Nov 2, 2012

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat & Seche Restore

Today I want to quickly share my current favorite nail top coat and its must-have companion.
(I have gotten more than a few questions recently about what I use for my nail top coat.)

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat & Seche Restore

Seche Vite fast dry top coat literally dries nail polishes in minutes and provides the ultimate shine.
Honestly, it is not the longest lasting and that initial shine goes kinda lackluster within days.
A lot of high-end salons still use this for that glorious shine, though.
As you see, I use a professional size bottle, and it is much cheaper deal if you are sure Seche Vite is your kind of top coat. ;)

This gets thick and gloopy very quickly, which can cause shrinkage of the color and those ugly cuticle drags (I will talk about this in depth some other time),  so you need another arsenal in your manicure kit.

Enter Seche Restore.
It is claimed to be the only one that revives Seche Vite to its original consistency.
It does work wonderfully. 
You just need a couple drops and your gloopy Seche Vite will be good as new again.
(Put a few of drops of Restore in your Vite and gently roll the bottle in your palms. Do not shake or you will get bubbles!)

Please note that both of them contain Toluene and you can find warnings on line.

Thanks for reading.
Have a happy weekend, everyone! :)

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  1.'re squeezing the rubber part gently and it picks up the thinner, right?
    after this i usually tilt the dropper a little and move on to the seche bottle.
    if you're doing the same thing, then something must be wrong with dropper.
    there are many malfunctioning droppers, actually. i've had a few problems like this with my echinacea bottles. so annoying!

  2. Doing exactly what you wrote. Yup, I must have a malfunction dropper. :(

  3. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, because I had another dropper with same issue. :/

  4. aww really? maybe something is wrong with the stopper. that is too bad. i guess some eye drop bottle would work but it would be too much hassle, right? ;-/

  5. i love this stuff! i usually don't buy it, but when i used to get my nails done, this is what they would use.

  6. this makes everything so shiny, right?
    the salons i go to uses this one as well. :)

  7. So this is you secret between your shiny nails? ;)
    I have to find out how can I get this online because seche vita isn't available here in germany ( just like million other brands T__T)

  8. lol. i guess.
    but honestly, i think any top coat would give the same effect in photographing. sometimes i just take picture when the polish is still wet (before top coat).
    if you can find Poshe brand, take a look into it as well. that one is shiny as well if not as shiny as Seche but the finish lasts longer. :)

  9. I always need something like this in my life, currently still using Sally Hansen which is also really good. Will check this out next time.

    p.s love the Vixen nails by Revlon! Gorgeous colour!

  10. i really like sally hansen insta-dri as well!
    poshe fast drying top coat is awesome, too. :)

  11. Really interesting product i don´t see this brand defore thanks for this review...

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  12. no problem!
    i think this is considered more as a salon product, though. ;)

  13. omg, that is one ginormous bottle of Seche Vite! :p I have tried this top coat but to be honest it's not my favourite. I don't know whether I got a dud bottle but mine changed the colour of my polish to something dull and yellow-tinged? (I wore it over OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam). I much prefer Sally Hansen Insta-Dri :)

  14. oh really? that never happened to me.
    i love sally hansen insta-dri, too. sally hansen has really nice professional quality products.
    have you tried the fast dry top coat from Poshe? that is my other favorite. :)

  15. I live for Seche Vite, it is a wonder product. Thanks for letting me know about the Seche restore! I will definitely be picking it up!

  16. oh, you're a fan of Seche Vite, too! :)
    i wish it doesn't get thick so quickly, but it makes sense since it is the nature of the product. lol

  17. Thanks for introducing us to these. I need nail help.

  18. woa. it is quite expensive here when you try to buy them retail.
    i have a friend who can get stuff for wholesale price. i also buy them online, which is cheaper.
    it does work on regular nail polishes as well.
    some say it could melt shimmers depends on the types of shimmer, though.

  19. Seche Vite costs US$ 15 over here. I was so excited when I saw it at Sasa and then I saw the price =.= Seche Restore sounds great, do you think it'll work on regular nail polishes as well?

  20. no, not really. ;)
    i was like that, too. there was a time i was so crazy about nail colors, though. i was changing colors everyday and that's when i started using fast drying top coat.
    good top coat can fix minor flaws and give extra shine as well. :)

  21. you know, I've never ever consistently used a top coat before. Is that weird? I usually have enough time to let my nails air dry and then change it up whenever it starts looking raggedy.

  22. Heard of Seche Vite yet I didnt know about Seche Restore. Thanks fo rthis!!

    The Misty Mom

  23. sure!
    it is one of the best top coats out there.
    my other fave is the one from Poshe. :)

  24. I love the seche vite top coat!!!!! There is no better top coat outside than this :D

  25. i agree. no other top coats makes your polish this shiny. ;)

  26. Thank you so much for sharing!! I never knew if I should really trust that product haha anyway, they should change the formula of that damn polish, it gets gloopy in no time :( xxx

  27. well getting gloopy is the nature of this fast drying topcoat, i
    if you're concerned about the chemicals, try poshe. i think poshe is toluene free. ;)

  28. I like Seche Vite a lot! Many people prefer Poshe over Seche Vite but I find them works equally well. Seche Vite dries really fast and I love the shine :)

  29. i love poshe as well.
    i think Seche gives shinier finish but Poshe lasts a bit longer, it seems. :)

  30. I tried using the stopper this past weekend, but everything drips down before transferring to the top coat. Any suggestions?


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