Nov 18, 2012

Review, FOTD - NEO Shimmer Honey

This is my favorite pair of contacts by far, I cannot believe I have not reviewed it already!
I love the Shimmer series (aka Beaucon Shimmer) from NEO and own them in blue and green as well, but this honey color gets my special love for its unique brown/grey effects.

NEO Shimmer Honey

*Item Details*
Origin - South Korea
Diameter - 14.2
Base Curve - 8.6
Water Content - 45%
1 year disposable


close up

in lense case

The lense color is close to light yellow, but it shows up taupe brown when worn since it has grey color delicately mixed in the patterns.
The outer rims are dark but dotted, so they don't look stark or too fake.

(Pictures below were taken a long time ago (pre "soft box" era), but you can still see the awesomeness of this design. ;p)

indoor lighting

indirect sunlight

They brighten up my dark brown eyes noticeably yet naturally thanks to the sheer pigmentation.
And the size is just right for me (14.2 mm).
As all Shimmer series I have tried, they feel very thin and comfortable so I can wear them all day with no problem.

I will skip on the detailed descriptions and reviews on each aspect since it was basically covered in my Shimmer Blue review.
I just want to add that I adore this color particularly and I would definitely repurchase them when expired.
If you don't like orange toned brown lenses, I believe honey is a great color option.

Here are some FOTDs for you. :)

makeup products used for this look
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Light Vanilla (51)
ebony drawing pencil (brows)
Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner Black (upper water lines)
L'Oreal Smoldering liner in Black
L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Midnight Blue
i nuovi Metalogy eyeshadow Champagne
jane blushing cheeks Blushing Earth Sheer 
tarte LipSurgence Glitzy
Cargo Triple Action Mascara Black

I have worn these in my Guerlain Liu palette FOTD as well.

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  1. hi! these lens look sooo good on you! i've also ordered the shimmer honey but they look totally different on me :( (no grey effect at all).

    where do you normally buy your circle lens?

    have you bought from before? do the sell authentic lens?


  2. hello, this lens color look so natural!
    Im between this Shimmer and 4 tone Lucky Clover (brown), which give you more enlargement effect?
    are Shimmer´s enlargement effect like Dali Sweet Chocolate, or less?

  3. ooh, that's a tough question!
    they are about the same in terms of enlargement but shimmer series look more defined due to the dark outer rings.
    i also think that it is similar to dali sweet chocolate brown although i prefer shimmer over dali.
    on the other hand, i find dali extra brown gives more enlargment effect although they are same in the diameter.

    hths! ;)

  4. You are super pretty Lena! Your eyes looks dazzling :D Btw I love the tarte lippies on you, very sweet :)

  5. awww thanks so much!
    the tarte lipsurgence is very easy to wear and flattering. i really like it! :)

  6. haha that's very sweet of you, Janet! you must have forgotten many of contacts that made me look like an alien, though. ;D
    after a year of trials and errors, i've concluded i can only pull off certain designs, and i am planning to stick with them. no more crazy experiments! lol

  7. the lens is really pretty and I envy people who carry almost all types of lens well enough! like you =) I can only limit myself wearing neutral brown lens orelse I would look weirdo (said by my very own bro T__T)

  8. I love how the shadow complements the contacts! I really love your flawless complexion, Lena! Too beautiful!! ♥

    The Misty Mom

  9. thanks, Shari! :)
    i love wearing blue eyeshadows with brown lenses. they go well together. ;)

  10. beautiful photos!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win some xmas goodies from lush! click here!

  11. I don't wear contacts anymore (thanks LASIK) so it'd be ironic if I started wearing these. Looks lovely on you though! If only I could get over my own stupid principles. LOL!

  12. hi, Lily! :)
    your principles totally make sense!
    wearing color contacts enable me to wear some out-of-comfort-zone makeup colors, though.
    i love how different i look with each different design. :)

  13. I have never worn coloured contacts but I want to try out contacts soon so I don't have to wear my glasses all the time :D these look so so pretty on you!

  14. thank you, Mishelle!
    i do try to wear glasses more often to give my eyes some break.
    color contacts look very interesting and beautiful on lighter eyes. give them a try! :)

  15. You're so pretty with this pair of lenses !!

    Xoxo <3

  16. awwww, thanks so much, Moeri!

  17. it looks quite lovely and warm actually..

  18. Wow it looks incredibly natural. Love them. Now they are on my want list, lol.

  19. i wanna get brown color in the same series as well. to complete the collection! :D

  20. Nice contacts. I like the color. It's natural looking.

  21. Pretty! I wish I had lighter eyes sometimes, but eh, I'm too lazy for colored contacts, I think! :D

  22. lol. it is a little more work since you should be more careful in lens care in general.
    i don't find it too much more than wearing my conventional ones, though.
    there are some 2-week or even one-day color contacts available. maybe they would work for you. :)

  23. This is a gorgeous Circle Lens! Now I understand why you like the Neo brand the best.

  24. thanks, Alyssa!
    i don't think any other brand makes lenses with 14.2 mm in diameters, but this is just perfect for me!
    i think there are lots new designs available in korea now, i wanna look into those since many of my contacts are about to expire. ;)

  25. wowww these contacts look amazing on you! I love the mix of orange and green. creates such a beautiful two-toned effect, and very natural too :)

  26. thanks, Izzy!
    having heard what you said, i do see some of the colors you mentioned! interesting. i love them even more now. ;)

  27. Lena, they look so natural! I love the color of them. Beautiful!

  28. thank you so much, Kim! :D

  29. I swear you look good in any lenses, Lena! They look really natural on you :)

  30. that can't be true..but thanks so much, Andrea! ;)
    the shimmer series all look very natural. i don't know why they are not as popular as more.

  31. i agree with Andrea!! you look good in any lenses!! i love this color i love how it is a blend of colors (reminds me of freshlook hazel) so it highlights your natural eye color and looks really natural on ya :)

  32. awww thank you! although i think you've forgotten about many lenses that made me look like puppy or even worse!
    i really love this color and design. i'd try something else with honey color label as well.

  33. I like these lens very much but they look different on me, they don´t have the green/grey effect that look soo gorgeous on you.
    I may try the green ones, I hope you do a review about them.
    ♥ ;)

    1. Thank you!
      I do not own the green color any longer, but it looks more of a straight up green if I remember it correctly.
      The honey color is one of my favorite brown contacts of all time. I recently repurchased them. :)


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