Nov 20, 2012

NOTD - Spa Ritual Ice Ice Baby

I guess I am one of those lucky girls whose hair and nails grow out ridiculously fast.
I usually put on dark colors right after I chop my nails short, wear whatever about a week after, and finally polish them with light colors when they are longest (to the extent that I can tolerate anyway).
And repeat.
(Oh, I file in between.)

Wearing light colors in winter is not as easy.
Although they look lovely in the bottles, light nail polish colors often make my already dry hands look drier and blah.
A shimmer neutral white polish like Ice Ice Baby is a great alternative to the usual sheer lights.

Spa Ritual Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby is a white pearl shimmer, to simply put, that reminds me of fine Akoya pearls.
It has a slight yellow tinge to it but the color stays neutral regardless of lighting.
This dense yet fine shimmer makes enough contrast to my skin, for that I find this polish is quite wearable in winter. 

under warmer lighting

This is my first Spa Ritual nail polish experience.
Spa Ritual is vegan and DBP-free brand.
I have yet to try more colors to determine the overall quality of the brand, but it is satisfactory so far.
This color is on the sheer side but applies evenly without making bubbles or brush strokes (which is a common problem in many pearly polishes).

About the color itself, I don't think it is really unique or stunning but I do like how the shimmer is just right.
It is bright and eye-catching but not over the top that it looks gaudy.
I guess it is just like the difference between real and faux pearls?

Thanks for looking.
How do you feel about wearing shimmery light colors in colder months?
Have you tried Spa Ritual polishes?

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  1. I think this is a beautiful color and really perfect for winter. It just immediately brings to mind snow and icicles and shimmery holiday lights

  2. Your hands are just lovely.. What dryness? My nails grow so fast as well, but my hair is hopeless. I have this color too, and I really like it I just havnt come to wearing it yet. Love it on you :-)

  3. beautiful color!! <33 it!

  4. I don't own any Spa Ritual polishes, but I've had my eye on a few for some time now. And I love wearing shimmery whites, they're much easier to wear than a creme white in my opinion. ^^

  5. oh definitely! i usually steer away from creme whites. can't work 'em!! lolz
    i was pleasantly surprised by this brand although i've tried only 3 colors so far. ;)

  6. thanks, Catherine!
    i totally agree with you this would be a perfect understated holiday color. ;)

  7. This colour is so pretty! I haven't heard of this brand before but loving how it looks :)

  8. Oh, that is just LOVELY! <3

  9. I honestly almost always wear dark colors in the winter i guess its just a habbit.
    The color looks great. I have never heard of that brand I think :)

  10. i guess i am like you, too! :)
    spa ritual is kinda new to me as well.
    i bought 3 this time and it got me more interested. lol

  11. Wow, I love these kind of polishes <3


  12. this is really pretty. your application is flawless! whites in my experience were always hard to apply without streaks, but this shimmery one looks like it would be easier to apply. it's a great "winter" white!


  13. thanks!
    this one was very easy to apply. ;)
    i like your description for this color, winter white! :D

  14. Oh this IS unfair! Mine barely grow and they're weak!

    I love this on you! For some reason it's very Christmas-y! We don't get the brand here, though there are definitely some colors I'm eyeing :)

  15. thank you, Sunny!
    my nails are quite long already but this color makes then look even longer. i am slightly itching to chop them short again and go back to dark color again, though. ;p

  16. that's a gorgeous color Lena! my nails grow fast, but not my hair. uggh! hahaha you lucky girl!

  17. i think it is genetic. lolz
    i usually change my nail color because it shows growth not because of chipping. ;)
    happy thanksgiving!

  18. I think this nail polish is so soft and lovely i can use this every day because i think is perfect for th school, and more if you want some lovely but really discret!


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    My Facebook Fan Page

  19. thanks, Raimar!
    i think it is perfect for everyday wear too! :)

  20. i love this type of polishes! they look so soft and relaxing? you really have super nice nails!!~^_~

  21. thank you, Janet!
    it goes with anything and very neutral but still fetches me some compliments. i am happy with it! :)

  22. wow this is beautiful! Ihave never tried any spa ritual nail polish before, but this one looks really nice!
    and your nails look like professionaly manicured! so polished :)

  23. thank you, Pam!
    this was very easy to apply. the handle is rubberized which helps, too.
    i have two more shade from spa ritual with different finish. you will see them soon! :D

  24. This reminds me of an Ice Princess haha so I think it's great for winter :) your photos are really good!

  25. you're right, Mishelle. it is quite wintry to think about it. no wonder it works now. lol
    thanks for the compliment! :)

  26. i wish i could wear this shade..i tried a pale shade hands looked disgusting!i really like shades like this..looks so good on you!

  27. really? i can't believe any color would make your hands look disgusting. ;p
    i think this color would work literally on everyone. such a neutral shade. ;)

  28. It's pretty! I haven't worn a pearly polish in a long time. They feel very retro to me. Maybe that's just me? This one is kind of refreshing, though - such a clean color!

  29. i feel the same way about overly pearly metallic shades and i don't really like them.
    this one is just about right and it makes a great toe nail color as well. ;)


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