Dec 10, 2012

NOTD - Essie Carry On

I actually got mildly upset when L'Oreal bought out Essie and soon after I started seeing Essie retail bottles as well as the L'Oreal polishes with identical colors at drugstores.
I don't really have a rational explanation for my sentiments since Essie still distributes to salons.
Maybe I have seen too many great independent companies got merged into those big global brands, and lost their unique qualities in the end.

Saying all that, I was still glad to find this Essie Carry On retail bottle from a discount store.
I love anything deep and vampy, and this is a purple creme not to mention it was only $3!

Essie Carry On
(Ugh, I hate the Essie retail bottles...)

I was a little disappointed with the color, however.
Please don't get me wrong.
It is still posh and delicious, but on my nails, it looks less purple than from the bottle. I can see there is a good amount of cool brown in it as well.
The color shows up purple under natural lighting (cloudy or sunny, which is quite nice), but it looks borderline black indoors like OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, for example.

It also reminds me of the deep dark chocolate brown color from Essie, Little Brown Dress, which I put on one of my fingers to give you a comparison.

under warmer lighting

Can you tell which finger?
Ah, you are making me sad... ;-/

This polish is very pigmented and has a great formula that covers nicely after two coats.
I am wearing this with Seche Vite top coat.

Similar colors would be Essie Velvet Voyeur and OPI William Tell Me About OPI.
(No, I don't think you would need more than one of these.)

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