Nov 1, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss Brilliant Bordeaux

I just spotted a new holiday 2012 collection from Revlon called "Just Add Sparkle".
The collection looks quite simple mainly with ColorStay Eyeshadow Quads, some glitter(shimmer) nail polishes and shimmery ColorBurst Lipglosses.
Frankly, not many looked appealing to me, so I just grabbed one lipgloss called "Brilliant Bordeaux".

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Brilliant Bordeaux

I think there is a shade called Brilliant Bordeaux in their ColorStay Ultimate Lip Color range, and it is a very different color which actually resembles more of red wine. 
This Brilliant Bordeaux, however, is a very shimmery (almost frosty) mauve-y lilac with a bit of brown.
(Dear Revlon, why the confusion?)

swatch on my arm

lip swatch

It is a very flattering color but it can easily make you look washed out due to the strong shimmer and because the color itself is lacking warmth.
I could even say there is certain decadent quality to this dusty shade.
The lipgloss applies very smoothly and feels comfortable on lips just like other ColorBurst lipglosses I have tried. 

I definitely had to play up other parts of makeup to make this color work for me.
I am wearing dark purple smoky eyes using Dior Night Butterfly Quint from 2009 with a really dark wine-y cheek color (Anna Sui Face Color 401), which by the way requires super light hand.

Overall Looks..

Lately I am abusing this angle...

But you see? Staring is not very cool....(Doh!)
(Wearing NEO Queen Grey contacts today.)

I used all colors from the quint except for the grey color.

Makeup products used for this look

Thanks for looking.
Have you spotted the new Revlon holiday collection near you? :)

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  1. i don't think i've commented on your blog.
    wrong blog??

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?


  3. Ure welcome Lena :) you too!

  4. thank you, Oreleona.
    have a nice weekend! :)

  5. it looks amazing on you! love the color!

  6. the color is so up my alley but I don't like a lot of shimmer either. I haven't tried Revlon lip gloss. Is this one really sticky? I had bad experience with some lip gloss which is extremely sticky and when the wind blows, my hair is stuck to my lips. What an awkward scene haha!

  7. the colorburst range is not sticky at all. they feel quite creamy almost like lip creme. ;)
    their are less shimmery neutral shades as well. give them a try. ;)
    i hate it when that happens, too. lol
    maybe we better stick with the balm tints. ;)

  8. So I was a little bit confused. Bordeaux doesn't look like what Bordeaux should. Weird... Nonetheless, the color is super pretty on your lips! You make all lippies look gorgeous! Even frosty ones!

  9. i agree! they are lazy with names. to me, it looks like frosted blueberry smoothie or something. ;p and there is a shade called "Bordeaux" in the same line!

    the shimmer is not that obvious once the color melds in with my own lip color and it is quite wearable.
    thanks for the sweet comment! :)

  10. I am really loving glosses lately, I figured, I need way more. You look so flawless here and I really like how shiny and healthy your hair looks.

  11. i've been mainly buying lipstick and lip tints as well. who would have thought? i used to be die hard lipgloss girl. lol
    thank you so much for your compliment, Claire.
    it is the good lighting. :)

  12. you are such a revlon lip girl like me haha! i have some lipglosses like this one but i didn't really like it ;/
    and they are really shimmery

  13. haha i know, right?
    i really like their lippies even better than MAC lippies.
    the shimmer calms down once the color melds in with your lips, which is not so bad. quite wearable. ;)

  14. I love your earrings! And your purple eye makeup - very lovely. I agree that the shimmer is a bit too strong in this lip gloss, and if they used the same name as the one in the permanent lineup...WHY? So confusing!

  15. thank you, Larie!
    i bought them from an etsy seller a long time ago. they are made with beads and silk threads and surprisingly duarable. i really like them. ;)

    about the lipgloss names...there is another shade called "Bordeaux" from the ColorBurst line, which urhm, i bought as well. lol

    have a great weekend!
    love the new colors on your blog, btw. :)

  16. woa beautiful colour ! and nice fotd *v*

  17. thank you, Xin!
    have a nice weekend. ;)

  18. It looks like a really nice neutral tone, I like it. And therest of your make up of course!

  19. thank you very much, Jamie-Lee! :)

  20. it doesn't have that much of a color but oh well its a lipgloss anyway! ^_~ I, personally am not a fan of lipgloss because my hair always get stuck on my lips everytime I wore a lipgloss , fml T_______T
    I wanted to get the smokey shadow stick you reviewed few weeks ago but sadly it is not yet available in our country. I even ask the SA about it and she has no idea what I'm talking about...>__<
    You are such a Revlon Junkie ^_~

  21. i hear you!
    this is a non-sticky gloss but my hair still gets stuck from time to time.
    you're not missing out much. smokey shadow stick is not very great in my opinion. ;p
    i just realized lately i have only bought revlon products if for drugstore brands. ;o

  22. I know the point of this post is the lipgloss but your eyes look stunning :D

  23. lol. thank you, Mishelle.
    i love these contact lenses. striking looking but design is very detailed and natural. :)

  24. The lipgloss looks gorgeous on you! Then again I like neutral over dark lips... hehe~ :)

  25. thank you, Alyssa. :)
    it looks frosty at first but melds down to a very neutral wearable shade. great for fall smokey eyes.

  26. sparkly and glossy color, looks nice! I haven't checked about the holiday collection here... but I think it will be in my face next time I walk into the drugstore!

  27. lol i honestly didn't think much of the holiday collection since i am not very fond of strong glitters and shimmer.
    have you seen the shaghai collection from the fall? it is rather gorgeous. ;)

  28. thanks, Kim! :)
    i have somewhat pigmented lips, so once the color blends in, it looks okay. ;)
    it looks quite sultry from a certain angle. i like it a lot!

  29. it is SPARKLY! looks great on you and what a fabulous collection Lena. i know what you mean about the color, because that particular shade "deaden's" me hahaha so i have to play up cheeks and eyes when i wear it. but i like it!


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