NOTD - Essie Little Brown Dress

This very dark chocolate/espresso color with glossy creme finish came out as part of Essie fall 2010 collection.
It is a little streaky to apply but the finish is pretty even after 2 coats. 
In the picutre, I am wearing this with Duri base coat & Revlon Top speed top coat.

I wouldn't say Little Brown Dress is my go-to dark shade, but this is rather special because it still looks brown indoors as dark as it may be. ;)
(Don't you hate it when your pretty vampy shades reveal their true identities only under sunlight?)


  1. I reeeeaally want to try Essie!
    They're colors always look so nice!

  2. LinasbeautydiaryDecember 03, 2011

    I don't know why, but brown nail polish always turns out looking muddy and unflattering on me *cries a river* looks lovely on you though :) xxx

  3. Gorgeous colour, it looks so glossy.

  4. Beautiful color of Nail Polish! And your nails are pretty to.. ^^

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    I want invite you to read my new post!
    God Bless you~~

  5. thank you Raimar!
    and thanks for the invitation. of course i'd love to read your new post. you are on my reading list, too.
    enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

  6. thank you.
    many of essie creme finish ones are quite glossy. i love them! :)

  7. aww..i am sure this will work for you, too. i can't wear warm toned brown at all. this one is quite neutral even leaning towards cool.
    don't cry, sweetie! :)

  8. you should! i actually like essie better than opi. they went retail so they should be easier to find as well. ^-^

  9. Such a beautiful colour. I love dark brown polishes. Browns and plums are my favourite!

  10. this color would suit you well!
    i wanna see some blazing orange shade on your tips, though. ;p

  11. I have a super nice orange shade from China Glaze, I wore it all the time in the spring&summer! I'll paint my nails with it next. ;P

  12. yay! i will forward to it. ;)

  13. omg pretty!! ive been looking at all ur notds and trying not to spam em all with comments like "pretty!" bur dang they are all soo pretty!!

  14. awwww thank you! you are so encouraging, sweetie.
    another NOTD is coming up! lol


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