Nov 3, 2012

Review, FOTD - Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Maybe my journey to find a perfect foundation has ended (at least for now).
I know that was said way too hastily, but it is true I have never been so satisfied with a foundation like this in a long time.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Vanilla (51 Vanille Clair)

Bourjois is not available in the U.S. anymore so I had to order this from some UK site.
I think I paid a very reasonable price for this including the shipping charge, which is still comparable to the price I would pay for a drugstore foundation (less than $15).
It took, however, more than two weeks to get here and I was beginning to think it was lost in transit, then it finally arrived a couple days ago. 

The best part of this foundation is...that the color Light Vanilla (51) is a perfect match for me!
I feel so lucky since I didn't even get to see the bottle before I ordered, and finding a good color in drugstore foundation seemed almost impossible for me until this point.
(You probably remember my review post on the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Makeup and how I love the foundation but not the color.)

You see how close the foundation color is to my skin tone? 

After blended out
It is seamless.
I might as well just have taken the picture of my bare arm. ;)

Not only the color match is the greatest, but the foundation itself is excellent as well.

- Provides medium coverage with satin finish that evens out the skintone perfectly
- Does not accentuate dry patches or pores
- The color does not oxidize
- Feels comfortable on skin and controls oil nicely
- Has a tangy fruity smell to it which is quite pleasant (although I would have given more points if it was fragrance free)
- (Supposedly) good for your skin with the fruit extracts in the formula.
- Comes in hygienic pump dispenser 
- Affordable (even with the shipping charge)

Here is the FOTD of me wearing this foundation.
I did not set the foundation with loose powder in this look.

I mean, I always get tremendous help from my soft box lighting, but the finish is pretty nice, isn't it? :)

Makeup products used for this look
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Vanilla
Barry M lipstick in Dolly Pink
e.l.f. Studio Blush in Pink Passion
stila Find Your Magic palette
tarte Skinny smolderEyes in Onyx
Revlon ColorStay Overtime Mascara in Blackest Black
Ebony drawing pencil (for brows)

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Hey hun! I know I haven't been blogging for ages - just been hella busy! Thanks for asking :) I miss blogging so much! I have recently been trying some Skinfood skincare stuff I wanna blog about! Hope you have been well ^_^

  2. i hope to see your posts soon.
    happy weekend! :D

  3. wow it makes your skin look amazing!! i love the fotd (ur blush and lippie are sooo pretty!!)

  4. thanks!
    i also got much help from the lighting as well. ;)

  5. hey! good to see you! :D
    your review on this and healthy mix serum was very helpful for me.
    and do you remember i asked you about FOTD photographing a while back? i took your advice and this is all good lighting, not my skin. hehe
    i miss your posts. are you coming back with new posts anytime soon? :)

  6. wow the color matches perfectly on you! I have his foundie I love it too!:)You look so chic and fab !

  7. thank you, Aimee! :)
    i am really glad i have found this. more glad that i didn't spend too much. ;D

  8. Hi Lena, The finish is gorgeous on the foundation in your photo! I love the Dolly Pink lipstick you've used here as well, what a pretty cool color!

  9. hi Dovey!
    thank you. i really like the finish of the foundation. i am wearing this again today!
    Dolly Pink is not something i can pull off for everyday, but i adore the shade. :)

  10. thank you, Claire! :)
    i should pick your brain more. you seem to know all the good stuff in makeup.
    this lipstick is scary even for me who usually prefer pink lip colors over anything. a real barbie pink. lol

  11. haha, ily <3 I actually think, you are one of the very few people out there who can rock such shades, without looking ompa lompa :D i am still looking for my perfect baby pink lipstick *sigh*

  12. Lena, that is PERFECT for you! DARN, why did they stop selling it here? HAHAHAHA I want to try it. Well thanks for featuring it doll. I would keep a supply of it :)

  13. lol. i guess should have bought more from them when they were here. ;p
    yeah. i think i will repurchase unless something truly miraculous comes along. :)

  14. i have a basic soft light box. i had two but one broke, so i just use one for both products and moi. ;) i prefer this over umbrella or ring lights since it does great job softening the lights. it is basically a device of deceptions. ;p

    i really like the finish, too! give it a try next time you're in Canada or just order it online. ;D

  15. What kind of lighting do you use, Lena?

    And I really like the finish of this! I meant to look for one when I was in Canada, but I forgot :(

  16. This is the first western ds foundation I really like. It feels so nice on the skin. You look so polished lena. I am a bit scared of such lipstick colours but always like them on others (especially with that soft smokey eye). btw, love your earrings :D

  17. Glad to hear you like it, Lena! I have this foundation, but for some reason I've forgotten all about it! Now that I have some more experience with foundations, I should take it out and re-evaluate :)

  18. i hope it gets a good score from you re-evaluation! :)
    it seems to be a really awesome foundation especially for its humble price!

  19. Girrrl, you look gorgeous. I've heard wonderful things about this foundation. Maybe one day i'll buy it offline but I currently have like...4 bottles of foundation I'm trying to get through.

  20. thank you, Jacky! :D
    i am like the same way. i gave out 3 bottles of foundation but still have many that would last me for years (that is of course, if they don't expire. lolz)

  21. I'm happy that you finally found your perfect foundation!! I know how it could be an endless journey ;p
    I have heard a lot of great things about this foundation and now you make me want to try it even more.. @.@

  22. thank you!
    i don't know what took so long for me to try this.
    for now, i am not really looking for another foundation, which is fantastic! :)

  23. I've read only good reviews about this foundation!! By the way finally you got one that match with your skin color, sad with the Revlon one which is a good one but the color doesn't match.

  24. thank you, Lilu!
    i am really glad since this foundation works great for me both in color and finish.
    i still love the revlon whipped one but i can't help but wish... ;)

  25. Oh goodness! Seamless indeed. Really showed how great this foundation is in the picture.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle

  26. love this foundation! :)

  27. Wow this looks like a cool foundation, i never see this brand before, i´m really glad to see your reviews but they´re help me to know new brands xoxo!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  28. i think bourjois has good products with reasonable price as well.
    thank you, Raimar. :)

  29. You look gorgeous! and ur skin so flawless :)

  30. aww, thank you Sara!
    (hail healthy mix! ^-^)

  31. I have to look for that foundation... I am so stupid with foundations you won't even believe it O.o

  32. lol.
    i am so stupid with foundation as well. that is why i have near ten bottles of foundation that don't work for me well. ;p

  33. i was a little hesitant as well cause i didn't know what to expect.
    i'd say give it a try from an oversea site since it is not that expensive. ;)

  34. I want to try this really bad... but they don't carry this anywhere(like in store)!

  35. This is such a good review! And you look fantastic! :)

  36. thanks Lucie as always! :D

  37. Love this looks. You look so fresh and pretty :) Awesome love!

  38. thank you so much, Fenny! :)

  39. Ahh I must try this! Too bad they don't have this brand in the US anymore :( Hopefully Bourjois permanently stays in Australia because they seem to have other nice products too.

  40. i've tried their blushes and lipglosses before when i was in korea but i was never impressed.
    i am glad i got to try this foundation, though. i would have missed a lot! ;)

  41. wow! congrats on *finally* finding the best foundation for you ^_~ I've been there so I know that it really is a long journey on finding *the one* foundation that fits you perfectly =) I loved how your skin look so dewy and natural, to think you didn't even set it with any loose powder! It looks really flawless~ I loved it that you tie your hair up because you look more sophisticated and elegant with it ^_~

  42. hehe thank you, Janet!
    i am sure higher end foundation from NARS, MUFE and Armani are so nice, but this is awesome for its price.
    i like that it lasts and performs as well. really happy here. ;)

    (confession here - this is my "i did not wash my hair today" hair. ;p)

  43. i've been really wanting to try bourjois products, but it's so unfortunate that they don't sell it here in the us. i've heard so many good things about the healthy mix foundation, too bad i can't get a sample. beautiful as always!

  44. i remember that ulta used to carry bourjois. too bad they folded out of the u.s.!
    thank you so much for your compliment, Jackie.
    i didn't know you're blogging again. welcome back! :D

  45. I love Bourjois foundations - I haven't tried the original Healthy Mix but I used the serum version for a few months before switching to MUFE HD/NARS Sheer Glow. The foundation looks flawless on your skin though, such luminous coverage! Good to hear that it's a really good shade match as well :)

  46. i heard the serum version is even lighter and quite nice as well.
    i wanted a bit more coverage so i chose the original healthy mix.
    there are quite a few shades that work for me, but this color is something else. makes my complexion look healthy and naturally nice. :)

  47. I love love love this foundation - it is my HG. I just love how it never cakes on the skin!

  48. i was pleasantly surprised. :)
    now i am interested in their other foundation as well. uh oh. ;p

  49. Your skin looks absolutely beautiful, I must try this foundation - everyone seems to rave about it!

    Shell xx

  50. thank you, Rachelle. ;)
    i am a bit late to the party but i am really glad i decided to get this.

  51. Ahh, don't you hate when you think whatever you bought is lost in the mail? It's the worst! But I'm glad you received it and it's working out for you! The colour is perfect for your skin :) I'll have to take a look into this!

  52. i contacted the company and they're going to resolve the issue anyway, but i'd rather get it later than never! i am so glad. :)

  53. aww thank you!
    hooray for the new foundation! :D

  54. Your skin looks so flawless! I love this foundation - I am in between a #51 and #52 now. Love your makeup, the pink lips and your smudged smokey eye look is glam!


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