Oct 14, 2012

Swatch, EOTD - stila Smudge Pot Mini Set

This mini set was introduced in 2009 as a part of the stila holiday collection.
At this rate, I might have to open an "antique cosmetics shop" since I am digging out all my dated makeups lately.
My excuse would be that I only bought this set last year after paying a maked-up price and I am rediscovering it just now.
(This still pops up online but always with marked-up price or not in the complete set. They were pretty much sold out when introduced since it was such a great deal at that time.)

stila smudge pot mini set
Starry Night

Starry Night - Dark navy blue with golden shimmer
Kitten - Champagne Gold
Violet - Cool blue violet with silver shimmer
Black - Creamy Jet Black


They are all very pigmented and go on smoothly except that Starry Night  feels harder and not as easy to blend in as others.

Honestly, I was not very impressed with them in the beginning.
I am not used to using gel eyeliners, and I do not think there are more merits to using them over any good waterproof eyeliner since nothing lasts on my lower waterlines anyway. 
Gel eyeliner requires brush application, which means more work for me, too!

However, I was recently introduced to the concept of using cream type of colors as eye makeup base, and that was when these little gems came back in the picture.
They may not last on my waterlines, but when used on my eyelids, the colors simply would not budge. 
They literally last all day long and It is wonderful to pair them with sheer colors like NARS Marie Galante.

EOTD using Kitten & Starry Night as base 

products used for this look

stila smudge pots set in maybe too quickly, so it is not always easy to create a smooth base without the harsh edge. I have to work fast and use the right kind of tools.
I find a small regular eyeshadow brush works best for me but I still am searching for an easier method to work with these colors.
If you have any tips for great applications, I am all ears. ;)

Do you have stila smudge pots?
What is your favorite way of using them?

Thanks for looking.
Wish everyone a wonderful new week. :)

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