends ;)

  6. haha, it's just for concerts, so nothing crazy or anything.
    my wig is a full pony tail with a bit of wave so it looks very natural (human hair. eeek). it saves a lot of time for me. ;)

  7. Those grey contacts look so enchanting! Was interesting that the man actually came backstage and commented on your eyes hehe.

    I get asked that questions quite a lot - "why do you wear makeup?" or "why are you so into makeup?", "why are you not natural"?.

    Personally, there's two aspects of why I wear makeup. Firstly, I just love the process of getting dolled up and makeup products are like toys to me! ^_^

    Secondly, I feel that makeup enhances my look in a positive way. I guess people wear suits or other attire because its a style of presentation. I feel that makeup is the same - its one's style of presentation.

    I wish I try coloured contacts but have been unsuccessful!

  8. really??! i can't believe they would say things like that. from the FOTDs i've seen on your blog (which by the way, i miss a lot!!) are all so natural and beautiful.

    i love the process of getting all dolled up and planning on what to wear with what. the whole thing is so much fun, isn't it? ;)

  9. This update is so interesting I love every time your make-up!!


  10. thank you so much, Moeri! :)

  11. Pretty ! It's funny how ppl get surprised abt colour contacts. I didn't know that you sing *V*

  12. thank you, Xin!
    i thought he was rather brave and curious. lolz
    yes, i am a singer among other things. ;p

  13. pretty look!! It's nice to see the vintage dior quint palette! I love everything vintage :))
    this TAG is a nice story to read.. I love to read different stories from different people about make up ;)

  14. haha they are too vintage, that is the problem..lolz
    that is actually my second one since i lost the first grey imagination. i loved it so much i got a replacement!

    i enjoyed reading your answers on this tag as well! :)

  15. make up is one of the thing i cant live without.. when wearing make up my face look much younger, cuter and brighter.. :) and thats why i wear make up whenever i step out of my house .... LOL

  16. i agree!
    i'd be so happy if i can't wear makeup any more. it is practical but also very fun, isn't it? ;)

  17. Aww You look so pretty Lena :)
    Whatever makeup you wear, you always pretty <3

  18. awww you're so sweet, Fenny! :)

  19. You look gorgeous, Lena. Those eye lenses suit you!

  20. thank you so much, Lou! :)

  21. Oh Lena, your answer is so sincere, I really like to do that because TAG is very nice but maybe in 2013. Because you have not, maybe I'm still not ready to hacelo quite know yet because I use makeup.

  22. thank you, Raimar!
    i am glad you think so.
    i'd love to read your answers someday soon. :)

  23. Hi Lena, I enjoyed the story about your performance (and the contacts!) I like the look here and the grey-taupe makeup you've paired with it!

  24. thank you for reading my story, Dovey! :)
    i usually wear colors contrasting so the color comes out more..but recently i've been enjoying this halo(?) effect by using similar colors.

  25. Thanks for sharing Lena! I did find it rather interesting and I feel like I will do this tag myself as well

  26. my pleasure!
    please do one for us. i'd love to read your answers. :)

  27. LOL the Persian cat part cracked me up! I love these colors on you, and you're probably right about the colored contacts part. I think gray might be trickier with our natural eye color :)

    I wear makeup for fun, really. Nowadays I get a kick out of making colors I usually wouldn't wear work as well as wearing something that I think is flattering on me. A bit of challenge is always welcome!

  28. haha this design and color does remind me of the persian cat (and i feel like i am one. how fun is that?!)

    i still wear colored contacts to my more conservative work environment and have fun with the look.
    as long as it doesn't affect my performance and i still look professional... ;)

  29. I want to do this tag!I share your reason for wearing makeup :) Your makeup here looks lovely by the way.

  30. yes, please!
    thanks for your sweet comment, Jacky. :)

  31. I would be happy to do this tag, since I was thinking about this question quite often lately :) also I had some discussions about this topic, I still feel like talking or saying why 'I' like wearing makeup, lol. The eyeshadow palette is so pretty, I actually was fascinated by Dior's greys in the past (I think they do awesome greys) but the e/s texture hasn't worked for me, I hope thy will release some greys with better texture. I love the combination of soft glossy lips and this grey quad a lot! ... persian cat :D! I really liked reading this post :)

  32. please do this tag, Claire. i would love to read your answer! :)

    the weird thing about the vintage dior quints (i have more than a few) they go on better than the recent ones. maybe i am imagining things..but for example, this grey imagination has a similar texture of guerlain shadows. ;o

    thank you for reading my take on this! :D

  33. Hm, that is an interesting question, Lena! Perhaps I will do the tag, too, if I can put together a coherent and reasonable answer :P

    I really want to see your whole look, with false lashes and wig! :D

  34. you're welcome to join us! (if you want the whole thing, pls go over to the blog i linked! ^-^)

    i will show them to you later. my concert stuff is nothing crazy although i once have worn a 2 feet tall periodical wig for an operatic role. it was so heavy!! ;p)

  35. You look absolutely amazing!!!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  36. I love the contacts! It's so gorgeous on you. I never thought about why I wear makeup. It made me think... hehe~

  37. thank you, Alyssa!
    i'd love to see your take on this as well. :)

  38. lovely fotd!! u look so pretty Lena! i think my reasons are the same as yours, i love makeup because of the way i can look different its fun and it is an exciting part of my morning routine, its also like art but on ur face lol! and who doesnt love art? lol

  39. awww thank you, sweets!
    it is exciting picking the colors and the different looks for the day!
    i agree it is a form of art. a very practical one! :)

  40. U are looking amazing , the make-up is great

  41. thank you so much, Catarina! ;)

  42. I'm really conflicted about whether or not I should continue to wear contact lenses. I think by far it's the item that changes your appearance the most. People always tell me my photos on my blog don't look like me and it makes me think maybe I'm not being myself???? haha

  43. i think you look beautiful wearing color contacts!
    i totally think you're being yourself. versions of yourself!
    i am pretty sure many people wouldn't recognize me on the streets. lol.
    but i am still me! :)

  44. I have quite a lot of vintage eyeshadow too - all in great condition so I'm not going to toss them out either ;)

  45. ah thanks for saying that!
    i know they are long expired but for some reason they apply and feel better on than the new ones. isn't it weird? ;)

  46. even i went to a school where i had to wear a uniform and even open hair wasn't allowed.not to mention those after hour tuitions we all had to attend 7 days a week leaving no time to be creative.i like the reason you gave for why you wear make-up.i wear it for the same reason.i also think it enhances an outfit and sort of completes the is fascinating how make-up can be used to complement our style to give out a better idea of who we are and what we like.

  47. i wholeheartedly agree with you especially on the last sentence of yours.
    it does make us realize who we are and challenges us positively!
    i became to learned to be open minded as well. :)

  48. The grey contacts are so cool - I've never branched into the world of coloured contacts but I imagine it's just another part of makeup and subtly but effectively transforming your face. I like the idea of being able to alter your appearance but still look like yourself, just a slightly different version, depending on the occasion, your mood, or whatever catches your fancy. I'm sure the performance went well, so cool you're a performer :)

  49. i've learned the design and size matter more than the color itself!
    i have a brown pair that makes me look jaba the hut for example, but i get compliments wearing blue and grey ones with realistic designs. ;)

    thanks for tagging me!

  50. It was great reading your story! Especially since you mentioned color contacts, which I haven't read in most of the posts for this tag. And that's so adorable about your piano students :)

  51. thank you, Monica!
    they seem to react to how i look on their lesson days. lol
    girls are girls so they often comment on my nail polishes or earrings and such. ;)

  52. yeah I went shopping and people commented about my blue contact lenses too, but I find places where people comment about my eye color don't usually have a lot of asians haha so I guess for them they don't get the trend of color contacts? I love your answer on why you wear make up, it's mine too!

  53. lol. people do stare sometimes and i really wish they just asked!
    i was lucky that nobody actually commented negatively, but i heard my friends heard something like "she wants to be white" or something.
    i wanna ask them then, "why do you die your hair? why do you go to the tanning salon?"
    you know. ;)

  54. I think it's great to change the look from time to time! That's the same reason for me why I like to wear wigs, color contacts and make up.
    It was nice to read your story. :)

  55. thank you, Lu!
    i guess we all share the same passion and reason when it comes to fashion and makeup.
    i wanna wear falsies more often since i am tired of removing it every night! ;)

  56. thank you, Kim!
    i am much better. (i got dramatically better right after the concert. lolz!)
    i hope you're completely recovered as well. how are you doing?

    i do have to say sometimes you talk nonsense! your face is never bland with or without makeup! ;p

  57. you looked exquisite lena! those contacts are so striking. sorry to hear that you were sick. something must be going around. i do hope you feel better. i started wearing really light makeup in high school. i love wearing it, because it gives me that something extra. besides i need color added to my face. so bland without it. fabulous post!

  58. I totally agree, Lena. I never wore makeup until college because my I went to a private school growing up and my parents were pretty strict about it. I love being able to change how I look, and most of the time, people give me weird looks and snide remarks about it. Whatever.

  59. my parents were very strict about it before and even now they think i am too much into this. lol
    i can't believe there are people like that. you look always fun and beautiful! i wish i was creative like you! ;)


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