Oct 16, 2012

Swatch, Review - Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Sandstorm

I cannot believe I did not mention this truly gorgeous eyeshadow quad in "My Drugstore Picks" post (which is now edited) cause this is the actual favorite of mine.

I know, I know.
Revlon has retired this range and brought out supposedly better Colorstay quads. (16 hours vs 12 hours, but I will get to that later.)

Revlon Colorstay 12 hour Eyeshadow Quad Sandstorm

As you see in the picture, yes, I have two.
The non-embossed oldie will last for a long time, but I had to get a backup when I spotted the embossed quad on sale at a local drugstore.
(There was only one left at the store. I suppose people do know what is good?)

Frankly, I am not so crazy about Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quads whether it is new or not.
(And again, what is up with this ridiculous numbers? It is not just Revlon, though. Yes, something will be left on you eyelids after 12 hours or 16 hours even, but that's that. I personally don't think anything should last that long anyway.)
Exceptionally though, this Sandstorm  quad is a totally different breed and a standout.
If you are a lover of taupe/neutral colors, definitely take a look at this quad. They are still around and often on sale.

Swatches speak for themselves. :)

All four colors go on like a dream and they last all day on me if not for 12 hours.
They are very pigmented and buildable and the texture is soft but not overly so with no fallouts.
With this very versatile quad, you can create a light neutral daytime look to a sultry smokey eyes depending on how you play with the colors. 
My favorites are the third and the fourth colors from the top. They are slightly different taupe shades, one with light pinkish undertone and the other with a bit of khaki.

I recently acquired the great Lhasa  of NARS.
I am in love with this purple toned taupe and I will do a swatch/look post soon, but I must tell you that these two taupe shades from Sandstorm  are very comparable to Lhasa.
(And I am thankful Lhasa  does look different otherwise I'd be kicking myself.)

Ah, they look so blah from the picture as almost all taupes do.

Swatch is a different story, though..

So there you go. 
I had to share my love for this drugstore gem with you.
What do you think of this quad? Feel like going out to hunt for it, yet? ;)

I know I have been harping on my dated makeups lately, but do not despair.
I actually bought some new makeup items (which I am not so proud of) including Guerlin Liu  Palette.
Hopefully I will show you the new things next time.

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  1. hahaha, I actually don't care if its old or newly launch as long as it works fab then it will be really helpful for us who are always in a look for a nice and worthy product ^_~ Thanks for sharing this Lena! I am so going to haunt this down..lolz..=)

  2. I have never been a huge fan of the Revlon shadows but this palette looks really pretty!

  3. I love Revlon products old or new. Nice post and the swatches look great on you!

  4. I have one of these in lavender shades and I love it :)

  5. I remember this palette for its velvety texture! This would be my everyday palette but I have a lot of eyeshadows I need to finish off too :P

  6. oh that is some pretty colors :O I really like them.


  7. this is a beautiful palette ! all the shadows look wearable and I believe each shadow will look good worn on its own.. Again, too bad I cant hunt this down in germany, but I'll try to hunt this down when I visit Taiwan and Indonesia next February! :-D

  8. I don't think I've come across Sandstorm before. I have a couple of these quads as well. I like the one in Coffee Bean :) The 3rd and 4th colours are gorgeous - and I'm happy to hear the shades are comparable to Lhasa!

  9. This is a quad that wouldn't speak to me if I just see it like that, but swatched it's spectacular! Now I have to see if I can find it here. The taupe is delicious!

    And PLEASE show me Guerlain Liu! It won't come out here for another while but I'm REALLY drooling all over the promo pics!

  10. Ah I love your swatches ! They look always so clean and still shows the colour. Sadly they removed all revlon products from german drugstores a year ago or so. The quad is beautiful !

  11. I like that quad! What gorgeous colors! They remind me of colors in the Champagne and Blush family. Very usable for day or night. And they also have a nice shimmer to them.

  12. this is such a great quad. i don't know why this one is so different from other colors, though. i've had many revlon quads but i gave all to others except for a couple.
    give it a try if you spot one, Kim! :)

  13. ah thank you so much, Xin! this is very encouraging to hear. i think i've gotten better in taking swatch pictures but i am still trying. i like to see clean pictures myself and i try to provide the same for others. ;)
    revlon doesn't seem to do well outside of the u.s., they were in korea as well but folded. ;-/

  14. i thought the first time i saw the quad, Sunny. i still bought it cause it was raved by many and they were right! i love love this quad. true drugstore gem.

    (and i did the Liu post as you already know! ^-^)

  15. oh i have and like coffee bean as well. but i promise you that you'd like sandstorm cause it is even better than coffee bean!
    the wear and color payoff is incredible as well. ;)

  16. i hope you can find this quad, Pam.
    i don't normally recommend one product so enthusiastically like this, but for its price and value, this is awesome. ;)

  17. yes. very wearable and versatile. love love this quad. ;)

  18. lol. i couldn't have gotten the second one if i was thinking of "finishing" any eyeshadow. that is a tall order for me. ;p
    i agree this has exceptionally smooth texture compared to the other revlon quads.

  19. ooh i had that quad, i think. such a pretty pastelle!
    do give sandstorm a try. it has different texture and pigmentation for some reason. :)

  20. aww thanks, Alyssa! :)
    i love revlon products myself. love their foundation and lippies mostly, but this sandstorm is amazing.

  21. i agree. i think their eyeshadows are rather "blah" but this is a high quality one for sure. :)

  22. thank you, Janet! your sweet comment is very encouraging and nice to hear. :)
    hope you can find this quad for yourself!

  23. The colours are really nice! I'm surprised that it's really pigmented because the other Revlon eyeshadows I've tried have been much the opposite. However I do love these taupe shades. :]

  24. i suspect the lack of pigment got worse after they started embossing the quads. lol.
    so i swatched the new quad like a good girl, and it is fine!
    i think the color and the shimmer makes it different. :)

  25. Yeah you are right tho, most of the quads lack pigment, but you really made me curious about this one. These are shades that I'd totally wear! Do the new ones look similar?

  26. i agree with you. i only like this one and maybe a couple more from the range. that's it.
    this is quite different. i'd believe if if someone told me it's not revlon eyeshadows. lol
    give it a try if you spot one of these. :)


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